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Founded in 2018, Vozol is a vaping brand based in China. The company released its first device in 2019 and has never looked back. Specialising in disposable vape pens and pod systems, Vozol continues to develop stylish, reliable choices for vapers. Now producing over 200 million devices every year, the business is notable for its research capabilities and intensive testing.

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Vozol Bar 500

Disposable vape pens have hit the spot with many vapers across the globe and the Vozol Bar 500 is no exception. Available in 10 delicious flavours, the vape pens are disposable and easy to use. Simply inhale on a pen to enjoy tasty puffs and when the juice or battery is exhausted, discard the device and start vaping with another. You will appreciate both the convenience and the colourful look of Vozol Bars.

Vozol vaping menu

There are ten flavours to choose from featuring fruity or minty notes. Many of the recipes boast a chilly feel for the ultimate refreshment. The range includes Banana Ice, Lychee Ice, Lush Ice, Iced Mango, Strawberry Ice Cream, Grape Ice, Orange Soda, Refreshing Mint, Pineapple Ice and Blue Razz. You can switch flavours when the mood takes you and so you can look forward to impressive variety in your vaping life. Each bar is loaded with 2ml of juice boasting a nicotine strength of 20mg which is suitable for ex-smokers.

Responsible disposal

Convenience is a good thing, but these handy vape pens do represent a threat to the environment as they feature plastic and batteries. Please dispose of your devices responsibly to protect the planet from the pollution. 

Vozol at Vapekit

We are pleased to welcome Vozol vape pens to the Vapekit range. We are sure that Vozol Bar 500 pens will be joined by further innovative devices from Vozol in the future and that the vaping menu will be expanded to feature new flavours. You will need multiple disposable pens and so we recommend that you take advantage of our multibuy deals to stock up today. Why not benefit from the best possible value?