The 28 Best Tobacco E Liquids (inc Menthol, Rolling, Cigar etc)

UPDATED – 6th July 2021

What do you want in a tobacco e-liquid – are you looking for a cigarette replacement? A menthol tobacco flavour? What about a cigar or pipe tobacco e-liquid? In this article, we identify the best tobacco e-liquids for every taste.

The Best Tobacco E Liquids

If there is one universal fact about vaping, we think it is probably that most people who are new to vaping look for tobacco e-liquids first. When you first make the switch, you’re looking for an e liquid that matches the experience of smoking a cigarette as closely as possible. After you’ve tried a few tobacco e liquids, though, you’ll begin to discover that no other area of the vaping industry has as much potential for variety. The act of creating a tobacco e liquid, after all, is creating something that tastes like tobacco – surely one of the most complex plant flavours in existence – without actual tobacco leaves and without smoke. It’s a challenge that some of the world’s best chemists have worked hard to tackle.

tobacco with a vape pen

So, what is the best tobacco e liquid? It’s rare for two people to have the same opinion about that because different people want different things when it comes to tobacco. Some people want e liquids that can replace cigarettes. Others prefer pipe tobacco flavours. Still others like tobacco e liquids with plenty of added sweetness. In this article, we’ll identify some of the best tobacco e-liquids on the market – but we won’t attempt to recommend a single “best tobacco eliquid” for everyone. Instead, we’ll provide examples of some of the best e liquids in every category of tobacco e-liquid and give you an opportunity to find the vape juice that best suits your taste.

Before we begin, though, let’s discuss some of the facts about tobacco e juices.

Does a Tobacco E-Liquid Really Taste Like a Cigarette?

As we’ve already mentioned, an e cigarette operates without producing smoke. For the most part, tobacco e-liquids contain no actual tobacco. E liquid makers, then, must attempt to capture the flavour of burning tobacco without using burning tobacco. Makers do that by using other flavours in various proportions to simulate some aspect of the tobacco smoking experience. Makers use sweet, spicy, savoury, grassy and rich notes in an attempt to capture the flavour of tobacco – and that’s just the beginning. Some e liquid makers even purchase pre-made tobacco flavour compounds and blend those compounds to create their own unique blends.

hangsen tobacco e-liquid

E Liquid Is Not a Cigarette…

The short answer as to whether an e liquid can taste like a real cigarette, though, is no. Without tobacco or combustion, there is no way to create an e liquid capturing the flavour of tobacco smoke. With creative flavour blending, though, manufacturers can create blends that are every bit as satisfying and enjoyable. You’ll definitely get flavours and experiences reminiscent of tobacco – just not tobacco smoke.

…But E Liquid Can Be What a Cigarette Can’t

On the other hand, e liquid makers can do things with tobacco e juices that aren’t possible with actual tobacco. Fruit-flavoured cigarettes, for example, are illegal now in the UK. There are no restrictions, though, on the flavours that vape juice makers can use. There’s no end to the variety of experiences that tobacco juice can provide.

The Best Tobacco E-Liquids

Without further ado, we present our picks for the best tobacco e-liquids across the most popular flavour profiles. Want to browse our full selection for yourself? View all of our tobacco e-liquids.

NOTE: Nicotine salt e-liquids are for small vaping devices such as pod vaping systems only.

Best Tobacco E-Liquids for Cigarette Replacement

  • USA Mix by Hangsen – Virginia tobacco is unique both for its growing method – it’s only harvested when the leaves begin to swell with sugar and turn yellow – and for the flue curing technique that increases the complexity while concentrating those sugars. It’s a staple of the American cigarette brands, and we’re certain that you’ll love Hangsen’s interpretation of that traditional cigarette flavour.
  • Gold & Silver by Hangsen – People look for different things from a tobacco vape. Some people want sweet tobacco flavours, and other people want tobacco flavours with nutty notes. We think that a tobacco vape juice with prominent woody notes can do an excellent job of simulating the real thing, and that’s what Hangsen has done here. If you’ve tried several tobacco options and didn’t like any of them, Gold & Silver is the juice that you need to try.
  • Rainbow by Hangsen – When you’re new to vaping, choosing a liquid that provides a good, solid throat hit is a key part of getting the maximum possible enjoyment from your experience. This juice is crafted from the start to deliver the kind of satisfaction that begins in the throat and trickles down to your very core.

