smoking cessation trial 04/12/2023

Is Vaping At Least 95% Safer?

A “top paediatrician” has attacked Public Health England’s 2015 “95% safer” figure, blaming it for misleading the public and giving the industry the opportunity to claim vapes are risk-free. It follows some vocal opponents at the British Medical Association also attacking the figure. Leading charity Action on Smoking and Health has spoken out in defence of vapes. So, is vaping at least 95% safer than smoking?

no to smoking 03/12/2023

Vapers Ask For The Right To Health

Over twenty organisations representing the voices of vapers around the world and expert harm reduction advocates have added their signatures to a letter addressed to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. They wrote to point out that vaping is integral in the fight against smoking related diseases and constitutes a ‘Right to Health’ for global citizens.

smoking vs vaping 02/12/2023

New Evidence for Health Professionals

When it comes to the education for health professionals about vaping, there is no greater source than the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT). It provides training resources, clinical tools and access to the very best of research findings. The NCSCT has now released a new version of its vapes and vaping guide for health and social care professionals and believes it will have a substantial impact on the quality of advice being given.

vape being thrown in a bin 28/11/2023

Two Million Reasons To Be Considerate

Every second that ticks by on a UK clock sees an additional three disposable vapes dumped onto a street, discarded into a verge, or thrown into a normal bin. The problem has grown to such an alarming level that companies are conducting research, politicians are thumping the air, and campaigners are loudly demanding action. The problem caused by casually discarded vapes leads to litter, toxins leaching into the earth, a loss of valuable materials, and an increasing risk of danger from fires in bin lorries and waste processing centres. What... Read More

smoking vs vaping 02/10/2023
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Journalists Hunt For The Truth About Vaping

A pair of journalists who work for The i newspaper have attempted to work out what is true about vaping. Tom Chivers and Stuart Ritchie both cover science stories and have been confused by the polarised and conflicting information when it comes to vaping. They wanted to know why there are diametrically opposed opinions on vaping – and all coming from “seemingly authoritative sources”.

cochrane quit smoking 01/10/2023

Vaping Works Better Than Stop Smoking Drugs

The latest evidence from the data amassed by Cochrane Review shows that smokers trying to switch to vaping are more likely to quit tobacco use than if they used the stop smoking medications varenicline or cytisine. One expert in smoking cessation says the time is now for local authority quit services to begin encouraging smokers to vape if they don’t already do so.

vaping devices 29/09/2023
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Vape Trade Welcomes The Good News

Trade organisation the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) has welcomed the “good news” contained within Action on Smoking and Health’s (ASH) latest YouGov survey findings. The annual study of vaping habits and behaviours has discovered record levels of people have managed to escape tobacco addiction by switching to vaping.

disposable vape pens 28/09/2023

Dial Turned Up on Disposables

Aberdeen Council has announced that a plan to ban cash sales of disposable vapes, restricting them to card-only instore purchases. At a wider level, Scotland’s First Minister welcomed minsters back to Parliament with a promise to “take action” on single-use ecigs. Coming in the same week as a report documented a quadrupling of disposables being dumped instead of recycled and a Bill presented to UK MPs to crack down on advertising and marketing – could we be entering the end times for a product previously welcomed as a godsend for... Read More

is vaping dangerous? 27/09/2023
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Positive Vape Evidence Grows

As misinformation abounds, and our recent article showed, even doctors are confused about the health benefits offered by switching from smoking to vaping. This is especially true when applied to chest issues such as COPD and wheezing. Naturally, this can cause concerns, but the scientific evidence is strong and continues to amass.

vaping vs smoking 26/09/2023
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Industry Clears The Air

Industry organisation the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) has launched a national campaign “to clear the air” about vaping. It has grown concerned about misinformation sowing confusion in smokers and the wider public and hopes that its six-month drive will “clear the air of confusion” by highlighting the “research that underlines the importance of vaping in helping smokers to quit.”