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Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks

Featuring the finest tanks and clearomizers from the planet’s most popular vaping brands, our comprehensive range enables you to find the ideal vape tank to partner with your battery or mod. The latest models from Aspire, Innokin, SMOK, GeekVape, Vaporesso and more give you impressive choices whether you favour flavoursome MTL vaping or enjoy sub ohm vaping with amazing clouds. If you are seeking specific functionality including adjustable airflow and compatibility with multiple coils, you'll discover a tank that complements your vaping style and perfectly completes your device. 




Perfect for new and intermediate vapers, our mouth to lung vape tanks deliver great flavour and satisfying puffs. Whether you are assembling your vape kit or you are looking for a replacement tank, the latest MTL models from Aspire and Innokin will serve you well. You really can’t go wrong with these versatile choices from the leading brands that are compatible with High PG and 50/50 e liquids including nic salts flavours.

Clearomizer Tanks

Introducing the replacement clearomizers you need to continue vaping happily! Suitable for beginners, our clearomizers from 88Vape, Aspire, Innokin and Vapouriz are convenient, compact and refillable. Perfectly completing your vape pen, each enables you to choose from a raft of great flavours.


Giving you intense flavour and huge clouds, our sub ohm tanks from Aspire, SMOK, Uwell, Geekvape, Freemax and more are sure to impress. Suitable for experienced vapers, these stylish and high performing tanks are compatible with high VG e liquids, giving you thousands of flavour choices. Each tank would perfectly complete your device or provide the replacement you need to continue vaping uninterrupted.


Aspire vape tanks

Notable for innovation, Aspire has delivered many of the most popular vape tanks ever made. Offering outstanding performance, Aspire vape tanks, including the iconic Nautilus models, remain the go to hardware for many vapers.

Innokin vape tanks

Best known for delivering reliable MTL tanks for beginners, the Innokin range now also features disposable tanks and sub ohm choices including the popular Zlide. You can trust Innokin vape tanks to deliver what you need, regardless of your vaping style.

TECC vape tanks

Exceptional vape tanks at inviting prices from a UK brand! TECC vape tanks feature adjustable airflow and they are compatible with easy to fit coils manufactured by ELEAF. TECC tech gives you affordable hardware without sacrificing performance.

Vapouriz MTL tanks and clearomisers

You might be familiar with Vapouriz e liquids but what about Vapouriz MTL tanks and clearomisers? The hardware has been designed in conjunction with Innokin and so you can expect reliable performance at affordable prices.

Popular Sub-ohm Vape Tank Brands

SMOK vape tanks

Synonymous with innovation and vaping firsts, the SMOK vape tanks range gives you exciting choices. SMOK TFV tanks are compatible with multiple coils, enabling you to tailor your draws and perfectly customise your vaping experience.

GeekVape sub ohm tanks

These leakproof GeekVape sub ohm tanks have found favour with many vapers and for good reason. Stylish design meets advanced performance in vape tanks that deliver both exceptional flavour and impressive clouds.

Vaporesso sub ohm tanks

Why not continue your vaping journey with one of the impressive Vaporesso sub ohm tanks? The tanks are certainly impressing vapers who appreciate amazing flavour, a choice of coils and huge clouds. What more could you ask for?

Uwell vape tanks

You’ll do well with Uwell! Offering a compelling combo of style, quality, performance and value, Uwell tanks impress on every level and feature patented coil cleaning technology for longer-lasting performance.


Vape Tank Buying Guide


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How to choose the best sub ohm tank


How to clean a vape tank


Vape Tank FAQs

What are vape tanks?

Vape tanks are vital components of electronic cigarettes. They are e liquid reservoirs featuring heating coils and mouthpieces that are attached to the battery or mod of an e cig. When the device is fired, the coils heat up and vaporise the e liquid in the tank. The vapour can then be inhaled via the mouthpiece. 

How are vape tanks used?

A vape tank is an e liquid reservoir featuring a heating coil (atomiser head) and a mouthpiece. Tanks are components of electronic cigarettes and are attached to the battery or mod. When you fire the device, the coils heat up and vaporise e liquid so that you can inhale it through the mouthpiece.

Can any tank go on any vape?  

