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Nic Salts

Nic Salts

Nic salts e liquids have taken the vaping world by storm. It isn’t difficult to see why when you experience the smoother throat hits, purer flavour and speedy relief of your cravings that only salt nicotine delivers. Our exciting UK range of nic salts vape liquids and prefilled pods features the finest flavours from the leading brands including Vampire Vape, Riot Squad, Nasty Juice, Double Drip and many more. Find your favourite flavours, choose your nicotine strength and then savour both the taste and the longer lasting satisfaction of salt nic e liquids. Better still, take advantage of our special deals and benefit from the lowest prices when you stock up on your nicotine salts e liquids.




Nic salts e liquids in 10ml bottles

Feast your eyes on a wonderful array of delicious 10ml e liquids with salt nicotine! You will discover the finest nic salt flavours from the leading brands right here. With their 50VG/50PG bases, these tasty treats are suitable for most vape pens, pod systems and starter kits. Our multibuy deals give you amazing value and will help you to work your way through an exciting vaping menu.

Nic salts e liquid pod refills

Whether you have chosen an Elf Bar, Vuse or Myblu pod system, your replacement nic salt prefilled pods are here, loaded with amazing flavours. Better still, with Vampire Vape salt nicotine pods for the Dot Pro, you can enjoy both the convenience of a pod system and some of the most iconic flavours in the vaping world. Don’t miss our special offers when you stock up on your liquid pods.


20mg Nic Salts E Liquids

20mg Nic Salts

Go max strength with our extensive range of 20mg nic salts e liquids. There are hundreds of delicious options, each with a 50VG/50PG base suitable for most pod systems and MTL vape pens. You can enjoy a fiesta of flavour while relieving your cravings with every puff and that just has to be a very good thing indeed.

10mg Nic Salts E Liquids

10mg Nic Salts

With hundreds of fabulous flavours to choose from, you can benefit from impressive variety when you vape our 10mg nic salts e liquids. Chosen from the leading brands including Vampire Vape, Double Drip, Riot Squad and Ruthless, these diverse juices are ideal for most ex-smokers seeking to relieve their cravings.

Low Strength Nic Salts E Liquids - 5mg or less

Low Strength (5mg or less) Nic Salts

Looking to enjoy nic salts at lower strengths of 5mg or less? The Vapekit range features great choices from Riot Squad, Zeus Juice, Element and more, each with a nicotine strength of 5mg or less. Perfect for when you are cutting down, our low strength salt nicotine vape juices will hit the spot every time.


Nic Salts Vampire Vape

Love Vampire Vape flavours but need your nic salts? No problem! Many of the finest flavours from the Vampires are now available with salt nicotine, including the legendary Heisenberg, Pinkman and Ice Menthol. Each of the Vampire Vape nic salts boasts a 50/50 base and is available in nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg.

myblu nic salts e liquid pods

Replacement myblu Intense nic salts pods give you tasty fruit, tobacco and menthol flavours to choose from and enable you to enjoy the benefits of nic salts. Grab one of our special offers or take advantage of our multibuy deals to ensure that your salt nic e liquid pods never leave you feeling blue!

88vape nic salts e liquid

Would you believe it? UK-made nic salts e liquids from as little as 89P each! 88Vape nic salts e liquids from the NICHIT series represent incredible value for money and you can vape your way through fruit, tobacco, menthol and dessert flavours that you will love. They are surely irresistible propositions!

Double Drip Nic Salts

Doubly delicious, this collection of nic salts e liquids is simply dripping with moreish choices. From Raspberry Sherbet to Cherry Bakewell, Double Drip nic salts flavours are all indulgent blends and are available in nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg. it’s surely time to double down on your nic salts!

Riot Squad Nic Salts

Prepare your palate to sample a diverse menu of truly disruptive flavours from Riot Squad S:ALT! The incendiary blends include treats from the Punx series and feature a riotous hybrid blend of freebase and salt nicotine that gives you the best of both worlds every time you take a puff. 

Ohm Brew Nic Salts

Don’t miss this exciting collection of special brews including cocktail, dessert, fruit and slushie flavours. Choose from diverse and delicious blends available in no less than four nicotine strengths. Ohm Brew Nic Salts tick every single vaping box and then some.

Nasty Juice Nic Salts

There’s nothing even remotely nasty about this exciting collection of refreshing blends. You will find that all your favourite Nasty Juice recipes have been reworked to feature nic salts. But they continue to deliver the flavours that you love completed by those familiar hints of refreshing menthol.

Element Nic Salts

You’ll be in your Element when you taste these impressive flavours boasting the perfect chemistry! There’s much to enjoy with Element nic salts e liquids including flavours from the Far series and the handy replacement pods for the Aspire Gusto Mini.




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What are nicotine salts?

Salt nicotine is the form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. In its natural state, this type of nicotine is not readily absorbed by the body and would have to be vaped at high temperatures. For this reason, nicotine salt (nic salt) is modified to ensure that it is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream for swift relief of your cravings and so that it can be vaped using low wattage vape kits.

What are nic salts e liquids?

