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homeless man smoking 08/05/2021

Helping The Homeless

A research team including Lynne Dawkins, Linda Bauld, Peter Hajek, and Sharon Cox (among others) has conducted a feasibility trial to assess the potential to engage with people accessing homeless services to support smoking cessation. They found that vaping vastly improved outcomes compared to the usual care offered.

A near perfect MTL vape kit Zelos 3 06/05/2021
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Aspire Zelos 3 Kit & Nautilus 3 Tank Review

Here’s a closer look at the all new Aspire Zelos 3 Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping kit which comes bundled with the latest Nautilus 3 tank, spoiler alert; this is one of the best traditional mod and tank MTL kits I’ve tested, Aspire nailed it. RRP = £54.99 Aspire appear to be on a roll with some superb products in 2021 and the Zelos 3 kit ticks all the boxes for Mouth To Lung (MTL) users, this kit features the latest version of the Nautilus 3 tank which takes... Read More

brexit 06/05/2021

How Can Brexit Benefit Vaping?

Experts and politicians are speaking out about the potential for tobacco harm reduction to benefit in our post-Brexit society. Until now, we have been restricted in our endeavours by Europe’s Tobacco Products Directive. Now the legislation is going to be changed and there are a number of changes, prohibited to European countries, that could help us achieve the Smoke-Free 2030 target.

cigarette pack with warning 05/05/2021

Nic Warnings Are Pointless

Users of vape products have noticed the leaflets stuffed into their products boxes since the European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was implemented in England in May 2017, but they pay no attention to them say a team of researchers.

cotton wick on exposed vape coil 03/05/2021

Vaping In The UK – Part 2

The early vaping scene mixed users of basic Chinese products with those moving over to low volume hand crafted atomisers. People began experimenting with different wicks, the microcoil became a thing, and then metals other than Kanthal became popular. Methods of vaping expanded from “mouth to lung” to include “direct to lung”

smokeless non tobacco cigarette patent 02/05/2021

Vaping In The UK – Part 1

No vaporising device that resembled a vaping device existed prior to 1963. Then an American gentleman named H A Gilbert filed his patent for a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”. His patent expired in 1982 and the world didn’t notice. It wasn’t until a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik made his version in 2003 did vaping make progress, something which has taken the UK by storm.