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Tenshi E Liquid


Made in the UK but featuring Japanese inspired neon graphics, the Tenshi range stands out from the crowd. The look is certainly wonderfully eye-catching, but it is the fruity flavours that will keep you coming back for more. Each is of premium quality and delivers layered flavour. You can treat yourself to 70VG eliquids which are nicotine-free or 50VG juices with salt nicotine. The team at Tenshi carefully research their flavours and repeatedly test their recipes before adding them to the range. Each recipe is assessed for taste, smoothness and cloud production. Flavours are rejected if they don’t match the quality of those already in the collections.




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Tenshi short fills

Four fruity juices give you impressive all day vapes with original touches. Each is beautifully balanced and keeps on giving with surprising notes and zingy highlights. Ignite Cherry Passion, Excite Blackberry and Blueberry, Charge Caribbean plus Rush Grape and Lime Soda combine to give you an inspired collection that is begging to be explored. The 70VG bases deliver incredible clouds and are suitable for sub ohm tanks.

Tenshi Neo Salts

If you have chosen a pod system, vape pen or starter kit, you can now enjoy the uplifting Tenshi eliquids. The Neo Salts collection features all four of the exciting Tenshi flavours but with 50VG bases that are suitable for most devices. Salt nicotine gives you smooth throat hits, pure flavour and quicker relief of your cravings. You have discovered a collection that partners amazing fruity flavour with immediate satisfaction and that makes it worthy of your attention.

The Tenshi story

We are always delighted when we discover that a brand boasts an interesting backstory. The Tenshi story is one of the more interesting flights of fancy that we have encountered. It’s a rather lengthy tale which we have summarised to ensure that you remain awake long enough to order your eliquids! The story goes something like this:

The Japanese military attempted to create the world’s first super soldiers using a special serum. One of the team of scientists involved in the project was a bio-organic engineer called Hideshi. He noted that the Genesis serum used in the project might be suitable for helping his daughter, Tenshi, who suffered from a degenerative disease. He gave her the serum and she appeared to be cured but the affects of the serum wore off by the end of the day.

Hideshi reformulated the serum to tailor it to his daughter’s DNA. He managed to cure Tenshi and to give her special powers, but she had to remain concealed so that the military wouldn’t find out what her father had done. But Tenshi started adventuring outdoors after dark and the military became aware of her cure. They knew that her father must have used the serum and killed him. Tenshi was forced to flee for her own safety and began evolving her own medicine to replace the serum. It transpired that her treatment had slowed the aging process and so she became immortal and spent her time fighting crime and pursuing the military to avenge her father’s death.

So, there you have it! 

Tenshi eliquids at Vapekit

We can’t promise that Tenshi eliquids will give you special powers or make you immortal, but they are rather good! We are pleased to showcase Tenshi flavours in the Vapekit range and we are sure that you will enjoy each and every one of them.  Our multibuy deals will give you exceptional value and will enable you to explore the range without breaking the bank.