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The exciting collection of vape kits at Vapekit offers something for every vaper. With the latest devices from Aspire SMOK, Innokin, Voopoo, Vaporesso, ELEAF and more, there’s much to explore. From user-friendly beginner starter kits to advanced sub-ohm set-ups, you will discover the equipment which rocks your vaping world.  The growing popularity of vaping has resulted in the development of a wonderful array of vaping devices. 

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For experienced vapers in the know, choosing a new electronic cigarette isn’t too much of a challenge. But beginners and novice vapers can find the huge diversity of products rather confusing! To make matters worse, technology marches on and there are new innovations coming to market every week.

Allow us to unravel the mysteries of vape kits! You will soon be an expert and able to make an informed choice. Wherever you happen to be on your vaping journey, it is important to invest in the e cigs which best suit your needs. And your needs will change over time!


There are so many vape kits in the UK to choose from that you will probably never arrive at the point when you have seen them all. From the simplest devices which have a single button for your to cope with to the most advanced mods with complex functions, the perfect kit for you is right here. All you have to do is find it! While many devices boast a host of technological features which make piloting the Space Shuttle look simple, electronic cigarettes basically all work the same way. A battery supplies power to the coils which heat up and vapourise the e liquid in the tank which you can then inhale.


Starter kits make life easy by giving you everything you need in one package. You get your battery, a compatible tank with coils, a charging cable and sometimes replacement parts. Beginners’ ecigs are easy to set up and simple to operate. They enable you to take your first puff in a matter of minutes and you are unlikely to get confused by anything. If you are feeling a little bamboozled by vaping jargon, beginner starter kits take the mystery out of vaping and are definitely a great place to start your adventure.

Having said all that, starter kits do offer a variety of vaping experiences and the first one you try might not prove to be ideal. As these simple devices tend to be inexpensive, there’s no need to worry about making the wrong decision. In any case, it’s always good to have a spare!

Here’s a few things to consider before choosing your vape kit:


If you have recently quit smoking, your e cig is about to become your new best friend. You will be taking puffs regularly and the last thing you need is your battery giving up the ghost. Battery capacities vary dramatically so always remember that the higher the mAh (milliamp hours) quoted, the longer the battery will last.


Oh dear! We are talking about beginners’ equipment and we have already mentioned technology! Fear not because this is a simple concept to get your head around! Pass through technology simply means that you can charge your device while vaping.


The battery of your device will be housed in a casing which also features the control button or buttons. This could be a cylindrical casing which creates a pen-shaped device such as the Innokin Endura T18 2 or a rectangular box which is referred to as a box mod.

Box mods tend to offer greater functionality but are therefore more complex. They can also be extremely powerful. Both box mods and vape pens are available in a huge variety of designs, colours and finishes.


Your tank is a reservoir for your chosen eliquid. Most are easy to refill and you will need to top up regularly because the European Tobacco Directive (TPD) restricted the size of vape tanks to just 2ml. Brexit may eventually result in the UK abandoning this ridiculous regulation. We live in hope!


These days, the majority of electronic cigarettes have a tank with a replaceable unit called an atomiser head. This incorporates the heating coil which will need to be changed from time to time. All you have to do is pull out the atomiser head and slot in a new one. But you could choose a kit with a clearomizer instead. Here the tank and atomiser head are a single unit which you replace when the coil is spent. Clearomisers are more costly to use over the longer term but mean that you don’t have to fiddle with coils.


If convenience is key, consider a pod system. These are the latest vaping innovations and are proving incredibly popular with new vapers. The devices feature a battery, just like other starter kits, but the tank is in the form of a replaceable pod. Most pods are prefilled with ejuice (eliquid) so all you have to do is discard the pod when it is empty and click a new on into place. Vape pod systems remove the need to top up your juice or replace your coils but will restrict your choice of flavours. If you like the sound of them, check out the Vype ePen, Smok Novo and MyBlu starter kits.


You will see advanced kits with enormous power outputs but beginner kits tend to be low wattage devices.  Each vape kit is supplied with coils which are compatible with the output of the device. The lower the resistance of the coil, the greater the vapour production. However, low resistances and high outputs consume more battery power. Resistances are expressed in ohms (Ω). You will see references to sub-ohm vaping. This is vaping with coils that have resistances of less than 1ohm.


We have now arrived at a grey area! There is no clear division between beginner kits and those suitable for more experienced vapers. It’s hard to say at which point the functionality of a device makes it an advanced kit. Technology that some beginners might find easy to understand could flummox a seasoned vaper.