Most tanks feature what is known as a 510 connection which is compatible with most vape batteries and vape mods. However, a tank must also have coils that are compatible with the battery or mod.  A mouth to lung tank with high resistance coils is suitable for low wattage batteries. A sub ohm tank with low resistance coils is suitable for sub ohm, direct to lung devices that can produce higher outputs.  Some vape tanks are compatible with a series of coils boasting a variety of resistances and so are suitable to use with most batteries and mods. In addition, if you are using a vape pen, the diameter of your tank must match the diameter of your battery. Tanks are generally designed to be partnered with batteries and mods from the same manufacturer, but many can be paired with hardware from other brands. Our product descriptions provide the information you need to choose an appropriate tank for both your vaping style and your device. 

Are vape tanks interchangeable?

You cannot fit any tank to any battery or mod. While most tanks feature industry standard 510 connections, the tank you choose must feature coils that are suitable for your battery. For low wattage batteries you require a mouth to lung tank with high resistance coils. For high wattage devices you need a sub ohm tank with low resistance coils. To take advantage of temperature control (TC) mode, you require a tank compatible with titanium or stainless steel coils suitable for TC vaping. If you use a vape pen, your tank must have the same diameter as your battery. Sometimes tanks are designed to be partnered with batteries from the same manufacturer, but many are compatible with devices from other brands.

What is a 510 connector?  

510 is the type of connection that has become standard for most vaping hardware. It is referred to as 510 because it features a 5mm long male connection and 5mm deep female connection and there are 10 threads – 5 on the male connector and five on the female connector. A vape tank or clearomiser with a 510 connector can be screwed onto any battery or mod that also features a 510 connector.

What is a mouth to lung vape tank?

There are two types of inhale – mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL). Mouth to lung inhales are similar to those you take with a traditional cigarette. You draw the vapour into your mouth and then into your lungs. MTL tanks feature high resistance coils that produce limited vaper and a cool feel. They are good choices for beginners and are compatible with low wattage batteries and e liquids that are high in PG.

What is a sub ohm vape tank?

Sub ohm tanks are those that feature coils with resistances of 0.9ohm or lower. They produce significant vapour and warmer inhales than tanks with high resistance coils. Sub ohm tanks are suitable for direct to lung draws. They are compatible with high wattage devices and e liquids that are high in VG.

How much does a vape tank hold? 

The capacity of vape tanks varies but most hold 2ml of e liquid. 2ml is the largest capacity permitted under current UK and EU regulations. However, expansion glass is available for some vape tanks. This means you can replace the original glass with what is known as a bubble to expand the capacity of your tank. Bubble glass is sold separately and is produced by manufacturers to get around the regulations.

Why are vape tanks only 2ml? 

The capacity of vape tanks sold in the UK and the EU is restricted to a maximum of 2ml under the current regulations. As these are EU regulations and the UK has left the EU, it is possible that the restrictions will be relaxed in the future.

Why do vape tanks leak?

There are several reasons why your vape tank may leak. Overfilling your tank could certainly cause it to leak. In addition, coils that have reached the end of their lives do not vaporise e liquid efficiently and this can lead to juice collecting in the coil and then leaching out of the tank or mouthpiece. If your battery is low on charge, you might be forced to draw harder on your device, causing too much e liquid to be pulled into the coil and then to leak out. If you haven’t purchased your tank from an authorised stockist of the brand, it could be a fake and therefore substandard. Fake tanks and coils won’t perform well and may not fit correctly to your device. Either way, they may start to leak.

What vape tanks don’t leak? 

It is possible that any vape tank could leak. This may happen because you have overfilled the tank, your coil needs to be replaced or your battery is low on charge. However, certain tanks, such as the GeekVape Zeus, are designed to be particularly resistant to leakage. 

Do you have to replace vape tanks?

Vape tanks are simple pieces of hardware that are fashioned from metal and glass. The tank itself could last for years unless you break it but the atomiser head (coil) will not. Your coil will need to be replaced regularly. How regularly will depend on how heavily you vape, the construction of the coil and the e liquid you have chosen. Tanks have glass elements which can break if you knock or drop your device. Replacement glass is available for some tanks but if you can’t replace the glass, you will have to discard a broken tank and invest in a new one.

What is the most durable vape tank?

It isn’t really possible to characterise any tank as being more durable than another. All tanks are made of metal and glass or metal and plastic. The glass and plastic elements are vulnerable to breakage if you knock or drop your device. You can protect your tank by fitting a silicone band around it.

How long do disposable vape tanks last?

Disposable vape tanks are fashioned from plastic. They are quite robust, but it is possible the break them if you knock or drop your device. Once cracked, the tank must be replaced. Disposable tanks can be refilled with e liquid but they have built-in coils that cannot be replaced. For this reason, disposable vape tanks will only last as long as the coil does. The lifespan of the coil will depend on how heavily you vape and the VG/PG ratio of your e liquid. Juice that is high in VG will clog the coil quicker than juice that is high in PG.

