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Vape Coils

Vape Coils

Your coils impact the quality of your vaping experience, every time you take a puff, and you can’t vape without them!  Why not stock up right now to ensure that you can continue to vape uninterrupted? Our UK vape coils range features the replacement MTL coils and direct to lung subohm coils including Aspire coils, Innokin coils, 88vape, Geek Vape, SMOK Novo and Nord coils, Vaporesso coils, Voopoo coils, Eleaf, Kanger, Uwell Caliburn coils and Vapouriz devices plus more. You will find our product listings feature all the information and vape deals you need to choose the right coils both for your kit, and your vaping style - whether it be mouth to lung or subohm vaping. Also, our vaping guides below will give you all the info you need to buy and use your chosen coils.

Aspire Vape Coils

Compatible with the brand’s market leading devices, Aspire BVC coils and revolutionary ARC coils are supplied in multipacks (normally a 5 coil pack). You will discover mouth to lung and sub ohm coils for the Aspire Cleito, Aspire Nautilus, Nautilus X, Aspire Pockex, Aspire Tigon e cigarettes and tanks. With various configurations and coil resistances to choose from, Aspire coils give you the choices you need to optimise your eliquid flavour and vaping experience to enjoy popular brands like Vampire Vape and Drip.

Innokin Vape Coils

Introducing all the coil choices you need for Innokin’s user-friendly mouth to lung vape pens, tanks and starter kits! You will find Prism S coils for the Endura T20S (perfect for nicotine salt vape liquids), Z coils for the Zenith Tank and Scion Plex3D coils compatible with the impressive Plexar starter kit plus many more. Always ensure that you select Innokin coils that are compatible with your chosen device and which boast your preferred coils resistance.

Smok Coils

SMOK vape kits are notable for giving you extensive sub ohm coils choices suitable for high VG eliquids like Riot Squad, Dinner Lady and Nasty Juice. You'll find them all right here including popular Nord coils and Smok coils series compatible with the TFV MINI V2 Tank, the TFV12, the SMOK TFV8 Baby or the SMOK Nord, SMOK Novo and SMOK RPM pod systems. 

Vaporesso Coils

Stock up on your multipacks of Vaporesso replacement coils today including Orca Solo (OC COIL), EUC ECO Universal and GT Core, GTi Mesh and GTX subohm coils. All are available with a variety of resistances to suit your device and vaping style - ideal for refillable pods.

Eleaf Coils

If it’s the right time to stock up on your ELEAF replacement coils, you can choose from GS Air, EC Dual and HW series coils including options that are compatible with the popular Lemo, Melo and iJust tanks. 

88vape Coils

88vape is one the UK's most popular brands of vape liquid and the exceptional value offered by the 88Vape range continues with 88Vape replacement coils! We are pleased to bring you replacement coil multipacks for the Deluxe Vape Pen, 88Vape Mod and 88Vape ProMod pod kits. 

Voopoo Coils

VooPoo PNP replacement coils give you no less than 12 different options, ensuring that you find the ideal combination of resistance and construction for both beginner and advanced kits and vape mods. You will also discover the TPP VooPoo replacement coils here. 

Uwell Coils

You can continue vaping uninterrupted by choosing your Uwell replacement coils for the highly regarded Uwell Caliburn G pods, Crown tank, Nunchaku kit, Valyrian subohm tank and Valyrian 2 vape tank, not to mention the Whirl.

TECC Coils

The Electronic Cigarette Company TECC coils are manufactured by ELEAF. You will discover replacement vape coils options for the TECC Arc, CS Air, Resolve and Slider kits. The coils are available in a variety of resistances to support both MTL and DTL vaping. 

Vapouriz Coils

Created in conjunction with Innokin, Vapouriz FUSE and V-Switch replacement coils give you the perfect combination of both reliable performance and amazing flavour. Supplied in packs of five, they also represent excellent value.

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Vape Coils Frequently Asked Questions

What are vape coils? 

The atomiser heads fitted to vaping devices are generally referred to as coils, although it would be more accurate to say that they contain coils. While there are many different electronic cigarettes, all vaping devices work in broadly the same way. Each features a battery to provide power, a tank or pod to hold e liquid and an atomiser head. The atomiser head sits in the e liquid tank and is attached to the battery. It features a coiled wire or section of perforated mesh together with wicking material. The wicking material soaks up e liquid and then when you fire the device, the battery sends power to the wire or mesh in the atomiser head, and it heats up. The heat vaporises the e liquid that has been absorbed by the wicking so that you can inhale it.

