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How to Clean a Vape Tank

 how to clean a vape tank

You should clean your vape tank because you put it into your mouth more than any other object that you own – and that’s a fact. Find out how to clean a vape tank.

Let’s think for a moment about what’s actually happening when you vape. You’re placing your mouth on the same plastic or metal mouthpiece, potentially hundreds of times a day. Next, you’re sticking your vape mod into your pocket, where it’s picking up dust and pocket lint. Then, you’re putting your tank back into your mouth – and you’re repeating the process over and over, day in and day out.

If you’ve never stopped to think about cleaning your vape tank, we bet that you’re thinking about it now!

So, why clean your vape tank?

You should clean your vape tank because you put it into your mouth more than any other object that you own – and that’s a fact. If you’re not cleaning your tank, that’s pretty gross.

Cleaning Your Vape Tank

  • Removes lip gunk from the drip tip
  • Clears dust and pocket lint out of the tank’s chimney and airflow vents
  • Prevents flavour carryover when youchange your coils

Cleaning your vape tank is a process that requires just a couple of minutes if you do it each time you replace your coil – and if you make cleaning a regular part of your coil changing routine, your tank will never get so dirty that cleaning it becomes a major chore.

Here’s how to clean your vape tank.

Disassemble The Tank Carefully

To get started, lay some paper towels on your counter and disassemble your tank completely.

  • Remove the tank’s drip tip.
  • Unscrew the tank’s metal hardware.
  • Remove the coil and set it aside.
  • Remove the tank’s glass enclosure. Do this carefully because sub-ohm tanks have very thin glass that’s easily cracked – and if that happens, you’ll need to replace it.

These instructions assume that you’ll be replacing your vape coil with a new one when you clean your tank. If you’re going to be reusing your current coil, set it aside because you don’t want it to get wet unless you’re cleaning it as well. If you do want to clean your coil, we explain how to clean vape coils here.

Rinse And Dry The Tank

Rinse all of your tank’s components – except the coil – thoroughly under running water. Assuming that your tank isn’t particularly dirty and has simply seen normal use, all of the e-liquid residue, dust and lip gunk will rinse away easily in the sink.

A vape tank has two potential problem areas that can be more difficult to clean. Those areas are the chimney and the airflow vents. If those areas have particularly stubborn grime that doesn’t rinse away easily, use a cotton swab to get in there and remove it. After you’ve done that, your tank will stay clean with periodic rinsing.

Use paper towels to dry the tank thoroughly.

Inspect The Tank for Damage

Before you reassemble your tank, check all of the silicone o-rings for stretching or tearing. Damage to the tank’s gaskets can cause a persistent leak that’s both annoying and very difficult to troubleshoot.

Every modern vape tank includes a small bag with at least one complete set of o-rings. If you find damage, slide the old o-ring out of its position with your thumb and replace it with a new one from the bag.

You’ll also need to replace your tank’s glass if it has any visible damage. That’s the case even if the damage is only a small crack or chip; even a small nick in the glass can lead to leaking.

Reassemble The Tank Carefully

After you’ve finished cleaning and drying the tank, it’s time to put it back together. Push the glass over the tank’s top hardware and screw a new coil into the bottom hardware. Prime the coil by wetting all of the cotton with a bit of e-liquid.

Twist the tank’s components back together carefully, tightening just until the components become difficult to twist further. Be careful not to cross the threads; if the parts don’t twist together easily, back them up and start again. It’s also important to avoid over-tightening the tank as over-tightening can warp the o-rings out of place and cause leaking.

Fill the tank, waiting several minutes for the cotton to become completely wet. Enjoy your squeaky-clean vape tank!