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Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks are a great way to take your vaping needs to the next level. Also known as vaping tanks or an e cig clearomizer they are simply a way of storing e liquid and housing the atomizer head which turns the juice into vapour.

Vaping tanks have evolved over the last few years as electronic cigarettes have become more popular along with e liquid being more readily available to the end user. The best vape tank is often a matter of personal preference but here are some of the features you can consider when choosing the right one for you.

Vape Tank E liquid Capacity

Depending on your vaping needs the size of the clearomizer tank is often one of the main factors for your choice. If you vape a lot and enjoy a certain flavour then a large e liquid tank capacity is ideal, saving you to top up again and again. On the other hand if you are a fan of various e liquids depending on the time of the day, small cheaper ecig tanks are great way of switching between flavours by simply changing the clearomizer from the top of your e cig battery. The smaller tanks are also ideal for when you're out and about.

Here at Vapester we offer vape tanks with an e liquid capacity up to 2ml in line with the TPD regulations. Ultimately the best e cig tank for you, comes down to personal preference and how you use yours, so whether it's an Innokin, Aspire or Kanger tank you go for and the e liquid capacity you need, there's lots of variety.


E Cig Battery Connection Type

An important one. Clearomizer tanks come with two different types of connection threads, they are the eGo tank thread and the 510 thread. Most e cig batteries will take both types of threads but it is always worth checking before you buy your next vaping tank to see if it will fit.


Pyrex Glass or Plastic Vape Tank

This is the outer tube of the tank which in most cases is transparent so you can see the e liquid level. Pyrex glass vs plastic comes down to the cost of the vaping tank. However you should consider the advantages of a Pyrex glass tank. Pyrex tanks are more durable, can contain high e-liquid formulations and provides a vaping option that is safe. When it comes to plastic tanks there is a concern when using more acidic e liquids, which means you will miss out on some flavours.


Electronic Cigarette Airflow Tanks

Variable airflow tanks allow you to decide the kind of draw you want from your electronic cigarette. By simply turning a dial you can determine the amount of air sucked into the tank as you vape. Reduced airflow will give you a tighter draw, a stronger flavour of your e liquid however it will reduce the amount of vapour produced. A greater airflow will produce larger clouds however reduces the flavour hit of your e liquid. E Cig airflow tanks have a selection of hole sizes you can choose via the dial to control the intake of air.

An airflow ecig tank will also help keep everything much cooler around the atomizer head and can help to reduce any burnt taste you could potentially get.


Bottom Coil vs Top Coil Tanks

When it comes to bottom coil or top coil tanks there are pros and cons for each type, it really comes down to your vaping preference. A top coil tank gives you a much warmer vape, and at the start, there's excellent flavour from your e cig liquid. However, there's a much greater risk of ending up with dry hits and getting that unpleasant burnt taste due to e liquid at the bottom of the tank not reaching the coil/wicks at the top.

By contrast, a bottom coil tank will keep the coil/wicks constantly saturated providing a more consistent vape with a strong flavour throughout. You're unlikely to get a dry vape which means you'll avoid the dreaded burnt taste.


Sub Ohm Vape Tanks

Sub Ohm tanks feature coil heads that can be vaped at less than 1 ohm. These produce huge vapour clouds! If you are new to vaping, you should have a clear understanding before you indulge into sub ohm and e cig mods. Once you know how to use them they can be a convenient choice, which is why they have become so popular.


Which Is The Best Vape Tank For You?

We were hoping you wouldn't ask! Unfortunately it's impossible to say which of the e cig tanks are the best as there's no single answer. Electronic cigarette vaping tanks vary depending on how they are used and what you really want, so the final choice really is down to what you prefer.