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Many experienced vapers enjoy the versatility of complex devices. But beginners may find the operating modes, settings and controls intimidating. Disposable e cigs provide an excellent introduction to vaping as they keep things simple. Even experienced vapers can appreciate the benefits of not having to worry about topping up with juice or replacing coils. With many leading e liquid and hardware brands now offering disposable devices, these hassle-free e cigs also give vapers diverse flavour choices.

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What are disposables?

Disposable vape pens work in the same way as any e cigarette. They feature a battery, a coil and a prefilled e liquid reservoir. Most are inhale activated and so there are no controls or settings to master. Users simply vape until either the battery or the e liquid is exhausted and then discard the device. Disposable vape pen batteries will deliver 200-600 puffs depending on their capacity. The pens are always compact in size which adds to the convenience of this type of device.

Which is the best disposable e cig?

If you are considering investing in disposables, you benefit from impressive choices including the 88Vape, QIS and Dinner Lady vape pens. We are also pleased to bring you SMOK MBars, Beco Bars, Geek Bars and Nasty Juice Disposable Pod Devices. The battery capacities of these disposables vary, and the larger the battery capacity, the longer the pen will last. However, your choice may ultimately be dependent on your flavour preferences. If you enjoy Dinner Lady e liquids or like the sound of them, try the Dinner Lady disposables first. There is no reason why you shouldn’t choose a variety of pens from different brands. It is also worth thinking about the type of nicotine that would suit you best. Freebase nicotine gives you more noticeable throat hits. Salt nicotine produces smoother throat hits and quicker relief of your cravings. Some vapers feel that salt nicotine also delivers longer-lasting relief.

How do you get the best vaping value with disposables?

There is much to consider when choosing your devices and your budget could certainly be a factor when making your decisions. The 88Vape range is notable for offering exceptional value and would be a great starting point if you are looking for the lowest prices. However, our multibuy deals enable you to enjoy lower prices, whichever disposables you order. You will need multiple vape pens and so it makes sense to order several at once anyway.

Are disposables good choices for experienced vapers?

Disposable vape pens can be great options for more experienced vapers. If you value convenience and are looking for pocket-friendly e cigs, disposables are worth trying. At the very least, they could be great back-up devices for you and will come in handy if you prefer to leave your more advanced kit at home when you are out and about.