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Pod System vs. Cigalike: What's Best for Beginners?

pod vape kits vs cigalikes

As long as vaping has existed, new vapers have gravitated toward the smallest and simplest vaping devices. That’s partly because of marketing. Naturally, those who have never vaped before are encouraged to buy the devices that are easiest to use. However, it’s also a matter of simple satisfaction. The larger and more powerful a vaping device is, the less likely it is to produce the type of experience that a new vaper wants because large devices usually work best with low-nicotine e-liquids and therefore produce little to no throat hit. If you’re new to vaping and have yet to purchase your first vaping device, there are two logical choices available. You can buy a cigalike, or you can buy a pod system. The cigalike is the oldest type of vaping device still in production, but you shouldn’t ignore cigalikes just because they’re based on older technology. Although pod systems are the new kids on the block, there are still plenty of reasons to buy a cigalike even today. In this comparison of pod systems vs. cigalikes, you’ll learn what those reasons are.

What Is a Cigalike?

A cigalikeis an electronic cigarette that mimics the appearance of a real cigarette. A typical cigalike is only slightly larger and heavier than a tobacco cigarette, and a cigalike typically even has an LED at the tip that simulates the glowing ember of a cigarette. Today, most vaping devices do not look like real cigarettes. When vaping began, though, the cigarette-like appearance of an e-cigarette provided an important visual cue to smokers who would see e-cigarettes next to tobacco cigarettes on store shelves. The fact that an e-cigarette looked like a real cigarette helped people understand that e-cigarettes had something to do with smoking and made those people want to investigate further. Now that virtually all smokers are aware of vaping, it’s no longer necessary for e-cigarettes to provide that visual cue. Cigalikes still have benefits, though, and we’ll discuss those next.

What Are the Benefits of Cigalikes?

What is the aspect of smoking that gives you the most satisfaction? Is it just the nicotine, or is it the entire experience? If you enjoy the way that a cigarette feels in your hand and mouth, you’ll probably enjoy a cigalike more than you would enjoy a pod system because cigalikes are the only vaping devices that feel anything like actual cigarettes. A cigalike is the only type of vaping device that you can hold comfortably between two fingers or allow to hang from your mouth. Out of all the different types of vaping devices, the cigalike has the simplest design and is by far the easiest to use. When you use a cigalike, you don’t have to do anything to maintain the device but keep the battery charged and replace the cartridge periodically. If it stops producing vapour, it’s time to charge the battery. If the vapour has no flavour, it’s time for a new cartridge. Pod systems are nearly as simple as cigalikes, but pod systems don’t have the benefit of more than a decade of product refinement. Cigalikes are as tried and true as consumer electronics get. The final benefit of cigalikes is the fact that the products themselves aren’t the only things that have benefited from more than a decade of refinement. So, too, have the production lines. Cigalikes and their cartridges can be produced extremely inexpensively, and that means a cigalike is the least expensive vaping product you can buy.

What Is a Pod System?

The easiest way to classify a vaping device is by the type of container in which it stores its e-liquid. A cigalike is shaped like a cigarette and stores its e-liquid in an opaque twist-on cartridge. A vape pen or mod, meanwhile, stores its e-liquid in a glass tank. The thing that defines a pod system is the fact that it stores its e-liquid in a translucent plastic pod. A vape pod is convenient because, since you can see through it, you can always tell how much e-liquid is left. Also, since a vape modis made from plastic, it can be any shape and doesn’t need to be cylindrical like a glass tank. Pod systems aren’t as small as cigalikes, but they are some of the sleekest vaping devices on the market. Pod systems may not be quite as simple as cigalikes, but they are still extremely easy to use. You can replace a pod simply by pulling out the old one and pushing in the new one, and pod systems often have some modern convenience features such as magnetic charging cradles and automatic temperature limiting.

What Are the Benefits of Pod Systems?

Above, we mentioned the fact that you might find a cigalike more appealing if the physical aspect of holding and smoking a cigarette is a major part of the enjoyment for you. On the other hand, you might be the type of person who cares about the nicotine first and foremost. The hand-to-mouth aspect might not matter to you at all as long as you’re getting your nicotine in the most efficient way possible. If that’s the case for you, it’s likely that you’d prefer a pod system over a cigalike because a pod system will definitely give you bolder flavours and bigger vapour clouds. The other benefit of pod systems vs. cigalikes is that they often taste better. Compared to a cigalike, a pod system is more likely to have sweeter and more complex e-liquid flavours available. That may be because pod systems are newer products and are therefore more likely to feature the latest e-liquids, whereas one of the things that keeps cigalikes so inexpensive is the fact that their e-liquids haven’t changed in a decade. If you think you’ll be likely to crave a wide variety of flavours once you’ve made the switch to vaping, you should take special note of the fact that there are quite a few refillable pod systems on the market. A refillable pod system isn’t quite as simple and easy to use as one that has pre-filled pods, but owning a refillable system means that you can choose from a nearly infinite variety of different e-liquid flavours.