Innokin UCan V2.0 Stainless Steel E-Liquid Bottle


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This product is not for sale to anybody under the age of 18, and is not suitable for use by non-smokers.



This stainless steel e-liquid bottle is a revolutionary new way to carry around your eliquid refills for your ecigs. The UCan2.0 is the first ever stainless steel receptacle for eliquid and preserves the flavour far more easily than glass or plastic containers do. The UCan V2.0 also looks sleek and attractive and is something that users should be more than happy to carry around. Traditional glass and plastic bottles often look cheap and are not something that people want to carry around in public. The UCan V2.0 is so nice to look at that it could easily be worn around the neck or carried comfortably in public.


The UCan V2.0 has a long spring needle which makes it much easier to dispense eliquid into the tank of your electronic cigarette. To make this process even easier, the UCan has a button on the bottom of the can to make dispensing liquid easier and more accurate.


Innokin UCan V2.0 Features

Stainless steel eliquid bottle
Easy fill
10ml eliquid capacity
Long spring needle
Portable and convenient
Size: 69x22mm

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