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Best Vape Mods: 2022 Buying Guide

Best vape mods 2022

Buying vape mods in the UK can be a challenge these days if you’re an intermediate vaper and haven’t ever used a full-sized mod before. It’s hard to know what features you need if you have no previous experience with mods – and since vape mods in general are so popular among experienced vapers, it’s a huge product category with an enormous amount of variety.

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In this article, we’re going to help you clarify your buying decision. We’re going to tell you what the best vape mod on the market is in 2021, and we’re also going to give you some general tips that can help you decide what type of vape mod might be the right one for your needs if our recommendation doesn’t quite do it for you. We’ll also explain what vape mods are and why you should want one in the first place. Let’s dive in!

Quick Pick: The Geekvape Aegis Mini Is the Best Vape Mod Starter Kit in the UK

Geekvape Aegis Mini Best Vape Mods In case you don’t have time to read the entire back story on vape mods and just came here for a quick recommendation, we have one for you. We believe that the best vape mod on the market in 2021 is the Geekvape Aegis Mini. Click the link now to grab it for just £42.99. Here’s why we love the Geekvape Aegis Mini:

  • The entire Geekvape Aegis product range is nearly indestructible. If you’ve ever ruined a vaping device by dropping it in the water, you’ll love the fact that the Geekvape Aegis Mini is resistant to water, dust and shock. It even meets the IP67 standard for dust and water resistance; you can immerse it in a metre of water for up to 30 minutes, and it’ll still work fine.
  • Thanks to an improved new chipset, the Geekvape Aegis Mini can reliably deliver up to 80 watts of power with a single built-in 2200 mAh battery. Many single-battery vape mods can only deliver up to around 50-70 watts, which is plenty of power for most vape tanks but excludes a few higher-end tanks designed for real cloud chasing. The Geekvape Aegis Mini can handle virtually any vape tank on the market.
  • We also love the Geekvape Aegis Mini from an ergonomic standpoint. The gently curved shape and oversized fire button contribute to a superb feel in the hand.

Would you rather use a vape mod with a removable battery? Consider the Geekvape Aegis Solo as an alternative. It’s similar to the Aegis Mini from a technological standpoint but reaches a maximum power of 100 watts using a single removable 18650 battery. With that out of the way, let’s learn more about what vape mods are and why a vape mod might be the right type of vaping device for you.

What Are Vape Mods? An Overview

Vape Mods Give You the Best Performance

Vape mods are the largest and most powerful vaping devices on the market. While the increase in size and weight makes a vape mod a bit less pocketable than a small device such as a vape pen or pod system, the extra size also means that a vape mod can offer significantly better battery life while generating much larger vapour clouds. Because vape mods also have more advanced chipsets and firmware than other types of vaping devices, they can often offer certain features that other types of vaping devices lack. Some of those features may include:

  • Automatic temperature limiting
  • The ability to program your own custom power curve when vaping
  • Downloadable firmware upgrades
  • A full-colour digital display

Vape Mods Usually Use the Direct-to-Lung Inhaling Style

Best Vape Mod Starter KitsA vape mod is usually designed with the assumption that users of the device will prefer the direct-to-lung inhaling style. Unless you’re a long-term vaper, that’ll probably be a very big change for you because you most likely use the mouth-to-lung inhaling style – like a cigarette smoker – now. The mouth-to-lung inhaling style is the vaping style that feels most like smoking a cigarette. It works best with higher-nicotine e-liquids, and it allows you to feel a cigarette-like throat hit when vaping. The direct-to-lung inhaling style, on the other hand, works best with lower-nicotine e-liquids. Although you won’t experience throat hit with this vaping style, you’ll still get all the nicotine you need because you’ll be inhaling much larger clouds. The much greater cloud production is one of the reasons why people enjoy the direct-to-lung inhaling style. The other reason is because using a device with great cloud production means that you’ll get to enjoy the biggest, boldest flavours when vaping. Note that, because a vape mod uses a threaded tank, you can always remove the tank included with a vape mod and use a mouth-to-lung tank instead. Aside from great battery life, though, there’s little reason to use such a powerful vaping device with a mouth-to-lung tank.

