Pod Refills

Vape pod kits are relatively new innovations but these electronic cigarettes have proved to be big hits with vapers. Offering amazing simplicity and convenience, the compact vape systems are outstanding choices for beginners, especially those quitting smoking. They also provide satisfying vapes for more experienced enthusiasts.

Pod systems utilise either prefilled (closed) flavour pods or refillable (open) pods which can be topped up with any e liquid of your choice. If you have chosen a vape pod kit which features refillable pods, you should invest in spare pods for your device. This will enable you to replace broken pods when you need to or to switch flavours as the mood takes you. On the other hand, if you are using prefilled flavour pods, it’s always good to assemble a decent supply of vape juice and to explore different flavours.

Prefilled vape pods

At Vapester, we are pleased to bring you the user-friendly vape kits from MyBlu, Vype and Hexa. To keep you vaping happily every day, we also offer an impressive collection of vape pod refills for these e cigs which deliver a variety of delicious flavours. Why not work your way through the MyBlu pods to see which ones you like best?

If you are using the Aspire Guston Mini, don’t miss the exciting Vampire Vape prefilled pods including the ever-popular Heisenberg and Pinkman flavours. You should also explore the Element nic salt flavours including Pink Lemonade, Key Lime Cookie and Watermelon Chill. Nicotine salt gives you smoother hits and quicker nicotine absorption – perfect for reformed smokers. Keep a few eliquid refills on hand to ensure that you can vape uninterrupted.

Refillable e liquid pods

While your vape pod kit or pod mod would have been supplied with at least one refillable pod, it’s always good to keep spares. Pods can break if you happen to acquire a bad case of butter fingers and it would be incredibly annoying if a breakage prevented you from vaping. Spare pods also enable you to switch from one flavour to another in seconds or to enjoy CBD e liquids when you wish. Simple and user-friendly but allowing you to select e liquids from your favourite collections, refillable pod kits could be the way forward.

If you are using the SMOK RPM40, two types of pods are available, giving you a choice of no less than 11 different coils to suit your vaping style. Our range also includes replacement pods for the SMOK SLM, SMOK Nord, Uwell Caliburn, Aspire AVP and Geekvape Aegis pod systems.

Impressive choices with e liquid flavour pods

Whether you favour tobacco e liquid flavours, fruity juices or dessert recipes, pod devices give you amazing choices. You can enjoy the benefits of many different flavours, dabble in salt nicotine e liquids and choose your nicotine strengths. Pod vape kits may be simple devices which are incredibly easy to use, but the convenience of these compact e cigs doesn’t mean that you don’t have diverse e liquids at your disposal. You can look forward to a flavoursome and satisfying vaping experience with your pod mod vape kit. You can even avail yourself of sub ohm coils! A pod system had to be worth thinking about!