Do vape tanks come with coils?

Most vape tanks are supplied with a coil installed and many with a second coil. If the tank is compatible with a range of coils, the second coil may have a different resistance to the installed coil, enabling you to choose which coil you prefer.

What vape tank has the longest lasting coils?

Coils vary in their longevity. The lifespan of a coil will depend on how intensively you vape, the construction of the coil and the VG/PG ratio of your e liquid. In general, low resistance (sub ohm) coils won’t last as long as high resistance coils. This is because they are compatible with e liquids that are high in VG. These are thicker in consistency and so quickly clog coils. Mesh coils tend to last longer than regular coils and ceramic coils last longest of all.

What is the best vape tank UK? 

All genuine, branded vape tanks sold in the UK are subject to strict regulations and rigorous testing. Each will perform well, and the best tank is a matter of personal taste, your priorities (flavour, clouds, top fill, bottom fill etc) and your level of experience. Mouth to lung tanks are ideal for beginners and feature high resistance coils that deliver discreet vapour. Direct to lung, sub ohm tanks are suitable for experienced vapers and give you more intense flavour together with bigger clouds. You must choose a tank that is compatible with your battery or mod. You could also choose a tank for its styling as well as for its performance. If you would enjoy customising your vape, select a tank that is compatible with a series of coils. SMOK tanks are excellent options if you fancy having a wide range of coils to choose from.

Who makes the best vape tanks?

The tanks manufactured by the popular brands including SMOK, Aspire, Innokin and GeekVape will all perform well. The best tank for one vaper may not suit the needs of another. The best tank for you will depend on your vaping style, your budget and the nature of your battery or mod. Our product descriptions contain the information you need to find a great tank that is compatible with your battery or mod and one that suits the way you like to vape.

What is the best sub ohm tank for flavor?

All the sub ohm tanks offered by the popular brands will perform well on flavour. The quality of the flavour you experience will depend on the coil you have installed, the operating mode you have selected, and the output wattage you have chosen. Flavours react differently to these factors and so you may need to engage in a little trial and error to find the best coil and settings for each e liquid. 

What is the most powerful vape tank? 

It isn’t the vape tank that provides the power for an electronic cigarette, it is the battery or mod. The battery sends power to the coil in the vape tank which then heats up and vaporises the e liquid. Tanks fitted with low resistance (sub ohm) coils are compatible with the more powerful mods.

Does higher ohms mean better flavour? 

The flavour you experience when you vape will be partly determined by the resistance of your coil. Low resistance coils get hotter than high resistance coils. Higher ohms therefore mean cooler vapes. Some flavours taste better at high temperatures, some at low temperatures. You may need to experiment to find the sweet spot for each e liquid.

Are vape tanks supposed to get hot?

Vape tanks can get hot, especially if you take several puffs in quick succession. The heat is simply that radiated by the coils and they are designed to get hot. Your tank will cool down on its own if you stop vaping for a while. A hot tank isn’t usually a matter of concern. Metal mouthpieces (drip tips) can also get hot as the metal conducts heat. This is why many devices now feature a Delrin drip tip that is a poor heat conductor and so remains cool. 

Can you wash vape tanks?

You can clean both your tank and replaceable coils. It’s worth cleaning your tank if you are switching flavours, but you might find that the process of cleaning your coils isn’t worth undertaking given the minimal extra coil life that you will achieve. Cleaning may only remove some of the residue that has accumulated and will not address burnt wicking. 

To clean your tank:

  • Remove the coil
  • Remove the mouthpiece
  • Place your tank in warm, soapy water and swish it around
  • Rinse the tank
  • Dry the tank thoroughly with a lint-free cloth      

To clean your coils, follow these steps:

  • Remove the coil from your device
  • Soak the coil in ethanol, vinegar or vodka for 2 hours or more
  • Rinse the coil under the tap
  • Rinse the coil again using distilled water
  • Blow air through the coil to ensure water passes through the wicking holes
  • Leave the coil to dry and don’t reinstall it until the water has completely evaporated

Does vape juice go bad in tank?

You would normally vape all the juice in your tank long before it could degrade. However, if you leave a full tank in a drawer for a while, the nicotine in the juice will start to oxidise and the eliquid will darken in colour. It is still OK to vape e liquid after it has changed colour, but eventually the nicotine may oxidise to the point where the flavour is impacted. E liquids do have use-by dates and so it best not to vape any juice that may be out of date.