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Vampire Vape E Liquid

Vampire Vape E Liquid

The team at Vampire Vape had been creating flavours for 35 years before turning their attention to e liquids. With their extensive experience and impressive facilities, they were able to sink their teeth into their new project with gusto. From the outset, they produced amazing blood, oops! We mean Juice!

The bestselling 10ml e liquids from Vampire Vape are available in 54 flavours including the iconic Heisenberg and Pinkman, as well as Black Ice, Raspberry Sorbet, Pear Drops, Crushed Candy, Cool Red Lips and Berry Menthol to name but a few. If you're trying to quit smoking there are familiar tobacco flavoured options like Smooth Western and Vanilla Tobacco. The range features a variety of nicotine strengths together with bases suitable for mouth to lung vape kits, pod systems and sub ohm devices. You'll enjoy sampling the many choices and our 10ml eliquid multi-buy deals give you the lower prices you need to explore the range.

POPULAR vampire vape 10mls

The enticing Vampire Vape Nic Salts range includes a variety of delicious flavours including Black Jack, Ice Menthol and Sweet Lemon Pie. Salt nicotine gives you purer flavour, smoother throat hits and quicker relief from your cravings. The nic salts e liquids boast 50VG/50PG bases and are available in 20mg nic salt as well as 10mg. They are suitable for most beginner vape pens, pod kits and starter kits. Why not sample an amazing variety of flavours without breaking the bank by taking advantage of our multibuy deals?

POPULAR vampire vape nic salts

Vampire Vape Shortz 50ml Shortfills

Inspired by favourite slushies and beverages, the Vampire Vape Shortz series is a collection of tempting e liquids that you shouldn’t miss. Every flavour is unique and nicotine-free but the 50ml of juice is supplied in a short fill bottle to which you can add your nicotine shot. With their 70VG bases, Shortz e liquids are suitable for sub ohm tanks and deliver impressive clouds.

Vampire Vape Koncept 50ml Shortfills

You will love this tempting collection of celebrated Vampire Vape flavours including such tasty treats as Sweet Lemon Pie, Blood Sukka and Catapult. Each e liquid in the Vampire Vape Koncept series is nicotine-free but is supplied in a 50ml shortfill bottle to which you can add your nicotine shot. The 70VG bases are ideal for sub ohm set-ups and give you amazing clouds.

POPULAR vampire vape 50ml Shortfills

Vlad's VG High VG 10ml E Liquids

What’s not to like about new high VG versions of Vampire Vape’s most popular flavours? Iconic recipes including Heisenberg and Pinkman have been treated to very special makeovers and the resulting 70VG Vlad's VG e liquids are devilishly good.

Geek Bars with Vampire Vape E Liquid Flavours

Did you know that handy disposable Geek Bars are available prefilled with popular Vampire Vape flavours? You can enjoy the convenience of disposable vape pens loaded with amazing flavours such as Heisenberg, All Day Grape and Mango Ice.

Dot Pro Vape Pod Kits with Vampire Vape E Liquid Flavours

Compact, streamlined, and user-friendly, Dot Pro pod vape kits are available with Vampire Vape flavour pods included. These affordable kits allow you to enjoy the most popular Vampire Vape flavours whilst benefitting from the convenience of disposable vape pods.

Dot Pro Replacement Pods with Vampire Vape E Liquid Flavours

These packs of 2 replacement pods for the popular Dot Pro device feature favourite flavours from the Vampire Vape range. Each of the prefilled pods is loaded with 2ml of nicotine salts e liquid giving you hundreds of tasty puffs and speedy relief of your cravings.

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PG/VG E Liquid Base Mix

DIY E Liquid Bases

Why not complete your DIY e liquids with high quality base mixes from Vampire Vape? The 50VG and 70VG base mixes are available in 100ml and 500ml bottles to suit your needs. Combine them with your favourite eliquid flavour concentrates and then add your nicotine shots to create your unique and delicious vape juice.

E Liquid Concentrates

E Liquid Concentrates

From Vamp Toes to Bat Juice and from Heisenberg to Pinkman, you can enjoy your favourite Vampire Vape flavours and yet still mix your own juice. The finest DIY e liquids are much easier to achieve with these fabulous 100PG Vampire Vape flavour concentrates. Why not give your DIY juice some bite!

Nicotine Shots

Nic Shots

Introducing Vampire Vape Nicit Up nicotine shots! Perfect  for completing your shortfill e liquids or DIY recipes, the shots are available with a variety of bases to suit your juice and in strengths of 18MG. Don’t miss the Nicit Up Ice shot which will lend a frosty twist to any flavour.