Best Sweet Tobacco E-Liquids

element honey roasted tobacco e-liquid
  • Sweet Tobacco by Vampire Vape – There’s a reason why  Vampire Vape  is one of the UK’s most famous vaping brands, and it’s their commitment to making sure that each individual juice is perfectly balanced and ready for all-day vaping. This e-liquid adds a touch of sweetness to the traditional tobacco flavour to provide a tobacco vape juice that’ll satisfy your cravings and please your sweet tooth at the same time.
  • NS20 Honey Roast by Element  (Nicotine salt e liquid) – If you ever had a cigarette made with honey-toasted tobacco before the flavoured cigarette ban, you know how wonderful a blend of tobacco and honey can be. This e juice has a profile reminiscent of those cigarettes, and it adds a note of smooth, decadent cream to provide layer upon layer of satisfaction.
  • Sweet Leaf Hybrid Salt by Riot Squad (Hybrid salt e liquid) – Could this be the juice that gives you the best of all worlds? You get moreish flavour courtesy of satisfying tobacco notes backed by indulgent vanilla. But you can also look forward to Riot Squad’s impressive hybrid nicotine. This provides both the noticeable throat hits of freebase nicotine and the quicker absorption of salt nicotine. What more could you ask for?

Best Mild/Smooth Tobacco E-Liquids

  • Smooth Tobacco by Hangsen – When you’re new to vaping, throat hit is an important part of the experience. If you preferred mild cigarettes when you were a smoker, though, you may not find full-flavoured tobacco vape liquids as pleasurable to vape as some other former smokers would. Smooth Tobacco is a flavour that’s engineered to provide maximum satisfaction while being easier on your throat.
  • NS20 555 Tobacco by Element (Nicotine salt e liquid) – Of all the tobacco juice flavour profiles developed by the original Chinese e-liquid makers, the 555 flavour is among the most famous. It highlights the nutty flavour of well-cured tobacco with its walnut and hazelnut notes. This take on the classic 555 flavour is slightly sweeter than the traditional Chinese version.
  • Smooth Tobacco by Dinner Lady – Certainly smooth and also perfectly sweet, this impressive Dinner Lady recipe boasts both surprising richness and wonderful depth of flavour. The comforting taste of tobacco is enhanced by the hybrid salt nicotine that ensures speedy relief of your cravings and noticeable throat hits. Better still, there are four nicotine strengths to choose from with Smooth Tobacco.

Best Full-Flavoured Tobacco E-Liquids

  • Red USA Mix by Hangsen – You’ll probably know the flavour of the iconic American cigarette brands – and if that’s the flavour you’re trying to experience in a tobacco vape, this is the one you need to try first. The award-winning chemists at Hangsen worked hard to provide a truly bold American cigarette flavour, and they’ve done a great job of delivering an accurate rendition.
  • Straight Tobacco by Dinner Lady – The Dinner Lady brand might have earned its fame through the creation of amazing dessert e-juices, but Straight Tobacco proves that the company can approach tobacco with the same level of dedication. This liquid delivers a blend of burley, Virginia and Kentucky tobacco flavours to give you a truly bold take on what a tobacco vape juice can taste like.
  • UK Smokes by T-Juice – This e-liquid blends the flavours of burley and latakia tobacco to create a smoky, highly capable cigarette replacement for vapers who reminisce about the full-flavoured UK cigarettes they gave up. This is one of our top picks for recent converts from smoking who still feel powerful cigarette cravings.

Best Roll-Your-Own Tobacco E-Liquids

  • Rolling Tobacco by Vaporized – When you consider the range of flavours possible in the field of cigarette tobacco, unfiltered or roll-up cigarettes come out on top as the boldest and strongest of them all. The bolder and less sweet a tobacco flavour profile is, the more difficult it becomes to recreate that profile in e-liquid form. In this juice, Vaporized has done an admirable job of delivering a full-flavoured vape with the assertive throat hit you expect.
  • Rolling Leaf by 88Vape – Delicious and affordable – how could you not try a tobacco e-liquid that costs just 99p a bottle? This e-liquid delivers the strong rolling tobacco flavour you’re after, and it’s formulated with an 80-percent PG blend for the strongest possible throat hit without sacrificing vapour cloud production.
  • Deluxe Tobacco by Hangsen – Here’s another option by Hangsen that sets the gold standard for what a bold tobacco e-liquid should taste like. A great replacement for your old roll-ups, Deluxe Tobacco has a throat hit that’s bold yet smooth.

