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Vaping Etiquette

You may be thrilled with vaping and feeling incredibly relieved that you have finally managed to quit smoking. However, you will probably find that not everyone shares the love! Vaping is viewed with suspicion by many and doesn’t enjoy the best reputation. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation, everyone is entitled to their opinion. You should always consider others when you vape and try to appreciate that they may not have a good understanding of what vaping actually is.

Why are some people against vaping?

People often fear what they do not understand. Those who have never smoked will have no concept of how hard it is to quit or what a relief it is to succeed in doing so. They may well view vaping as just another form of smoking. To make matters worse, they could believe that vaping is causing children to smoke or that your e cig batteries might explode and injure them. Incendiary batteries and 9-year olds vaping are stories that make waves. The fact that vaping is considered to be safer than smoking is never headline news.

Why should you care about vaping etiquette?

The more that vapers impact others, the more likely it is that greater restrictions on vaping will be introduced. It is vital that vapers are good ambassadors and that they are seen to behave well. When any vaper blows a huge cloud of Heisenberg into someone’s face and upsets them, all vapers will inevitably end up being tarred with the same brush. In any case, it simply isn’t socially acceptable to inflict your vaping on others, even if you believe that people sometimes make mountains out of mole hills.

Why does vaping anger some people?

It is generally either huge vapour clouds or the aroma of that vapour which upsets people. Of course, it’s totally understandable that few will relish walking into a massive cloud without warning or sitting in a room rapidly filling with vapour. Just because you like the taste and smell of your juice, this doesn’t mean that everyone will feel the same. It could be that your vapour smells unpleasant to those around you, even if the juice in your tank is the most delicious thing you have ever tasted!

How do you know where you are permitted to vape in the UK?

In most instances, you cannot vape in any areas where smoking is not permitted. Government buildings, police stations, and schools are designated no-vaping areas under UK law. Most private businesses will have their own rules. If you are unsure as to whether vaping is permitted, check for signage or ask. Ignorance is not a defence! But good vaping etiquette isn’t really a matter of where you are permitted to vape, but rather one of where it is socially acceptable to vape.

When is it advisable not to vape?

It is best not to vape when you are in any situation where your vapour could impact others. For instance, it would be impolite to vape in a vehicle when you are travelling with other people. You think twice before vaping in a crowd, a queue or in any confined space that you are sharing with others. Even when you are permitted to vape, such as in the outside seating areas of restaurants and cafes, it would be advisable to refrain from vaping or to vape more discreetly.

How do you vape discreetly?

You will be less likely to upset anyone if you vape discreetly when in public places. There are several ways of ensuring that you vape under the radar. The most obvious way to remain discreet is to switch to a low wattage device compatible with high PG e liquid. This will produce minimal vapour that disappears in seconds. The bigger your clouds, the further they spread and the longer they take to dissipate. A smaller device can be concealed in your hand, keeping your kit discreet too. You could find that a compact e cig is more practical when you are out and about anyway.

If you don’t want to use a different e cig when in public, setting a lower output will also reduce the volume of vapour you produce. You could consider filling up with e liquid that boasts a lower VG ratio to minimise your clouds.

Some flavours produce stronger aromas than others. Tobacco, confectionary and dessert flavours will be more off-putting to others than simple fruit or menthol flavours. Switching your juice will help you to vape discreetly. Finally, if it is vital that you don’t produce any vaper at all, you could try zero vaping. Zero vaping is the art of exhaling no vapour at all.

You can learn more about stealth vaping and zero vaping by reading our article dedicated to these subjects.

What about changing when you vape?

If you are at home or with friends and can vape as you please, you probably tend to take a puff or two every so often. This is very different to the way you would have smoked. When smoking, you would have taken several puffs in quick succession and then not smoked again for an hour or more. If you wish to vape discreetly, it can help if you replicate the way you smoked rather than maintaining a grazing style. Try vaping heavily for short periods and then not vaping at all when in company. Salt nicotine has longer lasting effects than freebase nicotine and so could be help to fend off your cravings between vaping sessions.

Can you vape when travelling abroad?

It is important to remember that there are now several countries where vaping is banned and you must obey the laws of any country you visit. In some countries, the penalties for vaping include lengthy prison sentences. There are also destinations where vaping isn’t illegal but the sale of vaping hardware and e liquids is prohibited or restricted. Always check the laws of the country you intend to visit before travelling and then plan accordingly.