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Can an eliquid affect the result of a drugs test?

If we're talking about the eliquids that Vapekit offers containing Propylene Glycol then no, this can't be picked up by a drug or alcohol test as Propylene Glycol metabolises into a different chemical in the body than is looked for in commonly used alcohol tests like EtG. Of course, if you were talking about Marijuana based eliquids then of course any test designed to look specifically for CBD or THC found in Marijuana would show up in the test!

Can any vape take any eliquid

Erm… No. Whist you should be aware that any manufacturer's eliquid can be used in any vaping device if it's of the same or similar PG/VG ratio (so you're not restricted to any particular brand of eliquid in your vaping device) this comes with one HUGE caveat! Eliquids with a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerine) ratio require specialist high wattage vaping devices with low ohm coils. These coils heat up much more than larger ohm coils meaning that the vegetable glycerine doesn't 'gunk up' so much.

Can cheap eliquid taste burned?

It's more likely to be a problem with your coil or wick. Did you perhaps increase the wattage on your device too much? Did you properly prime the wick before vaping? Both of these could cause a burnt taste in your mouth. If you do get a burnt taste then discard the coil and eliquid in your tank and replace with fresh ones. If your device has a separate wick then replace this also. Whatever you do, make sure that the eliquid you are using comes from a reputable supplier. Here at Vapekit we only supply the best brands who use correct quality control procedures!

Can eliquid caramelize?

Yes. High wattage devices combined with sweeter eliquids can cause something akin to caramalisation, where a residue will burn onto the coil. This can cause the coil to become less efficient and require replacement sooner than is normal. Caramelization can be avoided by using the correct wattage for the eliquid you are vaping.

Can eliquid cause acne?

The medical evidence we have so far is a little fuzzy on this one and it seems to be a cause and effect not of vaping, but of giving up smoking. There are literally thousands of toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke. These build up in the body over time and when someone gives up smoking for vaping, the body starts to de-toxify itself. Acne is usually caused by hormonal changes, not dirt or other chemicals on the skin. Giving up smoking can allow normal hormonal balance to return, leading to acne. Some people can be allergic to the ingredients in eliquids (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine mainly) so there is a possibility that this could induce an acne-like reaction in a very small proportion of people, however this is very rare.

Can eliquid cause blindness?

Whilst it's never a good idea to put anything in your eyes that isn't meant to be there so really... don't go squirting eliqud in your eyes..! Nothing in eliquids we know of could cause permanent blindness. Both Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine are generally safe for the body to ingest and the vapour that vaping devices create holds very small amounts of these chemicals so isn't unsafe for eyes. You're far more likely to get blindness and permanent nerve damage from smoking than vaping!

Can eliquid cause coils to burn?

Using an incorrect PG/VG ratio of eliquid for the wattage of your vaping device can cause caramelisation on your vape coil, causing a burnt taste in the mouth. This can in effect cause premature failure of the coil and mean you have to replace coils more often. Always use the correct PG/VG ration of eliquid in your device!

Can eliquid cause stomach problems?

There have been some reports by vapers that vaping has caused stomach upsets. In reality, it may be that these people are actually sensitive to nicotine, not eliquid base ingredients (generally Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine). Some people can also be sensitive to artificial sweeteners. This can cause intense stomach complaints, diarrhoea and a general feeling of being unwell. If you already suffer from reactions to artificial sweeteners (like I do!) then avoid sweetened eliquids.

Can eliquid expire or 'go off'?

Yes. All the ingredients in eliquid have an expiration date just like food. Generally, eliquid can be kept for 1 - 2 years if kept in lower temperatures away from direct sunlight.

Can eliquid set off a fire alarm?

This can possibly happen in rare circumstances, but as fire alarm systems detect the presence of smoke or heat, in general vaping won't set off a fire alarm as vaping produces vapour and gives off very little heat.

Can eliquid short circuit?

Both the base components of eliquid (vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol) are known insulators, so it's unlikely that spilt eliquid will cause a short circuit. However, saliva, sweat and seawater especially are excellent conductors of electricity so make sure to keep these substances away from vape kit batteries!

Can eliquid split?

Any liquid which is a mix of components will separate or split over time if those components have different relative densities. In the case of eliquid, Propylene Glycol is less dense than vegetable Glycerine and therefore lighter. Over time, Propylene Glycol will therefore separate and float to the top of your eliquid container.

Can I bring eliquid into Singapore?

No. As of 2013, it is illegal to posess, use or import any vaping products into Singapore.

Can I buy several 10ml eliquid bottles?

Yes. You can purchase as many 10ml eliquid bottles as you like!

Can I fly with eliquid?

Yes. You can fly with upto 100ml of eliquid. This is the same as any other liquids such as mouthwash, perfumes or cosmetics. Bear in mind that some countries do not allow the importation of any eliquid or vaping equipment, even for personal use.

Can I freeze base eliquid?

Not normally. As eliquid contains Propylene Glycol (which is a major component of antifreeze) it's not possible to freeze eliquid using a home freezer. Depending upon the PG/VG ratio, freezing point of eliquid will be between -20c and -60c, which is well out of the range of any commercially available home freezer.