How to Choose the Best Vape Mod for Your Needs

We’ve already given you one recommendation if you’re searching for the best vape mod in the UK – and shortly, we’ll follow up with some additional ideas in case you decide that the Geekvape Aegis Solo isn’t right for you. Before we do that, though, we’ll provide some general tips that can help you narrow down the vast selection of vape mods and choose the one that’s ideal for your needs.

Know the Best Vape Mod Brands

Just like with so many other types of consumer products, you don’t necessarily have to know what specific vape mod you’re going to buy as long as you buy something made by a reliable manufacturer. So, what are the best vape mod brands currently on the market? Here’s a summary of the best manufacturers along with the reasons why they’ve become so popular.

  • Geekvape vape mods are known for their incredible durability. As mentioned above, products such as the Geekvape Aegis series can tolerate being dropped on most surfaces and are resistant to dust and water.
  • Voopoo vape mods are known for their technical mastery. Voopoo’s GENE chipset is widely considered one of the most advanced chipsets on the market for vape mods and was one of the first chipsets that could make a vape coil fire almost instantly with no ramp-up time.
  • Aspire vape mods are praised for their reliable, utilitarian design and common-sense features. When you charge certain Aspire devices, for instance, the screen displays the charging current in milliamps. That simple feature can greatly simplify troubleshooting if you’re having trouble getting your device to charge properly.
  • Innokin vape mods are known for being some of the best vape mods on the market for beginners. If you want bigger clouds and better battery life but don’t want to abandon the mouth-to-lung inhaling style, you’ll probably find Innokin vape mods very compelling.
  • SMOK vape mods come with some of the most advanced vape tanks on the market. SMOK was the first company to release a vape tank with an octuple-coil atomizer, and they’ve never stopped innovating since then. SMOK’s tanks are consistently some of the most popular on the market.

Buy a Full Vape Mod Kit with a Tank

Geekvape Cerberus Best Vape Mod Kit Buy a full kit with a tank unless you’re sure that you really love the vape tank you’re already using. As quickly as vape mod technology has advanced over the past several years, tank technology has advanced even more rapidly. If you’re not using a modern vape tank with a mesh coil, you’re missing out on some great flavour and vapour production. Almost every person who vapes should be using a tank with a mesh coil for the best possible experience.

Choose the Right Battery Configuration for Your Needs

You’ll need to choose between a vape mod with a built-in battery and one with a removable battery. Having a removable battery makes it possible for you to charge one battery while using another one if you have a standalone battery charger. Also, if your battery stops holding a charge, you’ll like the fact that it’s removable because you can just recycle the battery and replace it. A vape mod with a removable battery can potentially last much longer than one with a built-in battery since every battery will stop working eventually. A vape mod with a built-in battery, on the other hand, also has some worthwhile features. Having a built-in battery typically makes a device smaller and lighter. A mod with a built-in battery also tends to cost less since the battery is included with the device. If you’re trying a vape mod for the first time, you might appreciate the fact that buying a mod with a built-in battery only requires a small investment.

Choose a Single-Battery or Dual-Battery Vape Mod

If you buy a vape mod with a removable battery, you’ll need to decide between a single-battery device and a dual-battery device. Aside from the obvious benefit of double the battery life, the primary benefit of using a dual-battery mod is that you’ll have a wider available power range. With a single-battery vape mod, the maximum available power is typically 100 watts. A dual-battery mod, on the other hand, can usually reach or exceed 200 watts. A dual-battery mod allows you to use the most demanding vape tanks. It’s rare, though, for any modern vape tank to require a power delivery higher than 100 watts because mesh coils have such reasonable power requirements – and that’s what just about every manufacturer is using these days. You can use virtually every tank on the market with a single-battery mod, so a dual-battery mod generally isn’t necessary unless you really want the extra battery life.