We feel that the easiest way to distinguish an advanced kit from a starter kit is the presence of screen. The inclusion of a digital display indicates that the user will need to make adjustments themselves or choose an operating mode.

Advanced vape kits enable you to tailor your vaping experience and to enjoy impressive vapour production. You have an enormous range of functions, modes and special features to choose from. Electronic cigarettes are becoming ever more sophisticated and if the technical terms worry you, it is still worth exploring your options. With so many exciting vape kits on offer, your curiosity will surely lead you to investigate the innovative devices at your disposal. If you have been using the same vape pen for a while, it might be time to expand your vaping horizons!

Here’s the functionality you will encounter and what all those fancy terms really mean:


While simple starter kits have a single control button and a fixed output, advanced devices enable you to adjust your output to suit your chosen coils and eliquids. You can select coils of different types and with a variety of resistances. Powerful outputs can be risky, so e cigs now offer built-in safety protections to prevent you from making a dangerous mistake.


As with variable wattage, this is a mode which gives you control over your output to optimise your vaping experience.


In TC Mode, you set the temperature that you want your coils to reach and your device does the rest. The principle advantage of TC is consistent flavour but this mode also reduces the incidence of dry hits. You will need titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel (SS) or Nickel (Ni) wires in your coils. Some devices have a single TC mode whereas others feature Ti, SS and Ni specific TC modes.


The new kid on the block, CCT is a form of fine tuning. You dictate how your atomiser will perform over a specified time frame by setting a temperature curve.


Gosh! This does sound technical doesn’t it? As with most vaping functions, there’s no real mystery here. This mode was evolved to enable vapers to fine-tune temperature control and to use coils which might otherwise be incompatible with their equipment. Coils can each handle different heat at varied resistances. TCR creates safety parameters to prevent the accidents that can so easily arise!


This may be expressed as ramp-up mode or similar. It’s a means of tailoring your hit from the beginning of the inhale. If you like a powerful hit from the get go, this mode is for you. Conversely, look for a device with a Soft Mode if you prefer a gentler inhale.


This might sound appealing if you are now thinking that you would like to bypass complications altogether. But be warned! Bypass Mode allows your battery to operate as if it were a mechanical mod. In other words, it removes all of the safety protections and lets you light the touch paper, whatever your settings. You need to know what you are doing to take advantage of this feature.


If you are likely to change the resistance of your coils this Coil Detection will prove useful. Some mods are able to detect the resistance of the coils you have installed and make the necessary adjustments automatically. With others, you have to make the required adjustments yourself.


Sub-ohm vaping enhances vapour production and can also intensify flavour. However, you will consume eliquid more quickly and drain your battery in less time. Sub-ohm vaping also delivers a stronger hit and so you need less nicotine in your ejuice. Sub-ohm devices can cope with the higher VG eliquids which tend to clog up the higher resistance coils of beginners’ devices.


The most powerful mods and those with impressive functionality tend to be bigger as there is more to cram into the case which must also accommodate a screen. Larger devices are less convenient when you are out and about. However, technology is progressing, enabling manufacturers to squeeze an amazing amount of oomph into ever smaller mods.


While many vapers relish grappling with the latest technology and love to customise their vapes, others just want a simple life! Even the worse technophobe can learn to use the most complicated device but more bang mean more bucks. If simplicity suits you just fine, why spend the extra money for functionality that you might never use?

It is possible to invest in a device which offers VW, CCW, CCT, TC(NI,TI,SS), TCR(M1,M2), RTC and Bypass modes!!  You don’t need to be Einstein to use a complex box mod, but you do need to be sufficiently interested to make the most of its potential. If you are perfectly happy with your vape pen but need a new one, go for the latest version of your favourite stick!

It is advisable to kick off your vaping journey with a beginner starter kit. You will soon find out what you like most about your chosen ecigarette kit and what disappoints you. When it’s time to move on, you can choose a device which addresses your issues and maybe experiment with a few extra features. Only you can decide when you have treated yourself to enough buttons and settings.

There’s no right or wrong here. If your SMOK Stick V8 Baby 80W or Eleaf iStick hits the spot, happy days! Maybe you just want vape mods that look uber-cool or perhaps you feel that the best things come in small packages. But if you need more oomph, the Aspire Dynamo 220W awaits you!

We have selected a diverse collection of vape kits from the planet’s leading brands. From simple vape pens to the most advanced ecig kits, our range encompasses all of the possibilities together with the vape accessories you need. Naturally we will continue to update it with the very latest equipment. Who knows what vape kits will be able to do in the future. We live in exciting times!