Can I just approximate eliquid amounts?

As Einstein implied, everything is relative! You don't need a set of atomic scales to measure your eliquid when mixing, but it pays to mix wisely to get the right flavour and mix for your vaping device. There are calculators if you are mixing your own short fills and most bottles have instructions on how to get the correct ratio of base, nicotine and flavour. It's usually a case of pouring one bottle (10ml) into a larger bottle (50ml)!

Can I mix 2 eliquid flavours?

Yes. If you're using the same PG/VG ratio flavours there's nothing to stop you mixing your own flavours to create a unique experience for your vaping! Just make sure you're not mixing salt based flavours with freebase nic flavours as the result won't be usable in your vaping device.

Can I mix 50 50 nicotine with 80 20 eliquid?

You could… but why would you want to? The resultant mix would be the equivalent of a 130 / 70 mix (which works out at 65 PG, 35VG) and if the original Nicotine percentages were the same in the un-mixed liquids then you'd have a kind of strange ratio. If your device can handle this mix then go right ahead!

Can I mix eliquid into any bottle?

Yes. If the bottle is made of Glass, Polypropylene or Polyethylene. Propylene Glycol (one of the constituents of most eliquid bases) can react with some other plastics, so as long as the plastic is safe for use with PG/VG bases you should be OK. Make sure of course that the bottle you use is totally sterile... you are, after all going to be breathing in your resultant mix!

Can I mix small batches of eliquid?

Yes. As long as the ratios are correct for the vaping device you are intending to use there's no reason you can't mix up batch sizes to suit yourself.

Can I mix vg with existing eliquid?

Yes. If the eliquid is an existing PG/VG base and you want to increase the VG ratio then there's no reason you can't do that. Just make sure that your vaping device can take the resultant PG/VG mix!

Can I put any eliquid in nautilus x?

No. The Aspire Nautilus X comes with either a 1.5Ohm or 1.8Ohm coil, so you are going to need to use a PG/VG ratio eliquid in that is suitable for these resistances of coils. You can choose eliquids from any manufacturer as long as the PG/VG ratio is suitable. Drop in and see the ranges available from!

Can I put nicotine eliquid in nicotine free tank?

Yes. Bear in mind that if you wish to go back to being 'nicotine free' then you are probably going to have to swap out the tank and coil as there will always be a resultant residue of nicotine present after you put nicotine into the tank.

Can I put vype eliquid in my vape?

Yes. As long as you use the correct PG/VG ratio into your vaping device you can use eliquid from any manufacturer.

Can I sell 0mg eliquid on ebay?

Yes. You can sell 0mg (i.e. containing no nicotine) eliquids on Ebay, but bear in mind that any purchaser still needs to be above 18 years of age. If any nicotine is present at all in the eliquid then this becomes subject to TPD regulations and in the UK must be certified.

Can I sell eliquid in the UK?

Yes. But bear in mind... Any eliquid that contains Nicotine must comply with TPD regulations and be certified in the UK.

Can I sell my own eliquid?

Yes. Bear in mind that the vaping industry is heavily regulated and even eliquids containing no nicotine should adhere to UK safety standards.

Can I sell out of date TPD eliquid?

No. In the UK we have very strict rules on what can be sold. Any consumable product MUST be sold with an expiry date even if it's a bottle of mineral water! Even though there isn't anything in eliquids which can 'go off', all eliquid manufaturers are required to print an expiration date on each bottle of each batch that is made. The truth is that eliquids are still perfectly safe to vape years after they are made, but if they are 'out of date' you can't legally sell them.

Can I send eliquid to Japan?

Yes you can. There are currently no import or postal restrictions on sending eliquids to Japan.

Can I ship eliquid from the UK to the US?

Yes, but only if you use certain companies for shipment. USPS and DHL are known to now put restrictions on carriage of eliquids but at the moment there are no Government restrictions on eliquid export/import from the US to the UK. Things, however might change...

Can I suck old eliquid back up?

You could… but bear in mind that you'd be effectively then have used eliquid as any eliquid in your tank would have been exposed to the bacteria in your mouth.

Can I take back my unopened eliquid?

With Vapekit you can do this yes. Other eliquid suppliers may have different rules. In the UK, distance selling regulations mean that you have 7 days to return any items for any reason, however Vapekit have extended this to 14 days.

Can I take eliquid on a plane?

Yes. You can do this, however bear in mind that eliquids are still bound by the maximum 100cc limit that all other liquids on flights are covered by. Also, make sure that the country you are flying to allows the import of eliquids for personal use - some countries (like Thailand for example) don't allow any imports or use of vaping equipment and there are very stiff fines and prison sentences for anyone who tries!

Can I thicken eliquid?

Yes. If you want to thicken eliquid then you can add more Vegetable Glycerine to alter the PG/VG ratio. Do make sure that your vaping device can handle the thicker liquid though… the lower the PG/VG ratio, the lower the resistance is generally required.


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