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Vape Kits

Vape Kits

Kickstart your vaping journey or continue it in style with the finest vape kits from Aspire, SMOK, Innokin, Voopoo, Vaporesso, GeekVape and more! From the best beginners’ kits to advanced sub ohm set ups boasting the latest vaping technology, the Vapekit range gives you impressive options. Feast on flavour and chase those clouds with stylish, high performance vape pens, pod systems, starter kits and sub ohm vape kits that really deliver.

Vape Starter Kits for Beginners

Vape Starter Kits for Beginners

Our range of easy to use vape starter kits ensure that there are no complex settings or controls for you to deal with. Ideal for beginners or any vapers seeking simplicity, these kits deliver both relief of your nicotine cravings and great flavour but with the minimum of fuss.

Intermediate Vape Kits

Intermediate Vape Kits

Introducing the ideal kits for vapers looking to upgrade. You can explore the benefits of greater functionality, bigger clouds and sub ohm vaping plus more with these versatile, user-friendly intermediate vape kits that don’t cost the earth.

Intermediate Vape Kits

Advanced Vape Kits

Looking to go large on power, flavour or clouds? Our advanced sub ohm vape kits for experienced vapers feature the oomph, battery life and exciting functionality you need to fully customise your vaping experience. 


Considering vaping but don’t know where to start?

Click here to discover the perfect user-friendly vape kits and e liquids to get you started on your vaping journey. Better still, you can save yourself £££ with our unique beginners’ bundles that take the worry out of choosing your first hardware and flavours!


Explore the finest vape pens from the leading brands Including Innokin, SMOK, Aspire and Vaporesso. Discover diverse choices from simple, low wattage models to those with multiple operating modes and sub ohm capability.

Starter Box Mod Vape Kits

Are you looking to take the next step in you vaping adventure? Choose from the best box mod starter kits that offer impressive battery life and sub ohm capability while keeping things relatively simple. 

Pod Vape Kits with Prefilled Pods

User-friendly and convenient, pod vape kits with prefilled pods are easy to use and attractive for beginners. However, they are expensive in the long term and single use plastic pods are less than earth-friendly.

Pod Vape Kits with Refillable Pods

Our pod vape kits with refillable pods enable you choose from thousands of e liquids. Marginally less convenient than pre-filled pods kits but these pods systems will introduce you to a world of flavour - and they are much more cost effective to refill!

Disposable Vape Pens

The ultimate in vaping convenience, disposable vape pens are easy to use and ensure you never need to top up or replace your coils. But they are very expensive per puff and these compact devices contain batteries and plastic that are harmful to the environment.

Sub Ohm Vape Kits

Low resistance (sub ohm) coils deliver intense flavour and impressive vapour. Our sub ohm vape kits feature the power and advanced operating modes that enable you to fully customise your vaping experience.

Box Mods

Box mods both power your vapes and enable you to vape your way. From low wattage mods for mouth to lung vaping to advanced models with impressive functionality, our rang features exciting choices that can be paired with your preferred tank.

Cheap Vape Kits under £20

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy amazing flavour. Our cheap vape kits (all under £20) just might surprise you and represent incredible value for money, especially when compared to the frightening cost of smoking.

Vape Kits with Free E Liquids included

E liquids taste even better when they are free! We have teamed up popular vape kits with free e liquids to give you special bundles that offer amazing value. You shouldn’t even try to resist these impressive deals!


Aspire Vape Kits

From user-friendly vape pens to advanced mods and from the perfect pod systems to terrific tanks, the Aspire vape kits range features outstanding hardware. Aspire continues to deliver innovative and reliable choices and you will find them right here.

Innokin Vape Kits

Innokin is notable for producing outstanding, and incredibly reliable, vape pens and tanks that are suitable for beginners. But there’s more to discover with the impressive Innokin vape kits range and you can explore the latest innovations here.

Smok Vape kits

Synonymous with innovation, SMOK vape kits continues to make waves. The market leading box mods, tanks, vape kits and pod systems will exceed your expectations while the impressive coil choices enable you to customise your vaping experience.

Vaporesso Vape Kits

Encompassing beginner, intermediate and advanced hardware, not to mention a stand-out series of CCELL ceramic coils, the Vaporesso vape kits range impresses and we are delighted to bring you the latest Vaporesso creations.


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Vape Kits Frequently Asked Questions

What are vape kits?

Vape kits are package deals. Each kit contains everything you need to assemble your e cigarette. This includes a battery (or mod) to power and control the completed device, and a tank or pod to hold the e liquid. The tank or pod will usually have a coil installed. Most kits also feature a spare coil or pod and a charging cable. You could also receive spare parts such as a mouthpiece and replacement glass. 

How do vape kits work?

