MyBlu Vape Starter Kit


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User-friendly and incredibly convenient, the MyBlu vape system offers a raft of benefits which will appeal to both new and experienced vapers.

This product is not for sale to anybody under the age of 18, and is not suitable for use by non-smokers.



Featuring a battery which will last up to four hours but which charges in just twenty minutes, the MyBlu ensures that you are always ready to vape. You will be impressed by the flavour delivery but it is the liquidpods which are the real boon. When your juice runs out, simply remove the pod and then replace it with a new one in just one click! Ideal for life on the go and when you are driving, the MyBlu enables you to switch flavours in an instant and ensures that vaping is always hassle-free.

If the complexity of some devices is putting you off, the MyBlu offers the perfect introduction to vaping. Also a great back-up device for more experienced vapers, it offers something genuinely new. This handy starter kit gives you everything you need to begin vaping including the MyBlu device, a USB charger and a Tobacco flavour Liquidpod. But don’t forget to stock up on your MyBlu flavour pods while you are here!

Sleek, stylish and compact, the MyBlu is a nifty and innovative device that you can take anywhere with you when convenience is key.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Perfect for life on the go
  • Complete kit with everything you need
  • Charges in 20 minutes
  • Switch flavours with one click
  • Hassle-free vaping


1 x MyBlu device

1 x Tobacco flavour Liquidpod

1 x USB charger

** Only compatible with MyBlu Liquidpods.

Charging my bluTM

My blu is shipped with a partial charge; however, we recommend that you completely charge the device before first use.

To charge, complete the following steps:

  1. Remove your device and Liquidpod from packaging.
  2. Unfold the attached USB card from the pack and plug it into USB-compatible charging port.
  3. Connect the rechargeable device to the USB card with the charging contacts properly aligned.
  4. Once your device begins charging, the red light on the end will glow and remain illuminated.
  5. Then the indicator light turns off, your blu is fully charged.

Using the my bluTM Liquidpod

To use the my blu Liquidpod, complete the following steps:

  1. Select your preferred Liquidpod and remove from packaging.
  2. Insert the Liquidpod into the rechargeable device. You will feel it click into place.
  3. Once you are ready to use your blu, draw on the Liquidpod and enjoy.

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The MyBlu Vape was delivered quickly would highly recommend


Only the second I’ve had to buy in 18 months. Battery life is good and extremely easy to use.

Dennis N

Very good product and good price

Angela J

It was good but I’m not used to the flavour yet

Donna C