Image showing the planet with the headline worldwide regulations of the vaping industry 11/08/2021

Worldwide Regulation of the Vaping Industry (Ultimate Guide)

*** Updated 9th September 2021 *** From a political and regulatory standpoint, vaping is easily one of the most divisive topics in the world. The vaping regulations of the region in which you live, in fact, may have a substantial influence on the way you feel about vaping. If you live in the United Kingdom, for instance, you probably see vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking and recognise it as something that’s helping smokers quit – even if you don’t vape or smoke yourself.

smiling vaper 17/09/2021

Safer Than Smoking Month News Articles

An international advocacy organisation has declared September to be “Safer Than Smoking” month and is encouraging vapers to use social media to make an impact. The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO) has provided many templates and includes a reference to a supporting piece of evidence which you can copy and paste.

vape devices 08/09/2021

How much can vaping cost if you want to splurge?

A major reason given by smokers for switching to vaping can be the saving you can make from not buying tobacco products, second only to the desire to improve their health. But, if you have deep enough pockets or are unfortunate to visit the wrong country, it is possible for you to spend a considerable amount of money.

smoke alarm 07/09/2021
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Does Vaping Set Off Smoke Detectors?

Whether you are heading off for a holiday, a staycation, or visiting a public space, the chances are you’ll encounter a sign saying they can detect people vaping. So, what is the truth behind this, what detectors exist, and can people detect someone having a vape?

plain packaging 05/09/2021

Changes For Vaping in the UK: 2021

Things have been very stable in the world of vaping for a number of years, but this is changing during the course of 2021. The ones that have been planned are welcomed and will maintain confidence in vape and eliquid products, but things are happening behind the scenes that might have a negative impact on British vapers.

woman vaping 04/09/2021

The Wonder Of Vapebands – A Great Invention

The humble vapeband came into being as glass tanks began to sell in numbers and people discovered what can happen when one is dropped. Not only does it offer a colourful way for companies to advertise their products, but it has a surprising number of other uses.

burning cigarette and tobacco 03/09/2021

What vaping advocates are currently doing to promote ecigs

Organisations campaigning on behalf of ecig users are currently very busy – but who are they are what are they doing? In this feature we will cover work being conducted by the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA), We Vape, Global Britain, the World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA), and the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO).

man saying no to cigarette 02/09/2021

The Dual Benefits of eCigarettes for Users

Two experts talk about smoking cessation support for dual users of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Jamie Brown and Lion Shahab are a pair of researchers at University College London who have conducted many studies looking at different aspects of vaping.

woman with lungs hurting 27/08/2021

I quit smoking so why do my lungs hurt?

Quitting smoking is the most significant thing you can do to improve your health. Your body will begin to heal itself just minutes after you smoke your last cigarette. But you could find that you feel worse rather than better in the days and weeks after you stop smoking. You could experience a range of annoying side effects, including a persistent cough.

insomnia 20/08/2021

I quit smoking and I now can’t sleep

If you have recently quit smoking, you may be experiencing a frustrating paradox. Quitters often report that they feel drowsy in the day but that they cannot sleep at night. Naturally, the insomnia makes the daytime fatigue even worse. Why could you struggle to sleep when you quit smoking and is there anything you can do to avoid insomnia?

tired smoker 19/08/2021

I quit smoking and I am now so tired

It is vital for your health that you quit smoking, but you will experience a variety of side effects that will make life difficult. Many quitters report that they are experiencing bouts of drowsiness during the day together with concentration issues. Why does quitting induce fatigue and how do you stay alert?