Vape kits feature a battery or mod to power the device together with a tank or pod to hold the e liquid. The tank or pod will have a coil installed. You attach the tank or pod to the battery or mod. When you fire the device by pressing the fire button on the battery, the coil heats up and vaporises the e liquid. You can then inhale the vapour through the mouthpiece.

What are vape starter kits?

A vape starter kit is a package deal that is designed to give you everything you need to vape. Your kit will include a battery, a coil, a tank or pod and a charging cable. The term starter kit was originally coined to describe beginner vape kits. But it is worth noting that the term starter kit can now be used to describe any vape kit - including advanced devices that may not be suitable for beginners.

What are vape pod kits?

Relatively recent innovations, vape pod kits feature everything you need to vape, but include a pod to hold your e liquid rather than a tank. The pod connects to the battery that will also be included in the kit and may be pre-filled with vape liquid or refillable.

What is a vape mod kit?

While some vape kits feature a battery to power the device that boasts few or no controls other than a fire button, more advanced kits are powered and controlled by mods. Also known as box mods, mods are box-like devices that have integrated batteries or a compartment for replaceable batteries. Mods will also have buttons that you can use to fire the e cig and to change your output settings. Most mods also have a screen that displays useful information such as your settings and battery charge level. A wide variety of mods are available with diverse functionality. They enable you to take advantage of various output modes and to customise your vaping experience.

What is a vape pen kit?

Vape pens are generally simple, user-friendly, cylindrical electronic cigarettes that are suitable for beginners. A vape pen kit will feature everything you need to vape including a battery, a compatible tank or pod, a coil and a charging cable. Many kits also include a spare coil and spare parts. While most vape pens are easy to use and designed for mouth to lung (MTL) vaping, some are more advanced devices for sub ohm vaping.

Do vape kits come with batteries?

The majority of vape kits (and certainly ones aimed at beginners) come with integrated batteries so you have everything you need included in the box. Some more advanced kits however feature removable batteries and these normally need to purchased separately. Please note, you can't use regular household batteries in vape devices, you need to buy specially designed batteries. Please read our vape battery safety guide for more information.

What is the difference between a vape pen and an e cigarette?

A vape pen is a type of e cigarette that is cylindrical in shape. 

What is needed to start vaping UK?

To start vaping, you need an e cigarette and suitable e liquid. It is possible to buy the components of an e cig (tank and battery) separately but vape kits feature everything you need including a battery or mod, a tank or pod, a coil, a charging cable and possibly spare parts. Budget vape pen kits can be bought for as little as £6 so you'll save money straight away if you're currently buying cigarettes every day.

How much do vape kits cost?

Vape kits vary greatly in price. In general, the more complex the vape kit is, the more it will cost. You can invest in a simple vape pen for as little as £6 but an advanced vape kit with a powerful mod could cost you £75 or more.

How long do vape kits last?

Vape kits vary in their longevity and much will depend on how intensely you vape. Integrated batteries don’t last forever but should serve you well for at least six to twelve months, possibly longer. Once an integrated battery reaches the end of its life, you must dispose of it and invest in a new battery or mod. Some vape kits feature mods with replaceable batteries. This means that you don’t have to discard the mod when the battery dies, you simply install a new battery. Your vape kit will also include a tank or pod and this could break if you knock or drop your device. However, you can replace the tank or pod and so you won’t have to dispose of the entire e cig.

What vape is the safest?

All genuine, branded vape kits sold in the UK are subject to strict regulations and are safe providing they are used correctly. It is important to follow the instructions provided with your device. Please be aware that counterfeit versions of the hardware from the leading vape brands such as Aspire, SMOK, Innokin, Vaporesso and VooPoo are common. These may perform badly and could be dangerous.

What vape should I buy UK?

The right vape kit for you will depend on your budget, how experienced you are, your lifestyle and how you wish to vape. Some vape kits are highly complex and so are not best suited to beginners. If you like to adventure in the great outdoors, you might benefit from a shockproof and waterproof device. But if you enjoy a busy life in the city, a compact e cig could be a more convenient choice. You should also consider whether you wish to vape sub ohm or to fine tune your experience. If so, you will require an advanced and powerful device. Our product listings and pages provide the information you need to make the right choice.

Which vape kits are the best?

The best vape kit will be the one that suits your level of experience, desired vaping style and budget. Vape kits vary in their size, functionality and price. The vape kits of the leading brands such as Innokin, Aspire, SMOK, GeekVape and TECC each have their merits and are safe to use. Our product listings give you the information you need to find the best vape kit for you.

What is the best vape kit for beginners?

