Innokin Coils

Innokin electronic cigarettes have found favour across the globe and it isn’t difficult to see why. From the simplicity and impressive performance of the T18E to the exceptional Zenith mouth to lung tank, this is a brand which listens to what vapers want, and responds accordingly. We are pleased to showcase Innokin’s mods, tanks and starter kits here at Vapester together with the replacement coils (atomiser heads) that you need. You never know when you will next have to replace your Innokin coil so order a supply today to ensure that you are never left with a bad taste in your mouth. Innokin replacement vape coils are all supplied in packs of five for your convenience.

Ordering your Innokin Replacement Coils

As you would expect, Innokin coils are quick and easy to fit. All you have to do is choose the correct atomiser heads for your particular device. Each coil in the range is designed to fit and to optimise the performance of a specific tank or electronic cigarette. The Vapester range includes replacement coils for the Innokin Endura T18E/T22E, the Prism T18/T22, Prism T20 and Prism S together with the ISub, ISubSS BVC, JEM, Slipstream and Zenith. Don’t mix up your Prisms and ISubs when you order!

Ohm M G!

It’s time to think about your ohms! Replacement coils for the ISub, Prism S, Slipstream and Zenith tanks are available with varying resistances. Choose a lower resistance if you want to go large on flavour and vapour production. Choose a higher resistance for vaping high nicotine strength e liquids and to reduce e liquid consumption. If you believe that variety is spice of life, order both incarnations of your coils!

About Innokin

Technologically advanced and reliable, Innokin electronic cigarettes invariably impress. Innokin operates from a state of the art facility in Shenzen where a team of designers and engineers continually strive to produce the finest vaping devices. Possessing no less than 71 design patents, the company delivers vape gear with exceptional functionality and stylish looks. The team at Innokin always ensure that the outstanding performance of their products is partnered by user friendly operation and consistent quality. You won’t get any nasty surprises with Innokin replacement coils.

The Last Word

You really can’t go wrong with Innokin – unless you order the wrong replacement coils for your device, of course! Expect to enjoy great flavour and consistent, reliable performance. If you are ordering vape coils, why not invest in some great juice at the same time! Check out our special offers and top up your Innokin tank with something exciting, refreshing or indulgent today!