What are vape coils for?

Vape coils are heated by the batteries in electronic cigarettes. They then vaporise e liquid so that it can be inhaled.

How do vape coils work?

The atomizer head of a vaping device converts energy from the battery and then heats the wire or mesh coil that is inside it. When the coil becomes hot, it vaporises the e-liquid that has been absorbed by the wicking material.

What are vape coils made of?

The coils inside atomiser heads can be fashioned from a variety of metals, each boasting unique properties. The coils may be compatible with wattage modes, temperature control modes or both. The available coil materials are as follows:

  • Kanthal – durable and suitable for wattage modes
  • Nichrome – heats more quickly than Kanthal but is prone to burning. Suitable for wattage modes
  • Stainless Steel – The versatile choice as it is compatible with both wattage and temperature control modes. Notable for being long-lasting.
  • Nickel – for temperature control only. Heats quickly and delivers excellent flavour. Some people may have an allergic reaction to nickel.
  • Titanium – only compatible with temperature control and costly. Highly flammable and toxic when overheated but gives those who are allergic to nickel a viable alternative. 

What are mesh vape coils?

Conventional atomiser heads feature coils of heating wire. Mesh coils feature strips of perforated metal instead. You can find our more in our mesh coils buying guide.

Are mesh coils better than regular coils?

Mesh coils boast larger heating areas than wire coils and they heat up faster. Mesh coils tend to deliver more intense flavour and bigger clouds. They are also longer lasting. They heat evenly which means less chance of dry hits and because they heat quickly, they consume less energy. The only disadvantage of mesh coils is the rate at which they consume e liquid.

What are ceramic vape coils?

Ceramic coils are wire coils that are either coated in ceramic material or encased in ceramic material. The ceramic material prevents the metal coils from oxidising and so prolongs the lives of the coils. Ceramic coils also reduce the possibility of dry hits and spitback. Many vapers feel that they also improve flavour. However, ceramic coils increase e liquid consumption and there are health concerns to consider. It is possible that fine ceramic dust might break away from the coils. This could then be inhaled and lead to a serious lung condition called silicosis. Research is required to establish whether silica dust can escape from the coils.

How long do vape coils last?

No vape coil (atomiser head) will last forever. Coils eventually become clogged with e liquid residue that has built up over time. In addition, any failure to keep e liquid topped up will result in dry wicking that burns, ruining the taste of the vapour produced. Once wicking is burnt, the coil must be replaced

Coils vary in their lifespans and precisely how long any coil will last will depend on how intensively you vape, the time you take between puffs, the e liquid you have chosen, the wattage you use and the construction of the coil. Vape coils may last only a couple of days but could last for a month or more. Vaping high VG e liquids, failing to prime your coils, chain vaping and choosing sweetened e liquids will reduce the longevity of your coil as will setting high wattage outputs.  Having said all that, there is little doubt that mesh coils last longer than regular coils. Coils fashioned from Kanthal or stainless steel are more durable than Nichrome, nickel and titanium coils. Ceramic-wrapped coils will outlast all others. But it is the wicking that generally gives up the ghost before the actual coil, hence the importance of the way you vape.

When/how often do vape coils need to be replaced?

Vape coils should be replaced when you experience a burnt taste or the quality of the flavour and vapour you experience has significantly diminished. Coils vary greatly in how long they will last, and their longevity will depend on how intensively you vape, the time you take between puffs, the e liquid you have chosen, the output of your device and the construction of the coil. You might need to change your coil every couple of days, but your coil could retain its performance for weeks.

Which vape coils last the longest?

As it is principally the e liquids that you choose and the way you vape that will dictate the longevity of your coil, it isn’t possible to accurately predict which coils will last the longest. The diameter and composition of the wire will also be a factor in how long a coil lasts, but to a lesser degree than the way you vape. However, there is evidence that mesh coils are longer-lasting than wire coils, that Kanthal and Stainless steel are the most durable coil metals and that ceramic coils have the longest lifespans. 