When you are new to vaping, it is best to begin with a user-friendly e cig such as a vape pen or pod kit. Your primary goal is probably to quit smoking and an inexpensive vape pen or pod system will deliver the flavour and nicotine fixes that you need. You won’t have to worry about mastering complicated settings and controls as these devices are so easy to get the hang of. Starter kits feature everything you need to begin vaping including the battery, tank or pod, coil, charging cable and sometimes spare parts. The only real consideration will be whether the kit you buy is inhale or button activated. Inhale activated devices are the simplest and the most like smoking - you simply inhale and this activates the vapour production. Button operated devices on the other hand are still really pretty straightforward and give you a little more control. This really just comes down to personal preference.

How to use vape kit?

A vape kit will feature everything you need to start vaping. Always read the instructions for your device before attempting to use it. Unpack your kit, attach the tank or pod to the battery. Fill the tank or pod with a suitable e liquid, unless it is pre-filled, and leave it standing upright for a few minutes to prime the coil. You can then place the mouthpiece in your mouth, press the fire button and inhale the vapour that is produced. The battery in the kit should be at least partially charged when you receive it. How long the battery will last before it needs recharging will depend on its capacity. Most devices feature a battery level indicator that will warn you when you need to recharge.

How long do vape coils last?

There are many different vape coils and their lifespans vary according to their construction, how intensely you vape and the e liquid in your tank or pod. Coils can last anything from a couple of days to several weeks. As you vape, e liquid residue builds up on your coil and in your wicking. It is this residue that will cause your coil to expire. The more puffs you take, the quicker your coil will reach the end of its life. However, it is worth noting that mesh coils tend to last slightly longer than regular coils and e liquids that are high in VG cause more residue to build up than e liquids that are high in PG.

Which is best MTL or DTL?

There are two ways to vape – mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL). With an MTL draw, you allow the vapour to linger in your mouth for a second or two before drawing it into our lungs. But with DTL draws you inhale the vapour straight to your lungs.  Most vapers start with MTL vaping as the sensation feels similar to smoking. To fully appreciate DTL vaping you need a significant amount of vapour and therefore a sub ohm device that is compatible with high VG e liquids. 

Is sub ohm mouth to lung?

Sub ohm vape kits are those with low resistance coils (coils with a resistance of less than 1.0ohm). These are compatible with high VG e liquids and high wattage outputs. Sub ohm set-ups deliver significant vapour and so are better suited to direct to lung (DTL) draws than to mouth to lung (MTL) draws

What juice is best for sub ohm vaping?

Sub ohm devices are compatible with e liquids which are at least 60% vegetable glycerin (VG).

What does RDL mean in vaping?

RDL stands for Restricted-Direct-Lung and refers to coils that produce more vapour than MTL coils while using less power and e-liquid than DTL coils. RDL coils are ideal if you are looking for big clouds and intense flavour but minimal nicotine from each puff.

How many puffs of a vape is equal to a cigarette?

It is impossible to say precisely how many puffs on an e cig would be equivalent to a traditional cigarette as there are so many variables with vaping.  We can tell you that a traditional cigarette will typically give you between 7 and 11 puffs. Just 1ml of e liquid will give you many more puffs than this but just how many will depend on the resistance of your coils, the nature of your device and the e liquid you have chosen. It is more important to consider the nicotine fix that you gain from each puff and that will depend on the nicotine strength of your e liquid. As you explore vaping, you will find a combination of nicotine strength and interval between puffs that keeps you happy.

Can you use nic salts in a MTL tank?

Yes, nic salts e liquids are suited to mouth to lung (MTL) tanks. Indeed, they are not good choices for direct to lung (DTL) set-ups as they tend to have 50VG/50PG bases that are a little too low in VG for sub ohm DTL tanks.

Can I use nic salts in sub ohm?

Most nic salts e liquids are not good choices for sub ohm vaping. This is because they tend to have 50VG/50PG bases that are too low in VG for sub ohm DTL coils. In addition, most nic salts flavours have high nicotine strengths that would be overwhelming when taking DTL draws from your sub ohm device. Sub ohm coils deliver more vapour and therefore more nicotine with every puff.

What vape is most like cigarettes?

All electronic cigarettes are good alternatives to traditional cigarettes and will give you your nicotine fixes. However, devices designed for mouth to lung (MTL) vaping will provide draws that feel closest to the sensation of smoking. Look for vape pens, pod systems and starter kits with high resistance coils (coils with resistances of 1.0ohm or more). These tend to be low wattage devices that are inexpensive to buy and easy to use. You could also explore devices such as this Innokin one which features a cigarette-style filter. Some feel that these filter tips replicate the feeling of smoking even better than regular mouthpieces.

Where to buy vape kits?

You can buy your genuine, branded vape kits at high street vape shops or from specialist online retailers. Always purchase your devices from authorised stockists of your chosen brand as the hardware offered elsewhere could be counterfeit and therefore dangerous.