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Cigalike Refills

Our tasty collection of cigalike refills ensures that you always have great flavor at your fingertips. With the finest tobacco and menthol refills from Ten Motives to choose from, your vaping journey will be both satisfying and hassle-free. Whether your taste buds are yearning for the familiar taste of Tobacco or a vibrant injection of 'mintness', the cartomizers keep you vaping and on the right track.

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Quitting smoking with cigalikes

If you have ever tried to quit smoking, you will understand what a nightmare that can be. You will also have discovered that it isn’t just your addiction to nicotine which is problematic. It’s also the comfort of feeling that traditional cigarette in your hand and the routine of lighting up. Smoking is both an addiction and a habit which makes it doubly tough to stop. Quitting aids have been available for many years. But until the arrival of electronic cigarettes, these addressed only nicotine cravings and not the routine of smoking cigarettes or that satisfying throat hit. Ecigs changed everything and represent the perfect solution. However, there is now a mind-boggling array of devices offering incredible functionality at your disposal. If you are considering vaping, it can be hard to know where to start. Complex sub ohm equipment and multifunctional box mods can feel intimidating. If you don’t understand the finer points of temperature control and variable wattage vaping, and there is no reason why you should, how do you motivate yourself to get started? The answer is to invest in cigalikes. Electronic cigarettes which feature a battery and cartomizer containing flavoured eliquid, cigalikes enable you to begin your vaping journey and to successfully quit the cigs. That little tobacco refill or menthol flavoured cartomizer is a small purchase that delivers serious impact.

The benefits of cigalikes

User-friendly ciagalikes look and feel like tobacco cigarettes. That sense of familiarity will help you to make the transition to vaping and there are no complicated settings to master. All you need to do is choose your rechargeable electronic cigarette and cartomizers. Use the USB charger to charge the battery, screw a cartomizer to the battery and then begin vaping. It’s as easy as that! Cigalikes are incredibly compact and so can be slipped into your pocket with ease and it’s no problem to carry a spare for when your battery needs recharging. Stock up on your cigalike refills and you will always have the satisfaction you need at your fingertips.

Cartomizers at Vapester

We are delighted to bring you cigalikes from VIP and Ten Motives together with the refills that will keep you vaping happily. Cartomizers are available in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths to suit your needs. You will find refill cartridges which hit the spot for you. The packs of four and five refills give you many hours of vape time and represent excellent value for money. Innokin EQ FLTR There’s a new kid on the vaping bock and it is a game changer! The Innokin EQ FLTR features a soft tip which truly replicates the feel of a traditional cigarette. We are delighted to welcome both the device and the replacement EQ FLTR tips to Vapekit.

Free UK Delivery

Spend just £9 at Vapester on cigalikes, refills, eliquids, box mods, sub ohm tanks, vape accessories or anything in our range and you will benefit from free UK delivery. Our comprehensive range ensures that it is easy to start vaping and then to continue your adventure with more advanced kits. It won’t be long before you are investigating the benefits of Aspire tanks, Innokin tanks, a swanky vape pen or even debating the qualities of Aspire coils. There’s a world of flavour to explore too and we are continually expanding our offering to keep things interesting. You can look forward to sampling the finest eliquid flavours from Vampire Vape, Nasty Juice, Vapouriz and many more. Flavour refills are just the start of an exciting new chapter of your life. Don’t mourn what you are leaving behind because there are exciting times ahead - guaranteed.