The Dangers Of Secondhand Smoke For Children

The health risks associated with smoking are now widely known, but the dangers of secondhand smoke are often ignored or underestimated.

In particular children can suffer significant health problems as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke in homes and cars as our infographic below explains.

You’d have to have been living in a cave for the last 20 or 30 years to not now be aware that smoking really is very bad for you. Big Tobacco companies have pretty much given up even trying to pretend their product doesnt kill you (in the developed world at least). In a recent BBC Radio 4 interview Philip Morris CEO Andre Calantzopoulos went so far as to admit that his company’s products are both addictive and harmful.

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Thankfully the number of smokers in the UK continues to decline steadily – just 16.9% of adults in the UK now smoke, down from closer to 50% in 1974. Even though these numbers are encouraging, Doctors point out that about 200 people a day still die prematurely in England alone as a result of heart attacks, strokes and other preventable conditions caused by smoking.

One subject however that doesn’t get quite as much media attention is that of the effects of secondhand smoke – and in particular the effects this can have on children. We have therefore prepared an infographic to explain how secondhand smoke can be harmful for children as well as some tips to minimise the risks if you, or anyone in your household, smokes.

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