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Worldwide Regulation of the Vaping Industry (Ultimate Guide)

*** Updated 9th September 2021 *** From a political and regulatory standpoint, vaping is easily one of the most divisive topics in the world. The vaping regulations of the region in which you live, in fact, may have a substantial influence on the way you feel about vaping. If you live in the United Kingdom, for instance, you probably see vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking and recognise it as something that’s helping smokers quit – even if you don’t vape or smoke yourself.

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E-cigarettes Are Kinder To The Environment

Smoking has a huge environmental impact; from the single use plastics to the toxic heavy metals leaching into the soil, there is no end to the damage tobacco causes. Switching to vaping is known to improve your health, as stated by researchers at University College London, but it is also a far more environmentally friendly way to consume nicotine.

fake or fact 19/11/2021

Journalist Highlights Problem of eCigarette Disinformation

The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) has praised the work of journalist Doctor Miriam Stoppard for highlighting the problem with misinformation about electronic cigarettes. Vapekit is a proud member of the IBVTA and welcomes the work done to address misperceptions about vaping and vape devices.

houses of parliament 18/11/2021

Parliament Welcomes eCigarette Prescription Plan

UK politicians have welcomed the news that electronic cigarettes might be available on prescription. Following the announcement, debates were held in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. While concerns were raised, support for vaping remains largely positive within the Palace of Westminster.

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Cochrane Review of eCigarettes Remains Positive

The latest update for the Cochrane living systematic review looking at electronic cigarette efficacy and safety remains positive, showing they work best for smokers and there’s still no evidence of harm. The study is fully funded by Cancer Research UK and is totally independent from the influence of the tobacco and vaping industries.

man vaping on the pavement 14/11/2021

Government Blocks Pavement Vape Ban

The UK Government has stated that it has no intention to implement a national pavement ban on vaping outside of drinking and eating establishments. Despite pressure from some politicians and pressure groups, Boris Johnson’s administration is leaving it up to local authorities. The worrying thing here is that some believe the move has validity.

vape conference 13/11/2021

The World Health Organisation’s Vape Conference

Governments that signed up to the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention for Tobacco Control have sent delegates to this year’s Conference of Parties (COP9). Despite a commitment to openness and transparency, the WHO has again banned consumer organisations, e-cig consumers, and independent journalists from viewing the proceedings.

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Massive Boost for E-cigarettes in the UK

Electronic cigarettes and vaping in the UK have been delivered a massive boost with the news that the Government is encouraging manufacturers to apply for medical licensing. This means e-cig starter kits could be made available by prescription from doctors and reinforces that vaping works as a smoking cessation tool.

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Vape in the UK & Worldwide?

The main reason people switch to vaping is because they see it as a healthier alternative and a means to quit smoking once and for all. Smoking leads to numerous health problems that degrade your lifestyle and worsen your physical condition. Thus, vaping has become a choice of many who enjoy nicotine but do not want to consume any other harmful substances that come with a cigarette. With the growing popularity of vaping in the UK and worldwide in recent years, some countries started regulating the market to make it... Read More