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Logic PRO Capsules

Compatible with the slimline Logic PRO device, Logic PRO capsules are available in packs of 3 and are easy to fit to the e cig. You can look forward to the ultimate convenience with the user-friendly Logic PRO and PRO capsules. Prefilled with 1.5ml of e liquid containing freebase nicotine, the PRO capsules are disposable. They feature built-in coils and so you simply vape until the e liquid is exhausted, discard the capsule and fit another to your Logic PRO.

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What is Logic Vapes?

A British brand, Logic Vapes produces vaping devices, prefilled e liquid pods, prefilled capsules and e liquids, all made in the UK. The devices are designed to suit beginners and also busy vapers seeking convenience. They keep things simple and are incredibly compact.

What is the Logic PRO?

A pen-style e cig, the Logic Pro is operated by a single button and boasts a 610mAh battery that could keep you vaping all day without the need to recharge it. Unusually, the PRO battery works in conjunction with prefilled, disposable capsules rather than with pods or a tank.

What are the benefits of Logic PRO capsules?

The principal benefit of PRO capsules is their convenience. They are prefilled with juice and have built-in coils. This means you don’t need to top up with e liquid or replace your coils. You just vape until the juice is gone and then fit another capsule to your device. You can change flavours whenever you wish without having to clean your tank and you can easily carry several of the small capsules with you wherever you go.