Nic salts e liquids feature nicotine salts instead of the usual freebase nicotine. They usually boast 50VG/50PG bases and are available in a variety of flavours. Most brands now include a nic salts collection in their range.

How do you use nic salts?

You use nic salt e liquids in the same way as you would any other e liquids. Just remember that your vape kit and coils must be compatible with the 50VG/50PG bases of these products. Nic salt flavours are suitable for low wattage devices with high resistance coils.

Are nic salts for mouth to lung vaping?

As nicotine salts are absorbed quickly for almost immediate relief of your cravings, it is ideal for those who have recently quit smoking and enjoy mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. Nic salt e liquids usually have 50VG/50PG bases that are suitable for MTL vape hardware.

Are nic salts smoother?

Nic salts e liquids give you smoother throat hits than those containing freebase nicotine. This means that the throat hit you experience is less noticeable, but that vaping is less likely to irritate your throat, enabling you to take as many puffs as you wish.

Are nic salts better?

Nicotine salts certainly offer many benefits. You can expect smoother throat hits and quicker relief of your cravings with nic salt. That speedy relief could mean that you need to vape less to remain satisfied. Many vapers feel that the relief they gain from salts lasts for longer than the effects of freebase nicotine. Unlike freebase nicotine, salt nicotine doesn’t impact the taste of e liquids and so gives you purer flavour. However, if you relish noticeable throat hits, you could find that nic salts e liquids are less satisfying overall that those with freebase nicotine.

Are nic salts stronger?

Freebase nicotine is purer than salt nicotine. This means that you will generally require a lower strength of freebase nicotine to satisfy your cravings than you will need with salt nic. Nic salts e liquids are therefore available in high nicotine strengths. You can typically choose between 10mg nic salt and 20mg nic salt e liquids. However, the Zeus Juice nic salt collection is now available in strengths of 5mg.

What strength of nic salts should you choose?

If you are new to vaping, the nicotine strength that you need will depend on how many cigarettes you used to smoke per day. If you were a heavy smoker, you might be best to start with a nicotine strength of 20mg. If you were a lighter smoker, a strength of 10mg should suffice. It is best to reduce the nicotine strength of your e liquids over time, but this is harder to do with salts as there are often only two nicotine strengths to choose from.


What are hybrid nic salts e liquids?

Hybrid nicotine features both salt nicotine and freebase nicotine. This blend delivers the quicker absorption of nic salts plus the more noticeable throat hits of freebase nicotine. In other words, hybrid nic salts such as eliquids by Riot Squad give you the best of both worlds.

Which vape kits are compatible with nic salts?

Nic salt e liquids tend to have high nicotine strengths that are unsuitable for vaping at high wattages as you would absorb too much nicotine. For this reason, nicotine salt eliquids usually have 50VG/50PG bases that are best suited to lower wattage devices. Many vape pens, starter kits and pod systems are compatible with nic salts. You will also discover vape pods that are compatible with nic salts together with pre-filled pods featuring salt e liquids. If you prefer disposable vape kits, many are pre-filled with nic salt e liquid including Geek Vape Geek Bars, Beco Bars and Elf Bars.

What vape coils are best for nic salts?

The 50VG/50PG bases of nic salts vape juices are compatible with high resistance coils. These are coils that have resistances of at least 1.0ohm. Most beginner vape kits will be supplied with this type of coil. There may be a range of coils available for your vape kit, so if you don’t have an appropriate coil installed, it would be possible to invest in replacement coils that are suitable for nic salts. Sub ohm coils are usually not compatible with salts.

What are the best nic salt e liquid flavours?

There is a huge array of nicotine salt e liquids to choose from and the best flavours for you will be a matter of personal taste. Fruit flavours are refreshing and are the most popular choices while dessert flavours are moreish. You may prefer the freshness of menthol e liquid flavours or the vibrancy of a soda blend. If you have recently quit smoking, why not get things started with tobacco e liquid? Salt nicotine gives you purer flavour than freebase nicotine and so it would be hard to go wrong. Why not try a selection of flavours including menthol nic salt, mixed berries and something luxurious such as vanilla custard?

Are nic salts safe?

Nic salt e liquids are safe to vape but as with freebase nicotine, should be stored out of the reach of children and pets. All products containing nicotine are potentially harmful to animals and youngsters. They may also irritate your skin and so should be handled with care.

Are nic salt nicotine shots available?

If you prefer to mix your own juice or to invest in short fill eliquid, nic shots with salt nicotine are available to complete your flavours. You will need one 10ml nic salts shot for 50ml short fills and two shots for 100ml short fills.

Which nic salt eliquids are available at Vapekit?

We stock all of the leading eliquid brands and most offer at least one salt nic vape liquids collection. There are too many choices in the Vapekit salts range to list here, but you will discover exciting options including flavours from Twelve Monkeys, Vampire Vape, Double Drip and Hangsen plus e liquid by Ohm Brew. Our multibuy deals give you amazing value and enable you to sample a variety of great flavours without challenging your budget. You can also take your pick of the best vaping hardware from popular brands including vape mods, box mods, vape kits, vape tanks, pod kits and replacements for your Aspire coils, Innokin coils and many more.