Vape Guides

At its core, a vaping device is essentially a gadget – and gadgets have many possible configurations. That’s why you can find so much information online about how to set e-cigarettes up, how to vape and how to have the best possible experience with vaping. The problem with having so much information available from so many sources, though, is that it can be hard to find the answers you need when you need them. It can also be difficult to know which answers are relevant to your situation. That’s why we’ve collected all the information you could possibly need in one place. Do you have vaping questions or problems? Find the solutions right here. In these guides, we’ll walk you through the entire vaping journey from the absolute beginning to complete mastery.

Vaping 101: Ultimate Guide for Vaping Beginners

Start here if you’re new to vaping. In this guide, you’ll learn what e-cigarettes are and how to use them. You’ll also learn about the different types of e-liquid and vaping hardware available. Our straightforward vaping guide for beginners explains what it’s really like to begin the journey from smoking to vaping. What does vaping feel like? How do you choose the right nicotine strength? What type of vaping device will work best for you? Get the answers here.

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The Ultimate E-Cigarette Starter Kit Buying Guide

You’ve finished reading our introduction to vaping, and you’ve decided that switching to vaping is the right decision for you. You’re ready to take the plunge. An e-cigarette starter kit is the first thing that you should buy. Including a base unit, a tank and a selection of accessories, a starter kit includes almost everything you need to get started with vaping; just add e-liquid. In this guide, we describe what an e-cigarette starter kit should include and explain the differences between the most popular types of vaping kits.

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The Ultimate E Cigarette Tank Buying Guide

The e-cigarette tank is arguably the most important component of your vaping setup. Changing your tank can have a profound impact on your device's vapour production and flavour quality -- and the best part is that buying a new tank is one of the cheapest ways to improve your vaping experience. What are sub-ohm or direct-to-lung tanks? How often do you need to change your atomizer coil? What are the best e-cigarette tanks on the market? Can you use a new tank safely with the vaping device that you already own? Find the answers to those questions and more in this guide.

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The Ultimate Atomizer Coil Buying Guide

The tank is the most important part of your vaping setup, and the atomizer coil is the most important part of your tank. More than anything else, the atomizer coil determines the flavour you experience when vaping as well as the amount of vapour that your e-cigarette generates. Understanding how atomizer coils work can help you customize your vaping experience by choosing a tank with the features and performance you want. Is a nichrome coil better than a kanthal coil? Should you buy a coil with a ceramic wick? Read this guide to become a master of atomizer coils.

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The Ultimate Sub-Ohm Vaping Buying Guide

Sub-ohm vaping uses low-resistance atomizer coils to enable vaping devices to operate at higher wattage settings. Using a sub-ohm atomizer coil enables your e-cigarette to produce the biggest possible vapour clouds and deliver the richest possible flavour -- but you do need to learn a few simple electrical principles to use a sub-ohm coil safely. What are the best sub-ohm vaping kits on the market? How should you care for your batteries to avoid potential safety issues? Get the scoop in our comprehensive guide to sub-ohm vaping.

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The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Vaping

If you're an experienced e-cigarette user on the hunt for even bigger vapour clouds, building your own coils from scratch is the final frontier. Building an atomizer coil isn't a simple task, but a wealth of online tutorials help to make the job easier. What are the differences between RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs? Should you build your coils with kathal or nichrome? Is coil building too difficult for those who aren't technically inclined? Welcome to advanced vaping. In this guide, we provide a crash course that will help you get started with coil building.

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