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Pod Vape Kits

Pod Vape Kits

Compact and user-friendly, pod vape kits are convenient options whether you favour mouth to lung (MTL) or sub ohm vaping. Offering the latest kits from the leading brands including SMOK, Aspire, Innokin, Uwell and 88Vape, our UK range features outstanding choices for both beginners and experienced vapers. You will discover impressive kits boasting prefilled pods, refillable pods or refillable pods with replaceable coils. There’s sure to be a stylish pod system that suits your vaping style, your lifestyle, your favourite e liquids and your budget. Keep things simple, explore the latest coil tech or chase those clouds, the choice is yours!

User-friendly, compact and convenient, Prefilled pod kits are popular with both new and experienced vapers. Choose from stylish and affordable kits including those from Blu, Dot Pro and Elf Bar. Prefilled pods, including nic salts options, are available in a variety of flavours for each device. You can look forward to a discreet and hassle-free vaping life with devices that you can slip into your pocket with ease.

Refillable pod vape kits with built in coils

Offering a good balance of flexibility and convenience, our refillable pod vape kits with built in coils are worthy of your attention. You won’t have to worry about replacing your coils as you simply discard the pod when the coil gives up the ghost. But you can refill the pods several times and with your preferred flavours. Why explore the snazzy kits including the Aspire Minican, 88Vape ProPod, Uwell Caliburn and Vapouriz Vpod Pro?

Refillable pod kits with replaceable coils

Offering impressive versatility and performance, our refillable pod kits with replaceable coils enable you to vape your way. You can top with your favourite vape juice, replace your coils and even choose the right coil for your vaping style with the SMOK Novo X, Innokin EQS and Vaporesso Osmall plus many more. The good news is that versatility doesn’t mean complexity as these devices are all very easy to use.

Move on from your first pod kit to one of our sub ohm pod systems! Ensuring that continuing your vaping journey is easy as pie, they deliver a choice of coils and bigger clouds courtesy of variable wattage. Pod mod kits including the SMOK Nord 4, VooPoo Seal and SMOK RPM2 give you both impressive functionality and the convenience of vape pods.

Inhale activated pod systems

Inhale Activated Pod Systems

You can keep things incredibly simple with inhale activated pod systems. There are no buttons or settings to master and so these user-friendly devices are ideal for beginners or any vapers on the go. Choose a funky device from a leading brand that you can trust to deliver amazing flavour.

Pod Systems with cigarette-style filters

Pod Systems with cigarette-style filters

Ideal for beginners, these clever pod systems with cigarette-style filters, closely replicate the feel of traditional cigarettes. Featuring a replaceable soft tip instead of the usual mouthpiece, they provide a smooth transition from smoking to vaping while enabling you to enjoy many tasty flavours.

Pod Kits with Free E Liquids

Pod Kits with Free E Liquids

Pod kits with free e liquids: What could be better than getting free e liquids with your new pod kit? Choose from an exciting selection of user-friendly vape kits and then look forward to enjoying many tasty puffs on us!


blu pod vape starter kits

Don’t miss the ever-popular myblu pod starter kits. Compatible with prefilled pods featuring diverse flavours, these compact and user-friendly devices deliver tasty puffs together with complete relief from your nicotine cravings.

Elf Bar pre-filled pod vape kits

Compatible with prefilled pods featuring a range of delicious nic salts flavours, Elf Bar pod kits are both compact and easy to use. Also satisfying your cravings, these sleek and simple devices are unlikely to disappoint.

Logic pod vape kits

The team at Logic has always focused on giving vapers quality and convenience. The resulting Logic pod kits will always serve you well. They enable you to sample a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths with the minimum of fuss.

Vuse pod vape kits

Affordable, easy to use and compact, Vuse pod kits are perfect for both new and experienced vapers seeking convenience to complement their busy lives on the go. Why not sample the benefits of Vuse devices right now?


Uwell pod vape kits

Enjoy the flexibility of refillable e liquid pods courtesy of the compact and stylish Uwell pod kits. If you would like to MTL vape diverse flavours hassle-free, the Uwell range delivers the impressive devices you need.

Smok pod kits

Featuring stylish pod kits for both beginners and more advanced vapers, the SMOK pod kits range ensures that you make the most of your journey. Refillable pods, replaceable coils, coil choices and powerful outputs are all in the mix here.

Aspire pod vape kits

Supporting MTL, RDTL and DTL vaping, these snazzy, high performance Aspire pod kits with refillable pods give you all the options you need to begin or continue your vaping experience. Why not savour flavour with Aspire?

Voopoo pod kits

Impressive functionality, significant outputs and stylish design make VooPoo pod kits excellent options for experienced vapers seeking convenience. Supporting MTL and DTL vaping, these devices take you to the next level with ease.



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What are vape pod systems?

Vape pod systems are vape kits that have plastic pods to hold your e liquid instead of glass tanks. The pods simply click onto the battery or pod mod in the kit. There are two types of pod system – closed and open. Closed systems feature disposable pods that are prefilled with e liquid. When the juice runs dry you discard the pod and click another onto the battery. Open systems feature pods that you can fill with your chosen e liquids and they can be refilled several times. Some refillable pods also boast replaceable coils, and these give you even greater versatility.

How does a pod vape work?

