Hot Weather Challenges for Vapers

The summer is currently delivering glorious weather in the UK, but this time of year poses a unique set of challenges to e-cig users. From the possibility of battery damage and sand in your tank to the sticky mess seeping from your device, hot weather needs to be planned for.

summer vapingVape juice and hot sun

E-liquid becomes thinner and runnier as it gets warmer. Eventually, it becomes so thin that it can begin to flood the atomiser deck of your tank.

To overcome any leaking problems you may be experiencing, try using more cotton wool in your wick if you build your own coils. Failing that, try a more viscous juice – one with a higher proportion of VG (vegetable glycerine). Thicker liquids flow more slowly to the coil, which can cause problems in mouth to lung atomisers normally but are better during long hot summer days.

Alternatively, keep your e-liquid in the fridge during the day and consider transporting it in a cool box when you are out and about.

Tanks and hot sun

Another solution to leaking tanks due to the e-liquid becoming thinner is to use a different style of tank instead.

Most atomisers/tanks on the market tend to be bottom airflow varieties. Pick up a top airflow tank and say goodbye to the issue of juice flooding out of the base of your atty.

Or maybe this would be an ideal time to try squonking? Squonkers store all the juice in a squishy bottle inside the mod, under a small dripping atomiser. The only thing you’ll need to change will be how hard you squeeze e-liquid up to the coil.

Batteries and hot sun

Lithium-ion cells do not like extremes of hot or cold – so are susceptible to having issues during heatwaves. Keep them out of direct sunlight in the home and never leave them unattended in a car, loose or in a mod.

Extreme temperatures generated in cars can cause the batteries to go into thermal runaway, and there have been recorded incidents of li-ion cells causing car fires.

E-liquid flavours and hot sun

Custards and sweet vapes may be your preferred juice normally, but they do seem to attract flying things that sting. Maybe, during these golden days, you might want to try swapping over to more savoury or tobacco flavours for a bit.

Also, some find using a menthol juice or swapping out their normal nic shot for an ice shot to bring a bit of relief when things are getting toasty.

Vaping and hot sun on day trips

Maybe you’re heading to a park for a smashing picnic. Possibly, you are off to the seaside. Either way, taking vaping equipment out on hot days means a bit of extra planning.

Put your batteries in one sellable plastic container, your equipment in another, and your liquids in a third. Think about packing them to keep them cool and make sure you take along some kitchen towel just in case of accidents.

Ziplock bags are also excellent at helping to keep sand and grass out of your drip tips and tanks.

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