Best Menthol Tobacco E-Liquids

  • Tobacco Menthol Hybrid Salt by Riot Squad – The team at Riot Squad have truly hit the spot with this balanced blend. The cooling blast on the finish feels fabulously fresh but manages not to overpower the rich tobacco on the inhale. That’s a neat trick and almost as clever as the hybrid salt nicotine that features in this flavour. It would be hard to not to love Tobacco Menthol if you were a smoker who favoured menthol ciggies.
  • Menthol Tobacco by Vapouriz – The folks at  Vapouriz  have created no shortage of menthol and tobacco flavours. This one, though, is right in the middle of the road in terms of smoothness, flavour and menthol coolness. If you’re curious about the Vapouriz brand, we suggest starting with this one.
  • Menthol Tobacco by Vampire Vape – You would expect amazing flavour from the Vampires, and that’s exactly what you get here. Partnering the taste of hand rolled tobacco with subtle menthol, this is an all day vape of distinction that guarantees you won’t miss your roll-ups one little bit. Even better than that, this UK-made e liquid is available in four nicotine strengths to suit your cravings.

For more options check out ‘The Best Menthol Tobacco E-Liquids of 2021‘.

Best Cigar Tobacco E-Liquids

  • The Cuban by Ohm Brew (Nicotine salt e-liquid) – If you think that rolling tobacco is a difficult flavour to replicate in e liquid form, the flavour of cigar tobacco is an even greater challenge due to the infinite complexity of hand-rolled cigars. This e-liquid replicates the unique strength and smoothness that has made Cuban tobacco legendary throughout the world.
  • Smooth Western Tobacco by Vampire Vape – When you think of the world’s great cigar producers, you probably don’t think of the United States first – but  Weston Tobacco  in Missouri has been producing some of the finest hand-rolled cigars from imported tobacco since 2010. Western Tobacco is a tribute to that famous tobacconist and to American ingenuity in general.

Best Pipe Tobacco E-Liquids

dinner lady cherry tobacco e-liquid

  • Cherry Tobacco by Dinner Lady – Pipe tobacco liquids are rare commodities. Thankfully, many of the examples that do exist are executed with real confidence and flair. This juice captures the experience of enjoying a classic aromatic cherry pipe tobacco. Whether you’re a pipe tobacco lover or simply looking for a change from your normal vaping routine, we think Cherry Tobacco will hit the spot.
  • Patas Pipe by 12 Monkeys – This is an unusual pipe tobacco vape in that the pipe tobacco flavour is lower in prominence than the flavours of vanilla and chocolate. Overall, this liquid tastes a bit like eating an ice cream sundae with pipe tobacco sprinkled on top – and it’s delicious.
  • ST Tobacco by Hangsen – Boasting the taste and aroma of blended Virginia tobaccos, this classic Hangsen vape juice will appease your taste buds with every puff. A serious triumph from an award-winning flavourist, ST Tobacco will smooth the transition from pipe smoking to vaping. We suggest that you should put this juice in your tank and vape it, right now!

Best Flavoured Tobacco E-Liquids

  • No. 00 by Beard Vape Co. – Are there any flavours that blend together more perfectly than tobacco and coffee? There’s a reason why a cigarette and cup of coffee are the traditional smoker’s breakfast. It’s not just the double dose of stimulants – it’s also because the two taste great together. This juice combines its rich tobacco and espresso flavours with a bit of smooth steamed milk.
  • Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless – Delivering two guilty pleasures in one indulgent e liquid, this juice will leave you feeling both satisfied and full of beans! Those beans will be of the coffee variety and they are the perfect foil for the rich tobacco notes. You don’t have to miss out on your preferred breakfast treat of coffee and a puff when you choose this triumph from Ruthless!
  • Pecanilla by Large Juice – Borderline Irresistible, this beautiful blend of rich tobacco, pecans and vanilla is definitely a tempting proposition. The custard base provides a wonderfully smooth feel, and everything is served up with a dollop of cream for good measure. If you need your tobacco hit but also fancy trying a more complex flavour, Pecanilla is begging for your attention.

Best RY4 Tobacco E-Liquids

  • RY4 Tobacco by Hangsen – The “RY” in RY4 stands for Ruyan, the name of the Chinese company that first marketed the modern electronic cigarette. Ruyan created several tobacco flavours to go with its product, and of those, RY4 proved the most popular. While Ruyan is no longer around – it’s since been absorbed in a series of acquisitions – the RY4 flavour remains a staple of the vaping industry today. This e liquid is the truest to the original RY4 that you’re likely to find. It’s a sweet blend of tobacco, caramel and vanilla that millions of vapers throughout the world have found impossible to put down.
  • RY4 Tobacco by Vapemate – If you decide that you enjoy the RY4 flavour – as so many vapers do – you’ll probably want to expand your horizons and try some of the many vapes inspired by that classic e-liquid. This is an RY4-inspired e-liquid made right here in the UK.

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