Choose a Vape Mod That Suits Your Personal Style

Once you’ve settled on the capabilities that you want your new vape mod to have, the only thing left is to choose a device that matches your personal taste. Since many of today’s vape mods have very similar capabilities, appearance is often the main differentiating factor separating one brand’s products from those made by other companies. There is almost no end to the variety of different colours that you’ll find when you shop for vape mods today, and that’s only the beginning. You can also find devices with luxury trim options like leather and abalone shell. These days, a vape mod can absolutely be a fashion statement – so choose one with a design that fits your sense of style.

The Best Vape Mods of 2021

As great as the Geekvape Aegis Mini is, no single vape mod is ideal for every person. If it were possible for one device to be perfect for everyone, there would be no need for the dozens of different mods that are on the market today. Here are a few more of the best vape mods of 2021.

Geekvape Aegis Legend 2: Best Dual-Battery Box Mod Kit

Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 Best Vape Mods UK Price: | Buy It NowThe Geekvape Aegis product range has reached legendary status within the vaping community because, before the first Aegis device was released, vape mods were treated almost like disposable products. When you bought a vaping device, you did so with the understanding that you would eventually dunk it in water or drop it on the floor, and that would be the end of it. Geekvape was the first company to construct an entire range of longer-lasting vape mods, and the Aegis Legend 2 is the most durable of the bunch. Featuring IP68 certification for its ability to prevent dust and water ingress, the Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 is impervious to dust and can survive immersion in water with a depth of greater than one metre. The Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 uses two 18650 batteries and reaches a maximum power of 200 watts. It’s the design of this device, though, that truly stands out. From the soft stitched grip to the shiny chassis held together with the same high-quality screws that you’d find on an expensive notebook computer, the Aegis Legend 2 takes vape mod design to a level unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Aspire Rhea: Beautiful Luxury Box Mod

Aspire Rhea Best Vape Mods 2021 Price: | Buy It NowIf you’ve purchased a new car or a pair of premium headphones recently, you might be familiar with the luxury material alcantara. A blend of polyester and polyurethane, alcantara feels like suede but is significantly more durable. That’s why it’s become an increasingly popular choice for automotive upholstery; it continues to look like new after taking some serious abuse. In the Aspire Rhea vape mod, an alcantara wrap contributes to a wonderful hand feel while helping to insulate the device from shock. The Aspire Rhea uses two 18650 batteries and reaches a maximum power of 200 watts. The bright colour display gives you access to a mountain of information at a glance, and you’ll love the fact that the shock-resistant wrap and full-colour display aren’t the only modern conveniences on offer here. The Aspire Rhea also supports 2-amp USB-C charging, allowing the device to charge twice as quickly as most vaping devices that charge via micro USB.

Voopoo Drag 3: Most Advanced Box Mod

Voopoo Drag 3 Best Vape Mods UK Price: £42.99 | Buy It Now When it comes to technical innovation, Voopoo has been considered one of the vaping industry’s leading brands for many years. Before Voopoo released the first round of devices with the GENE chipset, vapers had grown accustomed to long ramp-up times when using vape tanks with high-end cloud chasing coils. If the coil in your tank was completely cold, you’d have to take several puffs to warm the coil up before you’d get a really satisfying puff. The GENE chipset changed that by intelligently knowing when to supply a bit of extra power to get a cold coil warmed up, thus giving the user a fully satisfying puff from the very first drag. The GENE chipset gets any coil ramped up to maximum efficiency almost instantly, and the Voopoo Drag 3 continues that tradition with the latest generation of Voopoo’s famed chipset. The Voopoo Drag 3 reaches a maximum power of 177 watts using two removable 18650 batteries, and it is designed to take maximum advantage of Voopoo’s full series of tanks and pods. The included Voopoo TPP pod tank features an interchangeable mouthpiece, allowing you to configure the device for mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung inhaling – and if you put the Voopoo Drag 3 into Smart Mode, it’ll automatically detect the connected atomizer coil and configure itself for the ideal power delivery. Since the Voopoo Drag 3 has 510 threading, though, you can also connect any tank or atomizer you like and configure the device manually.

