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Shortfills E Liquids

Short fill E Liquid

Short fill e liquids enable you to purchase your favourite flavours in larger, more convenient bottles. Shortfills are underfilled bottles of nicotine-free e liquid that provide room to add nicotine shots. The Vapekit range features a wonderful array of short fill e liquid flavours from the leading brands including Vampire Vape, Doozy Vape, Ohm Boy, Riot Squad, Nasty Juice and many more. You can choose from a variety of VG/PG ratios with short fill e liquid and then select your preferred nicotine shots to create your perfect juice. Our short fill multibuy deals give you amazing value and will help you to sample many impressive flavours without busting your budget. You will benefit from free UK delivery when you spend just £10.




Why not feast on the finest flavours from the planet’s most popular brands while enjoying the benefits of shortfills? Our 50ml shortfills e liquid flavours are presented in 60ml bottles that provide room to add a single 10ml nicotine shot before shaking and vaping. From Double Drip to Doozy Vape and from Dinner Lady to IVG, you have impressive options to explore.

If you are looking to go large, our 100ml shorfills e liquid flavours are certainly for you. There are hundreds of flavours from the most popular brands to choose from here at Vapekit. Our range also features a variety of nicotine shots for you to add to these diverse nicotine-free e liquids. Our shortfills give you an impressive combination of convenience, flavour and value.

Nic Shots

You will need nic shots to complete your  short fill e liquid flavours and we have outstanding options for you. Whether you favour freebase or salt nicotine, you can choose the base liquid ratio and nicotine strength that will give you the ideal e liquids for both your taste buds and your device.

Cheap Short Fill E Liquid

Vaping on a budget? No problem! Our cheap shortfill e liquid choices from 88Vape, Kik, IVG, Juice Monster, Ohmsome and many popular brands give you amazing flavours at the lowest prices. You don’t have to sacrifice choice to make significant savings.


Double Drip E Liquid 50ml

An exciting collection of Double Drip 50ml Shortfills with 70VG and 80VG bases! Get your fill of legendary flavours including Raspberry Sherbet, Crystal Mist, Twisted Ice Cream and Cherry Bakewell. These flavours are extremely   hard to resists, so why try? 

Ruthless E Liquid 100ml

Get Ruthless with your juice by exploring this exciting collection of unique fruity flavours featuring funky names and surprising blends. With Swamp Thang, Grape Drank, Slurricane and many more Ruthless 100ml shortfills to choose from, you are in for a treat! 

Twelve Monkeys 50ml E Liquid

It’s surely time for some serious monkey business! Notable for the coolest branding and highly original blends, Twelve Monkeys 50ml shortfills, including the Origins and Ice Age collections, will have your taste buds swinging from the trees. Hakuna Matata! 

Zeus Juice 50ml & 100ml E Liquid

Treat yourself to the flavours of the gods with Zeus Juice 50ml & 100ml shortfills! Coming to you all the way from Mount Olympus, these heavenly 70VG e liquids from the Myth, Bolt and Mortals series partner delicious blends with imaginative theming.

Yorkshire Vaper 100ml Shortfill E Liquids

A cornucopia of delights, the Yorkshire Vaper 100ml range features both indulgent bakery recipes and classic soda flavours. From Jam Doughnut to Strawberry Lemonade, these gourmet 75VG juices are guaranteed to please your palate. 

Suicide Bunny 50ml & 100ml Shortfills

Don’t miss the unique and memorable blends from Suicide Bunny! Exotic, indulgent and wonderfully creamy, these 70VG 50ml & 100ml Suicide Bunny shortfills from across the pond will always put a smile on your face and leave you wanting more. 

Ohm Boy 50ml & 100ml Vape Liquid

Delicious and diverse, Ohm Boy flavours will give your taste buds plenty to think about. You can look forward to an exciting world of flavour with these Ohm Boy 70VG 50ml & 100ml shortfills including the tempting choices from the Flavour Treats series. 

Vampire Vape Shortz & Koncept 50ml

Generous portions of your favourite flavours from the Vampires! What more could you ask for than huge helpings of Heisenberg, Pinkman, All Day Grape, Blood Sukka and many more? Choose from the Koncept and Shortz 50ml short fill ranges. 



50ml Vape Liquid Deal - 2 for £19.98

Choose two amazing shortfills for £19.98 from Vampire vape, Double Drip, Zeus Juice, IVG and many more.

Premium Vape Liquid Deal - 2 for £24.98

Your choice of two premium shortfills for £24.98 from the finest ranges including Yorkshire Vaper, Dinner Lady and Twelve Monkeys.

Premium 100ml Vape Liquid Deal - 2 for £29.98

Treat yourself to a duo of premium 100ml shortfills for £29.98 from top brands including Suicide Bunny, Ruthless and Element.


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Shortfill E Liquid Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shortfill e liquid?