How can I make my coil last longer?

There are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your vape coils:

  • Always prime your coils when you first install them
  • Choose premium quality e liquids such as Doozy Vape co, Vampire Vape, Zeus Juice, Pacha Mama and other leading brands
  • Avoid sweet flavours or e liquids that are dark in colour
  • Choose e liquids with a higher PG content, so long as they are compatible with the resistance of your coil
  • Always keep you tank filled up
  • Don’t chain vape
  • Reduce your wattage, as high temperatures stress coils

Which vape coil is best?

Most aspects of vaping are very much a matter of personal taste and coils are no exception. It would be impossible to say which coil is best and the best coil for you might not suit another vaper. Some coils are optimised to deliver intense flavour or impressive vapour. Others are designed to last for longer. Whatever your priorities may be, you can only choose coils that are compatible with your device.

Why does my vape burn my throat?

If you experience a harsh throat hit or a burnt taste, this will be because the wicking in your coil has burnt and needs to be replaced. When you fire your device, the coil heats up and some of the heat is absorbed by the e liquid in the wicking. This process prevents the coil from overheating. The juice that has been vaporised is then replaced by e liquid from your tank. If the wicking doesn’t absorb enough e liquid, then less heat from the coil will be dissipated and the coil will overheat. In turn, the remaining juice in the wicking will overheat and break down into formaldehyde, hence the nasty taste. To make matters worse, the wicking material will be exposed to the very hot coil and burn.

Why are my coils burning so quickly?

There are several reasons why your coil could be burning quickly:

  • You haven’t primed your coil
  • You are chain vaping
  • Your output wattage is too high
  • Your e liquid is too high in VG for your coil
  • Your tank is empty or too low in juice
  • Your tank is low on juice and you didn’t keep it upright

How can you stop your coils from burning?

If you find that your coils are burning quickly, try the following:

  • Ensure that you prime your coil 
  • Allow more time between puffs
  • Lower your output
  • Try vaping e liquid that is lower in VG
  • Avoid sweet flavours
  • Keep your tank topped up
  • Keep your device upright

Why does my vape crackle?

You could hear crackling sounds when you vape, and this is completely normal. The noise is caused by your coil vaporising e liquid. You will find that the crackling sound is more noticeable when your coil is new. This is a good sign as it indicates that your coil is efficiently vaporising your juice.

Why is my vape spitting juice?

When you inhale you may occasionally find that droplets of e liquid pass through the mouthpiece and land on your lips or tongue. The sensation is unpleasant as the juice may be hot and it will contain nicotine that has not been vaporised. This phenomenon is known as spitback and is usually caused by a flooded coil. Flooding can happen when you over-prime your wick or when your wicking is clogged with e liquid residue and no longer absorbent.

How long should you wait between vape hits?

After you have taken a puff, you need to allow time for your wicking to soak up more e liquid, otherwise the wicking and e liquid will burn. It generally takes 15 – 30 seconds for your wicking to absorb enough e liquid. It is also important to remember that it is best not to chain vape as this could lead to you inhaling too much nicotine.

What is chain vaping?

Chain vaping is the practice of taking several puffs in quick succession. Chain vaping is a bad idea as you will burn your coils and you could overdose on nicotine.

What happens if you don't change your vape coil?

You should replace your coil when you notice that the quality of the flavour has diminished or you are experiencing a burnt taste. If you continue to vape with your coil, the taste of your inhales will only get worse. There is a small chance that the wire becomes stressed and breaks. If this happens, the wire could contact the body of your device and cause your battery to explode.

Why is flavour improved when you change your coil?

Over time, e liquid residue builds up in your wicking and on your coil. This will impact the purity of the flavour that your experience. This is why a new coil will always deliver purer flavour. In addition, as residue builds up in the wicking, the wicking material struggles to absorb e liquid and vapour production is reduced. This will impact the intensity of the flavour.

Why is my vape using so much juice?

If you think that your device is consuming too much e liquid, the problem could be a broken tank. Tiny cracks are not always obvious, so it is worth looking closely at every portion of glass. You should also consider that your coil will consume juice at a faster rate when it is new and that low resistance coils burn through e liquid at a much faster rate than high resistance coils.

Can you clean vape coils?