Geekvape Z50: Smallest Full-Featured Box Mod

Geekvape Z50 Best Vape Mods 2021 Price: | Buy It Now When you’ve shopped for vape mods in the past, you’ve probably gone away thinking that there’s no way to get a satisfying vaping experience with a vape mod that doesn’t feel like a brick in your pocket. Dual-battery vape mods have been the performance standard for a long time, but mesh coil technology has begun to challenge that standard. In the past, cloud chasing coils were typically made from heavy wire – and getting the wire hot enough for efficient vaping required some serious power. A mesh coil is much lighter than a wound coil, and it can produce equally impressive vapour clouds with much lower wattage requirements. Thanks to mesh coils, it’s now possible to own a vape mod that’s both small and satisfying – and the Geekvape Z50 is designed to take maximum advantage of that fact. The Geekvape Z50 features an internal 2,000 mAh 18650 battery, and the really fun thing about this vape mod is that the body of the device is barely larger than the battery itself. It’s about the same size as many vape pens, but you’re not going to find many vape pens with 2,000 mAh of battery life and a power range of 50 watts. The included Geekvape Z Nano tank comes with two coils. The 0.3-ohm coil is designed for direct-to-lung inhaling, and the 0.6-ohm coil delivers a cooler and smoother cloud for mouth-to-lung vaping. With its top-mounted airflow vents, the Z Nano tank resists leaking and is nearly silent during operation.

Innokin Coolfire Z50: Best E-Cig Box Mod Kit for Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

Innokin Coolfire Z50 Best Vape Mods Price: £37.99 | Buy It Now Innokin is a vaping brand that has always prided itself on building simple and reliable vaping devices that make the transition from smoking to vaping as easy as it can possibly be. With the Coolfire Z50, the brand has brought those principles forward and created a user-friendly vape mod that’s both beautiful and an absolute joy to use. The Innokin Coolfire Z50 has a 2,100 mAh integrated battery, and it’s capable of operating at power levels up to 50 watts with a current of up to 20 amps. With vape tank manufacturers largely focusing these days on hyper-efficient mesh coils, the Coolfire Z50 should have no trouble driving any tank you’d like to use with it. We think, however, that you’ll love the included Zlide tank. It works with the full range of Innokin Z coils, and it has an innovative locking system that helps to ensure child resistance. To access the tank’s top-mounted filling hole, all that you need to do is remove the mouthpiece and slide the tank’s top hardware over.

Aspire Zelos 3: Box Mod Kit for Refined Flavour

Aspire Zelos 3 Best Vape Mods Price: | Buy It Now Although it’s certainly true that many of the people who buy advanced vape mods prefer the direct-to-lung vaping style, that’s by no means true of everyone. For a long time, though, there simply weren’t many attractive options for the vapers of the world who preferred mouth-to-lung inhaling. Essentially, you could use a small vape pen or a pod system. If you wanted something that offered better performance and all-day battery life, you were out of luck. Recently, though, the manufacturers of vaping products have begun to re-examine mouth-to-lung inhaling and have realised that there is still plenty of room for development in that product category. The Aspire Zelos 3 is the perfect example of how mouth-to-lung vape mods have progressed, and it is quite possibly the best MTL vaping device ever released. The Aspire Zelos 3 features a built-in 3,200 mAh battery and reaches a maximum power of 80 watts. It features a large colour screen, and it has a gently curved shape that feels wonderful in the hand. You can use it with any tank you like – including a tank designed for direct-to-lung inhaling – but it’s the included Aspire Nautilus 3 mouth-to-lung tank that’s the real star of the show here. The Nautilus 3 has six different coils available, and the tank’s adjustable airflow collar has no less than seven different settings. No matter how tight or loose you want the draw to be, you’ll have no trouble getting the Nautilus 3 to deliver your ideal puff. When it’s time to change the coil, you’ll really love the fact that the Nautilus 3 allows you to remove the coil without emptying the tank. When you remove the coil, the tank’s chimney automatically snaps closed to prevent the e-liquid from leaking out.