Shortfills (short fills) are bottles of e liquid that are underfilled to leave room to add your nicotine shots. For instance, a 50ml shortfill is a 60ml bottle containing 50ml of e liquid. Shortfills were introduced by e liquid brands to enable vapers to purchase their preferred flavours in larger volumes than the usual 10ml. When the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into force, the volume of e liquid bottles containing nicotine was restricted to 10ml. Shortfills don’t contain nicotine and so are available in larger volumes, but you can add the nicotine to complete the vape juice.

How do you mix shortfill e liquid? 

To mix your shortfill, begin by removing the cap and nib of the bottle. Then, remove the caps of your nicotine shots and squeeze the contents into the e liquid. You should add one 10ml shot to a 50ml shortfill and two 10ml shots to a 100ml short fill. Always ensure that you have chosen nicotine shots of the right nicotine strength. This would usually be 18mg as that strength will give you completed e liquid with a strength of 3mg. After adding the shot, replace the nib of the e liquid bottle and check that the bottle is properly sealed. Replace the cap and then shake the bottle vigorously for 5-10 minutes to mix the liquids. Leave the juice for 24 hours to allow the nicotine to blend properly and then you can vape it.

How do you use a shortfill? 

Shortfills are simply nicotine-free e liquids that are supplied in bottles that provide room to add your nicotine shots. You add your nicotine shots to the bottles, shake them and then vape the juice in the same way as any other. 

Can I vape Shortfill without nicotine? 

Shortfills are nicotine-free e liquids. The bottles are designed to provide room for you to add nicotine shots, but you don’t have to. You can vape the short fill e liquid just as it is. 

What does 100ml shortfill mean? 

Shortfills are bottles of e liquid that are underfilled to leave room for you to add nicotine shots. They are sold in volumes of 25ml, 50ml and 100ml. A 100ml shortfill eliquid is a 120ml bottle containing 100ml of e liquid plus space to add two 10ml nicotine shots. 

How do you open a Shortfill bottle? 

It can be tricky to open shortfills. First, you need to remove the cap (lid). This will usually be childproof and is opened by pushing down before twisting it. You must then remove the nozzle (nib) from the bottle so that you can add your nicotine shot. Nozzles can be difficult to remove as they must fit tightly to prevent leakage. You may find that you can lift the nozzle using your fingernail or by flipping it off with a knife. Alternatively, try pulling it off using pliers while holding the bottle at the neck. Don’t yank too hard or squeeze the bottle, otherwise e liquid will escape. It is possible to purchase a tool designed specifically for removing the nozzles of e liquid bottles, if you find them difficult to deal with. 

How do you make 18mg shortfill? 

Shortfill bottles provide room to add one 10ml nicotine short per 50ml of nicotine-free e liquid. Many nicotine shots have a strength of 18mg but this strength is diluted when the shot is added to e liquid. A single 18mg shot added to 50ml of juice will result in your completed e liquid having a nicotine strength of 3mg. By law, the strength of a nicotine shot is restricted to a maximum of 20mg and so it isn’t possible to create 18mg e liquids in shortfill bottles. 

How do I choose a NIC shot? 

Nic shots are available in a variety of nicotine strengths and with a variety of bases. You would usually add an 18mg shot to a shortfill as this is a high strength shot but will be diluted by the e liquid to give you finished vape juice with a strength of 3mg. You should choose a shot with a base that has the same VG/PG ratio as your shortfill. So, if your shortfill is 70VG choose a 70VG shot. You can also choose between freebase nicotine shots and nic salts shots. Freebase nicotine gives you a more noticeable throat hit while nic salts give you smoother hits and quicker relief of your cravings. 

How much nicotine do I add to a Shortfill? 

Shortfill bottles provide room to add one 10ml nicotine shot for each 50ml of e liquid. In other words, you can add one nicotine shot to a 50ml shortfill and two nicotine shots to a 100ml shortfill. The nicotine strength of your completed juice will depend on the strength of the shot. That strength is diluted by the nicotine-free e liquid. An 18mg shot added to 50ml of juice will give you e liquid with a nicotine strength of 3mg. 

What is long fill? 

A long fill is a bottle containing flavour concentrate plus room to add your base liquid and nicotine shots. Long fills enable you to create e liquids with your preferred flavour concentration, base liquid ratio and nicotine strength. They provide a user-friendly introduction to DIY e liquids. 

Can you add Nic salts to e juice? 

It is possible to purchase nic salts nicotine shots and add these to shortfills. 

What's the difference between Nic salts and Nic shots? 

Nic shots are bottles of base liquid containing nicotine that you add to your e liquid. They may feature freebase nicotine or nic salts. Salt nicotine (nic salts) is a type of nicotine that gives you smooth throat hits and almost immediate relief of your cravings. 

Why does my vape liquid turn brown? 

E liquid can get darker in colour or turn brownish over time. This change of colour is caused by the nicotine in the juice oxidising. The process of oxidation becomes quicker when e liquid has been exposed to the air and so bottles that have been opened turn darker more quickly than those that have remained sealed. 

Can you vape nicotine shots alone? 

Nicotine shots are not designed to be vaped. They are designed to be added to nicotine-free e liquids. However, as they feature only VG, PG and nicotine, th