How much can you save when you switch from smoking to vaping?

There are many reasons to quit smoking and only one reason to continue – addiction.

Most smokers are desperate to quit and those who think otherwise are almost certainly kidding themselves.

Happily, vaping can help you to quit smoking and without suffering nicotine withdrawal or feeling like a lost soul.

The really good news is that vaping can also save you a fortune.

Exactly how much could you save by switching to vaping?

Well, that depends!

ecigarettes save moneyThe terrifying cost of smoking

Before investigating the potential costs of vaping, it is worth exploring the somewhat scary cost of your smoking habit. Apart from ruining your health, rotting your teeth and making you look decades older than you are, smoking will be seriously impacting your finances.

At the time of writing, the average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK is a massive £9.91. Premium brands are retailing for as much as £12.50 per pack. The cheapest options you are likely to come across will set you back £8.50 and packs of 10 are no longer available thanks to a change in the law.

If you are a typical smoker puffing your way through 20 a day, your habit will be costing you a disturbing £3617.00 per year. But if you favour premium brands, you could be shelling out as much as £4562.50 per year and that is quite simply crazy!

There must be a better way!

Ferrari or Fiesta? Choosing your vape

As with everything in life, the cost of vaping depends on the choices you make. You have a plethora of electronic cigarettes and e liquids to explore, and their prices vary.

Imagine that you need to invest in a new car. You could opt for a Ferrari with all the extras and then drive it incessantly, working your way through thousands of gallons of expensive fuel. On the other hand, you could go for a Ford Fiesta which will take you in comfort to the same places that the Ferrari will but at considerably less expense. Could you afford the Ferrari and even if you could, would the additional expense be justifiable?

Of course, cost isn’t your only consideration when choosing your vaping hardware and e liquids. It isn’t unreasonable to hanker after a device with a cool look and e liquids boasting flavours that you really enjoy. However, the Ford Fiestas of the vaping world can be very stylish devices and you can fuel them with tasty flavours that are priced to please.

What are the costs associated with vaping?

To begin your vaping journey, you will require an electronic cigarette and a few bottles of e liquid.

There are at least as many devices available as there are models of car on the market. It is worth noting that the most expensive options are complex pieces of kit that are not suited to beginners and are certainly not required to enjoy great flavours and satisfying nicotine fixes.

Simple vape pens and pod systems are the sensible options to get you started.  They will serve you well for around 6 months after which the battery will begin to fail. But entry level vape pens typically cost only £25. You will need to replace the coil that heats the e liquid roughly twice each month and each coil will set you back around £2. E liquids retail for as little as 89p per 10ml but you can pay up to £5 for the same volume of juice.

If you select an inexpensive vape pen, puff at a rate equivalent to a 20 a day habit and invest in budget e liquids, vaping will cost you as little as £250 per year. It is worth noting that you will inevitably experiment in the early days to find the device and the juice that suit you best. But once you have settled on your favourite things, your costs will become consistent and predictable. You should also factor in the odd broken tank and lost device as accidents do happen.

You may have chosen the Ford Fiesta of e cigs and the lowest grade fuel. However, you will be getting the nicotine fix you crave, and you could still benefit from a really snazzy device.

The supercars of vaping

After a few months of vaping, you may decide to treat yourself to more complex, exclusive and supercharged vaping hardware. Perhaps you would consider investing in a solid gold, gem encrusted e cig that retails for over £500,000. Yes! Such devices are available. But if your budget won’t extend to this variety of pointless extravagance, it is comforting to know that that you can invest in an all singing, all dancing, rocket powered device, loaded with functionality, for just £75. The Lamborghini Aventadors of the vaping world are a little cheaper than their supercar equivalents.

Even if you feel that the vaping Aventador is order and then decide to load it with the most expensive e liquids you can find, your annual costs could still be as low as £900 which is a lot more palatable than the £4562.50 you would be shelling out on premium cigarettes every year.

In short, it is difficult to spend anywhere near as much on vaping as you would on smoking.

Unless you foolishly ditch your new car in favour of Uber.

Vaping taxis that cost a fortune.

If you want to get from A to and B hassle-free, it’s hard to beat calling Uber. The world of vaping offers you the e cig equivalent of those convenient cab journeys in the shape of disposable vape pens. These colourful little devices are undeniably easy to use, and you won’t have to concern yourself with topping up or replacing coils. But here’s the thing. Like taking a taxi instead of driving yourself or using public transport, convenience comes at a cost and it’s quite a big one!

Disposable vape pens are typically priced at around £4 each which sounds quite cheap. But they are loaded with as little as 1.3ml of e liquid and once that is exhausted, you must discard the pen and start vaping with a new one. This means that you will spend at least £1,400 per year on vape pens and probably more. They will limit your choice of flavours and their performance will be inferior to that of a middle of the road reusable device. Even worse than that, you will be ploughing your way through a mountain of single use plastics and batteries that are harmful to the environment.

Vaping – the bottom line

There are several reasons why Ford Fiestas are enduring best sellers. They are easy to source, very reliable and they are inexpensive to both buy and run. They get you to where you need to be with the minimum of fuss and leave you with spare cash to spend on more exciting things than mere necessities. In the same way, most smokers seeking to quit will be best served by choosing a modestly priced device and inexpensive e liquids.

You can spend a fortune on vaping, or you can get much the same level of satisfaction out of cheaper choices and then blow your savings on a holiday or perhaps an Aston Martin. It is possible to save over £4,000 per year by quitting smoking and turning to vaping and that would buy you a very decent ride indeed.

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