Pod kits work in much the same way as regular vape kits with tanks. The pod is an e liquid reservoir containing a coil, just like a vape tank. But pods are made of plastic and click onto your battery whereas tanks are made of glass and screw onto your battery. With a pod vape, you attach the pod to the battery and when you fire the vaping device, the coil in the pod heats up and vaporises eliquid. You can then inhale the vapour. Some pod vape kits feature prefilled pods, others have refillable pods.

What is a vape pod mod? 

Pod mods are similar to box mods but are compatible with vape pods rather than vape tanks. They contain the battery that powers the e cig and also feature the controls for the device. Some pod mods also boast screens that display useful information including your settings and remaining battery charge.

Are pod vapes any good?

As with most things in life, vaping hardware is matter of personal taste and what best suits your lifestyle. All pod vapes from the leading brands certainly perform well and there are many different models to choose from featuring a variety of looks and functionality. Many pod systems are very compact, making them good choices for life on the go. These devices also tend to be simple and easy to use which means they are great for beginners. Kits that are compatible with prefilled vape pods offer the greatest convenience while kits with refillable pods give you a broader choice of flavours to enjoy.

Which vape pod system is best?

Vape pod systems vary in style, size and functionality. The best kit for you will depend on your taste, lifestyle, budget and vaping experience. The kits offered by the most popular brands including SMOK, Aspire, VooPoo, Uwell and 88Vape, each have their benefits and are all reliable devices. As such, it would be hard to characterise any kit as better than another. If you are new to vaping, choose a simple mouth to lung (MTL) pod kit. This could have prefilled pods or refillable pods. If you have been vaping for a while and fancy moving on, you could try sub ohm vaping with a pod mod kit and/or a device that enables you to choose your coil.

Which vape pod system should I buy?

Each vape pod kit is that little bit different. The right one for you will depend on your budget, your level of experience and your lifestyle. If you are new to vaping, choose a simple mouth to lung (MTL) pod kit that is very easy to use. This could have prefilled pods or refillable pods. If you have been vaping for a while and fancy exploring your options, you could try sub ohm vaping with a pod mod kit and/or a device that enables you to choose and replace your coil. Compact devices are ideal for life on the go while larger kits will give you greater functionality. But remember that the smaller the device, the smaller the battery will be. The smaller the battery, the shorter the vape time you will get between charges. Our product listings provide the information you need to make an informed choice.

Are pod systems safe?

Yes! Genuine, branded pod systems sold in the UK are subject to strict regulations and rigorous testing. They also feature safety protections that prevent you from doing anything dangerous. Always purchase your kits from authorised stockists of the leading brands such as Vapekit. The devices you see elsewhere could be fakes and these are potentially dangerous to use.

Where can I buy a pod vape?

You can buy genuine, branded pod vape kits and compatible vape pods from both high street vape shops and online retailers such as Vapekit. Always purchase your kits from authorised stockists as the devices you see elsewhere could be fake. Counterfeit hardware won’t perform well and could be dangerous.

What pod system has the best flavour?

Most pod systems enable you to enjoy great flavour. In general, you can expect enhanced flavour intensity from sub ohm kits for direct to lung (DTL) vaping. This is because their low resistance coils deliver more vapour with every puff than high resistance coils. The more vapour you inhale, the stronger the flavour is likely to be. But the flavour you experience will also depend on your choice of e liquid and you will have to experiment with different flavours to discover the ones that really work for you.

Can pod systems use normal ejuice?

Pod systems are compatible with your usual e liquids. But it is important to note that with prefilled pods, you are restricted to the flavours in the manufacturer’s range. Refillable pods give you greater choice as they can be filled with any juice that has a base suitable for the coils in the device. High resistance coils (1.0ohm or higher) are compatible with e liquids that are at least 50% PG. Sub ohm coils (coils with a resistance of 0.9ohm or lower) are compatible with e liquids that are least 60% VG.

Are vape pods refillable?

There are two types of vape pods – prefilled (closed) pods and refillable (open) pods. Prefilled pods are disposable and must be discarded when the vape juice is exhausted. Refillable pods can be refilled several times if they have built-in coils and an infinite number of times if they have replaceable coils.

Why do vape pods leak?

There are several reasons why your vape pod could be leaking. Overfilling a refillable vape pod could certainly cause it to leak. Coils that have reached the end of their lives do not vaporise e liquid efficiently and this can result in juice collecting in the coil and then leaching out of the pod or the mouthpiece. If your battery is low on charge, you may have to draw harder on your device, causing too much e liquid to be pulled into the coil and then to leach out. If you haven’t purchased your pods from an authorised stockist of the brand, they could be fake and therefore substandard. Fake pods and coils won’t perform well and may not fit correctly to your device. Either way, they may start to leak.

How do I maintain vape pods?

Prefilled vape pods require no maintenance as you dispose of them when the juice runs dry. Refillable vape pods can be cleaned to prolong their lives or because you wish to change flavours. Open the pod’s filling cap and soak the pod in a bowl of hot water for a few hours. Stir the water occasionally. Remove the pod and rinse it in fresh water to wash away any remaining residue. Allow the pod to dry for several hours. This process will clean the pod and remove at least some of the residue that is clogging your coil.

Can you bring a pod system on a plane?

You can take your pod system onto an aircraft, but you can’t use it during the flight. Both smoking and vaping are banned on almost all commercial flights. It is best to place your device and e liquids into a plastic bag as the changes of pressure during the flight can cause bottles and pods to leak. Aircraft passenger cabins are pressurised but not at the same air pressure that you experience at sea level.