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Pod Vape Kits

The newest kids on the vaping block, pod systems offer significant benefits at reasonable price points. Manufacturers are quickly reacting and adapting to vapers’ needs. The result has been the development of new equipment to suit the various vaping styles. While many enthusiasts treasure complexity and the finer points of sub ohm vaping, others are simply seeking the most convenient way to obtain the nicotine hit they need. Everyone wants to enjoy great flavour. If convenience is key for you, a pod system could be just what you are looking for.

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What is a pod system?

Pod vape kits are compact and easy to use. Like all electronic cigarettes, they feature a battery, a heating coil and reservoir of e liquid. However, in place of a vape tank, these nifty devices feature replaceable e liquid pods which can be either prefilled or refillable. These e cigs can remove the need to fiddle with coils and enable vapers to switch flavours in an instant without having to clean their tank. They are certainly convenient, and their ease of use is a major boon for new vapers who may feel intimidated by advanced devices.

Prefilled or refillable?

Some pod systems such as the MyBlu Vape Starter Kit are compatible with prefilled (closed) pods, others including the Aspire Breeze 2 feature refillable (open) pods. The closed variety offer the greatest simplicity. They are prefilled with e-liquid and are thrown away when the pod is empty. You don’t have to replace your coils and there are many great flavours available. For instance, pods for the Aspire Gusto Mini include those filled with popular Vampire Vape and Element flavours.

Refillable (open) pods can be topped up when your e liquid level is low. This means you have a much broader choice of flavours at your disposal but the pods are not compatible with high VG e liquids. You will have to replace the coils of refillable pods, but with most devices, this means you have a choice of coils including mesh coils and ceramic coils. You will still have the advantage of switching flavours quickly and on the go.

Salt nicotine, high strength and CBD e liquids

Many vape pod kits are perfect for vaping nic salt e liquids. Some even offer coils which are optimised for these. As most pod kits are low wattage devices and are not designed to produce significant vapour, they lend themselves to vape juices which feature nicotine salt, high nicotine strengths and CBD. You have to be particularly careful when vaping CBD e liquids as Cannabidiol breaks down at high temperatures and so lends itself to low wattage devices. Pod systems are designed to deliver a satisfying mouth to lung vaping experience at low or comparatively low outputs.

Vaping versatility and discretion

The first pod systems that came to market placed a huge emphasis on simplicity and were aimed firmly at beginners. However, it hasn’t escaped the attention of the big brands, that more experienced vapers might also appreciate the convenience of pod systems. But that they might value a little additional functionality.

A new generation of pod vape kits has been evolved and these devices offer a few extra bells and whistles. The Geekvape Aegis Boost gives you variable wattage, adjustable airflow and an LED display. The SMOK RPM40 is compatible with 2 different pods and 11 different coils. You can now enjoy many of the features that you would find in a goof vape mod but in a pod system.

All pod systems enable you to vape discreetly. Their compact size means they can be almost entirely concealed by your hand. The diminutive One Vape Lambo Pod Kit is just 68mm long. These devices don’t deliver huge clouds of vapour and so you can get your nicotine hit under the radar.

Pod system battery capacity

Battery capacity could be a consideration when selecting you pod system. As these e cigs tend to be compact, they don’t incorporate huge batteries. A small battery will limit your time between charges. If you have recently quit smoking, you might need to take plenty of puffs and so a bigger battery would be advantageous. While the Hexa Pod system features a 300mAh battery, the Aspire Gusto Mini boasts a battery with a generous capacity of 900mAh. Is your priority a bigger battery or a more compact vape?

Which pod vape kit is right for you?

You have an ever-increasing array of devices to choose from. If convenience and simplicity are everything, look at pod systems which utilise prefilled pods. Devices such as the Aspire AVP which are activated by inhaling don’t even require you to press a button.

On the other hand, if you would rather benefit from a greater range of flavours and don’t mind having top up your e juice, opt for a kit that features refillable pods. Most are operated via a single button and so are incredibly easy to use. However, if you would prefer the ability to change your output, the Geekvape Aegis Boost with variable wattage would complement your vaping style.

Vape pod kits at Vapekit

We offer the latest refillable pod kits and prefilled liquid pod systems from Innokin, SMOK, Geekvape, Uwell, OneVape, Aspire, MyBlu and Hexa. You will discover vape pod systems that exceed your expectations, but which are within your budget. We also bring you the flavour pods, refillable pods and replacement coils that you need to make the most of your vaping experience. You should definitely explore our comprehensive range of eliquids from the planet’s most popular brands and take advantage of our many vape deals.