Fancy getting creative with your vape juice? The Vampire Vape DIY E Liquid range features everything you need to mix your own e liquids including flavour concentrates, base liquids and nicotine shots. You can mix larger quantities of your favourite recipes that boast your preferred base and nicotine strength, and save a few quid into the bargain.

Vampire Vape Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vampire Vape safe?

Vampire Vape e liquids are made in the UK from the finest ingredients and in a state of the art cleanroom. The business is ISO 9001 Compliant and every bottle of eliquid, base mix or flavour concentrate is fully traceable. All ingredients used including batches of nicotine are also traceable to their source. Vampire Vape products are fully regulated and safe.

Is Vampire Vape good?

One of the biggest brands in the vaping world, Vampire Vape is recognised as a producer of superior quality vape liquid and DIY e liquid ingredients. The business has produced many celebrated flavours including perhaps the world’s most popular choice – Heisenberg. The company’s strict safety protocols and delicious flavours make vampire Vape a brand you can trust.

Does Vampire Vape contain diacetyl?

Vampire Vape products are all fully TPD compliant and so are free of diacetyl. They are manufactured under strict safety protocols and each bottle of e liquid, base liquid, nicotine or concentrate is fully traceable.

Is Vampire Vape 50/50?

The e liquids offered by Vampire Vape feature a variety of base liquid ratios including 50VG/50PG. The majority of the standard 10ml e liquids - which are the most popular - are however 40VG/60PG. In the 10mls range the 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strength options are all 40VG/60PG. Only the 3mg nicotine strength is 50/50.

The other 50/50 flavours in the liquid 10ml bottle range are the nic salt e liquids. You could also choose 70VG e liquids for sub ohm vaping from the Vlad’s VG, Koncept and Shortz ranges. 

Who owns Vampire Vape?

The parent company of the Vampire Vape brand is Flavour Warehouse. The business was started by Phil Boyle in 2012. Flavour Warehouse is now the largest independent vape company in the UK.

Where is Vampire Vape located?

Flavour warehouse, the parent company of Vampire Vape, is based in Darwen, Lancashire. However, since its foundation in 2012, the business has expanded internationally and operates in more than 80 countries worldwide via a network of franchises, distributors and resellers.

Where can you buy Vampire Vape?

You can purchase Vampire Vape products from many authorised retailers including Vapekit. We are delighted to offer you an extensive range of Vampire Vape products including e liquids, nicotine shots, base mixes and Flavour concentrates. You can also explore the Dot Pro pod kits and pods featuring Vampire Vape flavours.

How do you mix Vampire Vape eliquids?

The exciting Vampire range includes base mixes, flavour concentrates and nicotine shots. These enable you to mix your juice in large quantities and just the way you like it. To mix your e liquids, you will need to add your chosen concentrate and nicotine shot to the base liquid. You must feature the correct proportion of each ingredient in your juice. Our product listings include the recommended concentration of flavour to use. You may need to take advantage of an online eliquid calculator to fine-tune your recipes. Please see our dedicated guide to mixing with Vampire Vape for more detailed instructions.

How do you open Vampire Vape bottles?

Vampire Vape e liquids are supplied in bottles with childproof caps to prevent little fingers accidently opening them. Unfortunately, the caps can also flummox adults! Childproof caps feature inner and outer sections that must be connected before they will unscrew. To open a Vampire Vape bottle, push down on the cap to connect the two sections before twisting it.

What flavour is Vampire Vape Pinkman?

The team at Vampire Vape keep their Pinkman recipe close to their chests. But we can tell you that it gives you a sweet mixed fruit blend with grapefruit highlights and yes, it is pink! There are several versions of Pinkman to choose from including 70VG, 40VG and 50VG with nic salts.

What flavour is Vampire Vape Heisenberg?

The recipe of this iconic flavour is a closely guarded secret and Heisenberg seems to taste a little different to every vaper. It is an enigmatic blend of mixed berries, aniseed and menthol notes that has taken the world by storm. There are many versions of Heisenberg and so whatever device you are using, you can top up with this classic vape liquid by Vampire Vape.

How much nicotine is in Vampire Vape?

Vampire Vape e liquids are available in a variety of nicotine strengths. Standard 10ml flavours are available with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg while the 50ml shortfill e liquids are nicotine-free. If you prefer salt nicotine to freebase nicotine, Vampire Vape nic salts e liquids are available in strengths of 10mg and 20mg.