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Vape Deals

Why settle for just one or two bottles of e liquid when you can get more for less? Whether you’re a regular vaper, looking for variety, or simply trying to save money (because let’s face it, who isn’t?), we’ve got loads of amazing deals to whet your appetite. You can get big discounts with our multi-buy deals on 10ml e liquids, nic salts, and 10ml and 50ml shortfills. Click on the banners below to take advantage of these exclusive offers.

10ml E Liquid Deals

A 10ml bottle of e liquid will last the average vaper around a week – so what if we told you that you can get this much e liquid for just £1.69 a bottle? That’s roughly the same price as a couple of cans of Coke! That’s how little you’ll spend if you choose any 10 of the 10 ml e liquids we’ve got on offer. You’ve got loads of popular brands from around the world to choose from, including Vampire Vape, Vapouriz, Riot Squad, and many more. All of these e liquids are TPD compliant and are available in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths to suit every vaper. Considering they’re available for the equivalent price of just over £7 a month, these liquids are well worth getting your hands on.

Nic Salts Deals

Nicotine salt e liquids are a great choice for vapers who want a smoother throat hit than they’d get with freebase nicotine. Whether you’re already a fan of nic salts or want to see what all the fuss is about, we sell a wide range of them at hugely discounted prices. For example, the world-famous Heisenberg from Vampire Vape is one of the nic salts on offer at 4 bottles for £11.96 – that’s just £2.99 per bottle. In fact, you can get it for £2.49 per bottle if you buy 10 – that’s a saving of £1.50 each compared to the price of a single bottle. Heisenberg is just one of many mouth-watering flavours we’ve got on offer, and our other deals include any 3 of our selected nic salt flavours for £9.99, any 4 for £9.96, and any 3 for £11.97.

Shortfill E Liquid Deals

If you want to buy your favourite flavours in much larger quantities for extra convenience, we’ve got some fantastic deals on shortfill e liquids. For example, you can get 3 shortfill bottles containing 50ml of e liquid and room for a single 10ml nicotine shot for £9.99. Yes, you read that right – that’s 67p for every 10ml of e liquid. We also sell 100ml bottles for hugely discounted prices, and our shortfills collection features flavours from some of the world’s finest vaping brands, including Dinner Lady, Nasty Juice, Vampire Vape, Double Drip, and many more. Discover our full range of deals by clicking on the banners above.