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If you are new to vaping, are considering quitting the cigs or need a backup device, cigalikes (or cigarette style e-cigarettes as they are sometimes known) provide a highly cost-effective solution. These user-friendly electronic cigarettes make life easy while still giving you a great choice of flavours to enjoy. We are delighted to showcase the outstanding cigalikes from VIP and 10 Motives which will serve you well, whether you are an experienced vaper or a complete beginner.

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Cigalikes are user-friendly vaping devices and can be either rechargeable electronic cigarettes or disposable electronic cigarettes. Rechargeable cigalikes consist of two parts - a battery and a cartomizer. The cartomizer simply screws onto the battery. It features a tank to store the eliquid and a resistance wire called an atomizer. The atomizer heats the e-liquid, turning it into vapor when the vaper puffs on their e-cig. There are no settings to master and cartomizers are available in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. Disposable cigalikes are single units incorporating the battery and the cartomizer. When the eliquid reservoir is empty or the battery gives up the ghost, the device is discarded.


For many decades, quitting smoking was so terribly difficult that the vast majority of those who tried inevitably failed. But when scientist Hon Lik had an epiphany and invented the electronic cigarette, everything changed. Giving up smoking was no longer the worse form of torture imaginable and the diminutive device that changed the world was incredibly affordable.


Cigalikes were the first commonly available vaping devices. They remain a great place to start if you wish to try vaping. Smokers attempting to quit their cigs like them because their size, appearance and feel mimics that of a tobacco cigarette. We all know that quitting is hard because nicotine is addictive but learning to live without that cig in your fingers is equally challenging.


Vapers now have impressive choices including an incredible array of e cigs and an amazing menu of flavours. But even a relatively straightforward device such as a vape pen or starter kit can seem somewhat intimidating to those who have never dipped their toes in the vaping water. It’s all too easy to feel intimidated and that could easily prevent many smokers from considering vaping.  They just might be tempted by the simplicity and familiar look of a great cigalike.


The cost of advanced vaping equipment could potentially represent a barrier to new vapers who don’t want to spend a fortune until they are sure that vaping is right for them. Let’s face it, smokers are world champions at finding excuses to carry on killing themselves. Cigalikes are so affordable that smokers won’t have a convenient argument against giving them a go.


Experienced vapers may find cigalikes less than thrilling when compared to their box mods but it is important to remember how crucial it is to quit smoking. As with learning to drive, everyone has to start somewhere. When that provisional license arrives, few people would rush out and buy a Bugatti Veyron, even if they could afford one. They would need to hone their skills and road craft in a small hatchback before they go for the mean machine.

We wouldn’t recommend that new vapers begin their journey with a 200W mod, sub ohm tank and Temperature Control when there is a far more accessible ecigarette kit to take advantage of.

A cigalike provides the perfect introduction to vaping. It can also be a handy back up device for more experienced vapers with advanced kits who don’t want to carry around multiple mechanical mods.


We are delighted to offer both disposable and rechargeable cigalikes together with the compatible cartomizers in a variety of flavours. There are several nicotine strengths to choose from too. Smokers have no excuse not to at least try vaping. The tasty tobacco flavours enhance the sense of familiarity to get things started. When vapers are comfortable with their new reality, they can continue their vaping journey with ever more complex and powerful starter kits and mods.

There’s still a place for cigalikes in the vaping landscape and we have chosen the best available options. Smokers, you have no excuse! Cigalikes are inexpensive and easy to use.  Looking and feeling like your traditional cigarettes, they ensure that your transition from smoking to vaping is seamless. There are no settings to master, as there are with many vape kits, and you will always have cartomizer refills at your disposable right here at Vapester.

If the concept of a TC box mod boggles your mind and you don’t have the remotest clue what a sub ohm tank or Dinner Lady juice is, a cigalike is your solution. Trust us, it really is. Forget the complications of choosing Aspire coils, Innokin tanks and Vaporesso tanks or venturing into nic salt vape juices. Keep things simple and you will be on the road to success.


Don’t forget that you will benefit from free UK delivery when you spend just £9 at Vapetser. Give vaping a try with cigalikes and then invest in a mod starter kit when you know what you are doing and understand battery safety. From the latest vape tanks, vape mods and pod systems to the most delicious eliquids imaginable, we have everything you need to start and then vamp up your vaping journey. There’s an exciting world of equipment and flavor to explore but cigalikes should be the first chapter in your vaping story.


If you are contemplating vaping, you cannot fail to have noticed the incredible range of flavours available at Vapester. We showcase all of the planet’s finest vape juices including the fabulous flavours from Nasty Juice, Wick Liquor, Riot Squad, Ohm Brew and Vampire Vape plus many, many more.

Don’t worry because those exciting eliquids will always be there for you and you will have plenty of flavours to enjoy, even if you begin vaping with cigalikes. Many of the flavours you see are only appropriate for advanced equipment and we wouldn’t recommend running before you can walk.

When the time is right, explore the smorgasbord of delights and invest in the appropriate kit. Vaping will always keep you interested but your first goal is to quit smoking. All you need to do that is a cigalike and a few regular tobacco cartomizers.