20 Gross & Gruesome Facts About The Human Body

Strap yourself in for another look at the weird and wonderful world of the human body and all the gross and gruesome facts that we’d probably rather not know. But now you’re too curious not to know, so you’d better take a look…

Due to the success of our last infographic of weird and wonderful health and body facts we decided to do another one. But this time, with Halloween rapidly approaching, we decided to home in on the more grisly facts to make your toes curl and your stomach churn.

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We don’t want to give away too many spoilers but who would have guessed that we all have hundreds of tiny critters living in our eyelashes. Yes, you read that right! Gross eh? And they don’t even pay you rent.

In fact, we are all absolutely covered in micro-organisms. So next time you scold the dog for bringing fleas into the house just remember you’ve got several billion uninvited guests camped out on your body. We’re basically just huge housing estates for bugs! Yuk.

Anyway, before you run off to take a shower check out some more of our (mostly unpleasant) facts about the wonder that is the human body.

Happy reading…

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