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Mesh Coils Buying Guide

mesh coils buying guide

Your choice of coil will significantly impact the nature of your vaping experience. You have probably thought about coil resistance when choosing your equipment, but have you looked at the benefits and drawbacks of the various core types that are available? You will discover useful information about the different kinds of atomiser heads available in Our Atomizer Coil Buying Guide. However, we thought that we should take a closer look at mesh coils as they are relatively new innovations.

What are mesh coils?

Traditionally, it has been a coiled wire or multiple coiled wires which have formed the core (heating element) of an atomiser head. However, mesh cores are now common and are rising in popularity.

Mesh cores are simply strips of perforated metal, usually Kanthal or Nichrome. They were evolved to create larger metal surfaces to contact wicking material. The metal strips are very thin, ensuring that a greater surface area does not result in a bulkier coil.

Do mesh coils work in the same way as wire coils?

All coils work in a similar way. They heat up when you press the fire button on your battery or mod and then vaporise your eliquid so that you can inhale it. Most higher resistance coils (atomiser heads) designed for mouth to lung vaping still feature wire cores while many sub ohm coils now boast mesh cores.

What are the benefits of mesh cores?

Mesh cores provide larger heating areas. It makes sense that the larger the heating area, the more eliquid will be vaporised at one time. If more eliquid is vaporised, you will benefit from bigger clouds. Mesh cores are therefore good choices if you fancy a little cloud chasing. Mesh cores also heat eliquid more evenly than wires. As such, they reduce the chances of you experiencing unpleasant dry hits.

As mesh cores do not get as hot as wire cores of the same resistance, they tend to last longer. They don’t require as much power to fire them either and so they will conserve your battery charge. You will save time and money as you won’t need to change your coils so often. Mesh cores certainly enhance vapour production while delivering cooler inhales. Some vapers also feel that mesh cores deliver improved flavour but there is considerable debate regarding mesh cores and flavour intensity.

What are the drawbacks of mesh coils?

If you are vaporising more juice every time you fire your coil, it should come as no surprise to hear that you are going to vape your way through a greater volume of eliquid per puff. Any savings you make from using longer-lasting coils will be countered by a greater investment in vape juice. You should also bear in mind that you will need to top up your tank more frequently with mesh cores.

If you favour warm vapes, you may not enjoy the cooler feel provided by mesh cores. Opinions vary, but many vapers believe that mesh coils work better with some flavours than with others. You will have to experiment with your eliquids and then decide for yourself whether mesh cores improve or detract from your favourite flavours.

What are 3D mesh coils?

As with all vaping equipment, coil technology continues to advance rapidly. The latest innovations are coils with 3D mesh cores. 3D constructions offer even greater heating areas than conventional mesh cores. As a result, they require less power to heat, conserving battery charge. They enable lower wattage mods to fire sub ohm coils which is a definite plus but 3D mesh cores will burn through a lot of juice.

Can you fit a mesh core to an RDA?

Yes, you can! Some of the latest RDAs have been designed to accommodate mesh strips. You can fit these, wick them, and then enjoy a superior sub ohm vaping experience.

Are mesh coils available for your preferred device?

Before settling on your starter kit, tank or pod system, it is worth checking out if it is compatible with a range of coils. Some devices are only compatible with one or two different coils. Others give you ten or more coils to choose from featuring a variety of resistances and cores. Even if you don’t feel inclined to experiment now, you might be interested in exploring the benefits of the various options in the future.

Are mesh coils right for you?

Many aspects of vaping are matters of personal taste and coils are no exception. Mesh coils give you bigger clouds and cooler inhales with no dry hits. They conserve battery charge and are longer-lasting. But they will see you vaping your way through more juice and topping up frequently. If there are compatible mesh coils for your device, we would suggest that it’s always worth trying these. You won’t know if they suit you until you have given them a spin in your vape tank.