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Advanced Vape Kits

The Vapekit range of advanced vaping kits enables you to fine tune your vaping experienced and to enjoy the best flavour and vapour from your e liquids. Chosen from the outstanding Aspire, SMOK, Vaporesso, Wismec, Eleaf and Innokin collections, our advanced e cigs include something for every vaper. But which should you choose? Has your mind been boggled by the breadth of choice or the vaping terminology? Do you know your watts from your ohms and your airflow control from your dual coils?

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What is an Advanced Vaping Kit?

There is no convenient dividing line between beginner devices and advanced vaping kits. Electronic cigarettes vary dramatically in the features, modes and functions that they offer. What might feel simple and straightforward to one vaper will bamboozle others. We feel that it is the presence of a screen which distinguishes advanced devices from the models best-suited to beginners.

The more complex equipment on the market incorporates various modes and settings which can be adjusted by the vaper. A screen is therefore included to display the selected settings. Perhaps the best way to describe an advanced e cig is that it is equipment which requires input from the user. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a beginner wouldn’t be able to get to grips with an advanced device. But there are certain aspects of the more sophisticated electronic cigarettes which new vapers may simply not understand. Perhaps that sounds like you!

Moving to an Advanced Electronic Cigarette

If you have been using the same electronic cigarette for some time, your curiosity will probably start to get the better of you! There’s an amazing array of devices at your disposal offering incredible functionality. But how do you up the ante if you don’t understand what the devices actually do?

Electronic cigarettes have improved dramatically since the early days and now offer a raft of features and benefits that their inventor could only have dreamt of. Maybe you are looking to explore your options or perhaps you find it hard to resist a new gadget? Either way, here’s a quick guide to the features, functions and modes that you will need to consider when choosing a new and more advanced device.

Variable Wattage (VW) – Beginner models tend to have a single control button and the output is fixed and optimised for the included coils. Advanced devices, on the other hand, might offer a VW mode which enables you to adjust your output to best suit your chosen coils and e liquids. With VW you can quickly change and use a variety of atomizers with different resistances, coil types and wire sizes. E cigs now have safety features built in to provide protection should you select a power output which is dangerous or which could damage your device.

Variable Voltage (VV) – As with variable wattage, this is a mode which enables you to control your output power to optimise your vaping experience.

Temperature Control (TC) – In TC mode you set the temperature that you want your coils to reach and the device makes the required output adjustments automatically. The coils will be heated to the chosen temperature and that temperature will be maintained by the device. TC delivers consistent flavour and throat hits and reduces the possibility of dry hits that taste unpleasant and which damage your coils. TC mode requires the use of titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel (SS) or Nickel (Ni) wires in the coils. Some devices have a single TC mode whereas others feature Ti, SS and Ni TC modes.

Custom Curve Temperature (CCT) – This is a recent innovation which enables you to fine tune your temperature control vaping by customising how your atomiser performs in a particular time frame. This functionality creates a temperature curve with peaks and troughs of your choosing.

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) - The different materials used in atomisers can handle different heats at different electrical resistances. TCR mode creates safety guidelines to keep people from damaging their equipment and these take into consideration the resistance of the coils and the temperature chosen. In other words, this mode enables you to fine-tune temperature control and so to use coils that are not otherwise compatible with your device.

Strength Modes – You will see mods which offer a ramp-up mode or similar functionality which delivers a powerful hit from the beginning of the puff. Some will also have a soft mode which delivers a gentle start to each puff.

Bypass Mode - Some e-cigarette mods offer a feature known as Bypass Mode (or Mechanical Mode). This allows the battery to operate as if it were a mechanical mod but removes the safety protections built-in to the VW, VV and TC modes.

Atomiser heads (coils) – As you are able to adjust the power output of advanced devices, they tend to be compatible with a variety of coils and resistances and so present you with greater choice. Resistance is measured in ohms. The lower the resistance, the more vapour is produced and the more intense the flavour can be.

Coil Detection – Whilst some mods will automatically detect the resistance of your coils should you change them, others require you to make the appropriate adjustments manually.

Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) – If you would like to fine-tune your vaping to the max, you should consider an RBA. Here you choose your preferred wire and wicking, make your own coils, fit them to a deck and use this to build your atomizer.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser (RDA) – Also known as a dripper, this is an atomiser which you build yourself but which does not include a tank. Here, you drip your e liquid directly on to the wicking material which will hold enough juice for several puffs.

Sub-Ohm Vaping – This is vaping with coils which have resistances of less than 1 ohm. You can expect impressive vapour but you will consume more e liquid. Sub-ohm vaping also drains your battery more quickly. The increased vapour intensifies the flavour and using coils with lower resistances enables you to crank up the power to enjoy warmer vapes. You will need less nicotine in your juice as you get a bigger hit each time.

Stealth Vaping – This is a function which switches off your device’s lights and display screen so you can vape more discreetly.

Size – Powerful mods and those with greater functionality tend to be bigger and so less convenient when you are out and about. As technology improves, it is becoming possible to squeeze more features into smaller mods but if size is an issue you might have to compromise on the capability of your equipment.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) – Beginner devices tend not to cope well with high VG e liquids as VG is thicker than PG and can clog up high resistance coils. Moving to an advanced device will enable you to choose lower resistances and to explore high VG juice.

Advanced Vaping Kits at Vapekit

Every vaper will have different priorities and so only you can decide which advanced vaping kit best suits your needs. What we can do is bring you exceptional choices! From relatively simple devices such as the Eleaf iStick offering VW and VV modes to the more complex Vaporesso Revenger X, we have chosen a diverse range of equipment with each device having much to recommend it whether that be ease of use, amazing power output or incredible functionality.

The Revenger X features VW, CCW, CCT, TC(NI,TI,SS), TCR(M1,M2), RTC and Bypass modes!! This device might strike you as a must-have piece of kit or perhaps something which is a little too hot to handle! The innovations keep on coming and by this time next week there may well be yet another exciting development to tell you about. Just remember that complex starter kits feature advanced technology but that doesn’t mean that you need a PhD in physics to use them!

Choose what you think you can cope with and will enjoy using right now, get to grips with that and then move on to more complicated equipment when you are ready.