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what are vape pods


What Are Pod Systems?

There’s nothing too complex to get your head around here. Pod systems share many of the elements that you will find in traditional e cigs and do the same job. They are user-friendly vaping devices which include a battery. But rather than incorporating a vape tank or vaporiser, they feature pods which push or click into place. The pods may be prefilled or refillable and enable you to enjoy a wide range of flavours.


What are the benefits of pod systems?

There is no such thing as an electronic cigarette which perfectly suits every vaper. The device that you need will depend on your vaping style and priorities. However, vaping pod systems are becoming ever more diverse and can now offer greater functionality. The advanced features could mean that more vapers find what they are looking for in the latest pod systems.


Are pod vaping systems more convenient?

The most immediately obvious benefit of a pod system or pod mod is convenience. If you don’t want to mess around with cleaning your tank or replacing coils, a pod system which utilises prefilled pods such as the MyBlu would be the obvious choice. When the e liquid is exhausted, simply remove the pod, dispose of it and replace it with another. This could be a real boon when you are on the move as there is no topping up required.

Refillable pods enable you to switch flavours when you wish without the need to clean your tank. You can swap your usual flavours for CBD e liquids, for instance, or alternate between menthol and fruit flavours without injecting hints of mint into everything you vape. Kits which utilise refillable pods include the Uwell Caliburn and SMOK Nord.


Are pod vaping systems easy to use?

Many pod systems such as the Innokin MVP boast single button operation. Others, including the Aspire AVP Cube Pod Kit, are draw activated. Your choice: auto or manual firing. There is no complex functionality to master so these systems will appeal to you if you find advanced devices like box mods a little intimidating or have no interest in the finer points of sub ohm vaping. You won’t get temperature control but if you don’t need it, why pay for it?


Are pod vaping systems versatile?

A new generation of pod systems has arrived offering greater functionality and therefore improved versatility. The Geekvape Aegis Boost gives you variable wattage, adjustable airflow and an LED display. You can now enjoy many of the benefits of a vape mod but in a pod system.


Can I use nicotine salt and CBD e liquid with pod systems?

Many vape pod kits are ideal for vaping nic salt e liquids with some even boasting coils optimised for this type of vape juice. As most pod kits are low wattage devices and are not designed to produce significant vapour, they lend themselves to nicotine salt, high nicotine strengths and CBD e liquids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is broken down and becomes less effective when exposed to very high temperatures and so should be vaped using a low wattage e cig. A 30W pod system would do the trick.


Are pod vaping systems compact?

Pod devices tend to be extremely compact and so are highly portable and can slip into your pocket with ease. The Voopoo Argus Air Pod System is just 95mm in length while the Aspire Riil X Pod Kit is only 73.8mm in length.


Are pod vaping systems more discreet to use?

Huge clouds are not the be all and end all for many vapers and that billowing vapour is problematic if you are trying to be discreet. Pod systems give you the flavour and satisfaction that you are looking for but enable you to vape under the radar.


Should I choose prefilled or fillable pod vape pods?

Replaceable pods can be either prefilled (closed) or refillable (open). Closed pods provide the simplicity that you enjoy with cartomizers for cigalikes. They are prefilled with e-liquid and are thrown away when the pod is empty. Using prefilled pods makes life easier but does restrict your choice of flavours. Having said that, there are many amazing flavours available. If you choose the Elf Bar Mate 500, you can enjoy the best of an increasing range of flavours. We are delighted to bring you both the finest pod systems and the flavour pods that you need.

Refillable (open) pods can be topped up when your juice has been exhausted. This means you have a much broader choice of flavours but these pods are not compatible with high VG e liquids. Our range includes replacement/spare refillable pods for the various pod systems. It is always worth investing in a few pods for your device as it will be easier to switch flavours. We also stock the replacement coils that you need.


Are cigalike vape pod systems good for beginners?

Easy to use similar in appearance to traditional cigarettes, cigalikes are good choices for new vapers. We offer 10 Motives cigalikes and compatible cartomizers, featuring menthol and tobacco flavours. Cigalikes can be either rechargeable or disposable. With disposable styles you cannot replace the cartomizer but rather throw away the entire device when the e-liquid has been exhausted.


Is a pod system or cigalike for you?

There is no one size fits all with electronic cigarettes. Every vaper has their own wish list for their device. There are so many e cigs to choose from that you are bound to find one that suits your needs and aspirations. If you value convenience, compact size and ease of use, a pod system could tick all of your boxes. It will ensure that you can get your nicotine hit hassle-free while exploring a variety of e liquid flavours. Vape pen, pod system or box mod? You decide!