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Temperature Control Vaping

You may have begun your vaping journey using a simple vape pen or pod kit. But there are many more complex devices to explore and vaping styles to experience. If you are considering moving on to advanced equipment, you could invest in a mod featuring temperature control. Here’s what you need to know about temperature control vaping.

What is Temperature Control?

Temperature control (TC) mode enables you to set the maximum temperature that your coils will be heated to. Your mod will adjust the power output according to the temperature you have set. TC mode was developed to prevent burnt coils as these deliver unpleasant dry hits. Temperature control also ensures that you experience a consistent vape when taking longer draws. This is because the temperature of your coils will remain consistent rather than increasing.

How does temperature control work?

TC vaping became achievable when Evolv created the DNA chip in 2014. The DNA chip was able to control the temperature of coils because it is possible to predict how the resistance of certain metals will increase when they are heated. A mod with TC mode monitors the resistance of the coil and not the temperature. It knows what temperature the coil will be at each level of resistance and adjusts the power output to maintain the desired temperature. It’s like cruise control for vaping!

What type of device and coils do you need for TC vaping?

Many advanced mods off a TC mode and this feature will be mentioned in the product listing for the device. If you are unsure as to the capabilities of any equipment, consult the manufacturers website for further information.

To take advantage of TC mode, you must fit appropriate coils to your device. These are coils featuring stainless steel (SS), Nickel (Ni) or Titanium (Ti) wires as the resistance of these metals increases predictably when they are heated. The rate at which the resistance of coils changes is known as the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR).

It is important to check which coils are compatible with your device and its TC mode or modes. Your device will have pre-set TCR values for the different types of wires. Some mods also boast customisable TCR which enables you to set precise values for your particular coils.

What are the benefits of temperature control vaping?

TC mode prevents your coils from burning and so eliminates dry hits. Because your coils never overheat, they last longer, saving you money. You can take longer draws which remain consistent and you don’t have to concern yourself with setting your wattage output. Better still, you can tailor your vaping experience. Lower temperatures give you cooler inhales while higher temperatures provide more powerful hits.

As with variable wattage, TC mode enables you to find the setting that produces the level of vapour production you are looking for. TC vaping will also conserve battery power as your mod only uses the power required to maintain the temperature of your coil. TC mode typically uses 1.5 times less power than variable wattage.

What are the disadvantages of TC vaping?

Temperature control is more complex functionality than variable wattage. It can take time to familiarise yourself with how to use it and you will need to engage in trial and error to find the settings that suit you best. It is also worth noting that all devices are not born equal. Some mods perform much better than others when it comes to temperature control and it is often the more costly kits that will give you the finest results.

Does Temperature Control impact flavour?

E liquids produce different notes according to the temperature of your coils. You can certainly influence the flavour of your vapes using TC mode. You might discover notes that you didn’t taste before simply by experimenting with temperature. TC is a great way of exploring the potential of your flavours.

Is temperature control vaping suitable for beginners?

The finer points of temperature control can be tricky to grasp. For this reason, TC mode is best suited to experienced vapers. If are new to vaping but determined to try TC, read the instructions for your e cig very carefully before taking even a single puff.

How do you vape in TC mode?

The controls on each mod will vary but the TC process will be similar. Start by checking that the coils you have fitted can handle the wattage output of your mod. The wattage rating of your coils should be printed on the packaging or on the coils themselves. Switch to TC mode. There may be a specific button for this or you might have to navigate to the mode via a menu system. You should then select the wire type of your coils (SS, Ni or TI) or set the correct TCR if your mod features customisable TCR. Set your temperature limit and in deciding what this should be, consider the output of your device and the wire type of your coil (Titanium can overheat).

What is the best temperature to select in TC mode?

The best temperature to select will depend on your coils, your chosen flavour and your personal preferences. Start with a relatively low temperature (200°C - 250°C) and take a few draws. You can then decide if you are happy with the flavour and vapour production. If not, increase the setting until you find your sweet spot. It can help to do some research as other vapers will have posted reviews of e liquids and hardware which include the settings they have used.

Should you try temperature control?

Once you are comfortable with vaping and ready to explore the possibilities of advanced equipment, it is well worth trying temperature control vaping. It’s an excellent way to avoid dry hits and to precisely tailor your experience. But TC isn’t for everyone as there are complexities to navigate and the hardware you need can be costly.