You can clean replaceable coils, but you might find that the process isn’t worth undertaking given the minimal extra coil life that you will achieve. Cleaning may only remove some of the residue that has accumulated and will not address burnt wicking. To clean your vape coils, follow these steps:

  • Remove the coil from your device
  • Soak the coil in ethanol, vinegar or vodka for 2 hours or more
  • Rinse the coil under the tap
  • Rinse the coil again using distilled water
  • Blow air through the coil to ensure water passes through the wicking holes
  • Leave the coil to dry and don’t reinstall it until the water has completely evaporated

Please note that it is not possible to clean the built-in coils of pre-filled vape pods, refillable vape pods or disposable vapes.

Are all vape coils the same and so fit any vape?

No, all vape coils are not the same. Manufacturers produce coils specifically for each device to complement its functionality.  However, some coils are compatible with more than one device from the same manufacturer. You must choose coils that are compatible with your device, otherwise they won’t fit. If more than one coil is available, read the product listings so that you can decide which coil best suits your desired vaping style.

How do I know what coil to buy for my vape?

Your vape kit or tank will be supplied with one or more compatible coils. When you need to invest in replacements, read the product listings carefully to establish which coils are compatible with your device.

How much is a new coil for a vape?

Coils vary in price and are often supplied in packs of 3 or 5. You can expect to pay between £2 and £5 per coil.

Can vape coils expire?

Vape coils are supplied in sealed packets and have unlimited shelf lives.

Can you change coil with juice in the tank?

You cannot replace your coil while there is juice in the tank. Even if you could, this wouldn’t advisable as you will experience purer flavour with fresh e liquid.

What is the difference between a 0.6 and 1.2 coil?

The difference between these coils is their resistance. A 0.6ohm coil will produce warmer hits than a 1.2ohm coil. This is because the lower the resistance of a coil, the higher the temperature it will reach. Higher resistance coils are suitable for mouth to lung vaping while lower resistance coils are suitable for sub ohm direct to lung vaping.

What is the best wattage for your coil?

Every coil is that little bit different and will be designed for a specific device or tank. For this reason, even two coils with the same resistance will work optimally at different outputs. The best wattage for a coil is known as the sweet spot but this is a matter personal taste. If you have a variable wattage device, you can experiment to discover which output delivers your own sweet spot. The recommended output range for coils can be found in their product listings online and will also be printed on their packaging. 

Are vape coils recyclable?

The metal in removable coils may be recyclable. If they are, this will be indicated on the packaging. Please note that the cotton wicking must be removed before recycling your coils.

Are vape coils dangerous?

Genuine, branded vape coils are incredibly safe. It has been suggested that coils may cause toxic metals to be leached into vapour but the research is sketchy. Any heavy metals in vapour would be present in minute quantities that are below the levels stipulated in safety guidelines. 

It isn’t a good idea to vape with burnt wicking as this can result in e liquid being overheated and breaking down into formaldehyde. There is also a very small chance that the wire in burnt coils could break and lead to the battery exploding but there have been only two recorded cases of this happening. 

It is possible that ceramic coils pose a health risk as silica dust could break free from the ceramic material. Inhaling silica dust can lead to the development of a lung disease called silicosis.

Where can you buy vape coils?

You should only purchase vape coils from official stockists of the various brands. At Vapekit, we are authorised stockists of many leading vaping hardware brands. We offer an extensive range of replacement coils and our product listings feature the information you need to choose the correct coil for your device. Fake coils will not perform as well as genuine products, they may not work at all and they could be dangerous. 

How long should I let my new coil soak for?

When you install a new coil, you should wait for a while before taking a puff to allow e liquid to soak into the coil’s wicking. This process is called priming. It is important that sufficient e liquid is absorbed by the wicking, otherwise the wicking will burn and any e liquid in it will break down into formaldehyde.

Do I need to keep my vape upright?

You should try to keep your device upright, especially when the tank is low on juice. Otherwise, you could find that insufficient e liquid reaches the coil wicking. This will result in both the remaining juice and the wicking material burning.

Can you fix a burnt coil?

It is possible to fix a burnt coil by cleaning the wire and replacing the wicking. However, this is a fiddly task and may not be worth the effort, given that coils are inexpensive to replace.