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Pods & Refills

Vape Pods & Refills

Compact and user-friendly, pod vape kits and pod mod kits provide excellent introductions to vaping and can also suit more experienced vapers. A variety of pod systems are available to suit your needs including open and closed pod systems. Those featuring prefilled vape pods offer the ultimate convenience. But you may prefer the greater versatility of refillable vape pods and replaceable vape coils. Either way, right here, you will find the replacement vape pods and pod refills that you need to continue vaping happily and uninterrupted with your pod mod vape.






Prefilled e liquid pods keep things nice and simple. Just vape until the juice runs dry, discard the pod and start vaping with another. You will discover pre-filled pod refills for myblu, Vuse, Dot Pro, Elf Bar, Logic, Liberty Flights and Hexa pod mods and pod vape systems that give you diverse flavours to enjoy, many featuring salt nicotine. Our special offers and multibuy deals will ensure that you can stock up on the vape pods you need without breaking the bank.


Refillable E Liquid Pods

Delivering a hassle-free vaping experience while enabling you to choose from an impressive range of e liquids, refillable e liquid pods for pod vaping devices have much to recommend them. You can vape your favourite flavours, but you will never have to change your vape coils when you invest in refillable pods for Vaporesso, Vapouriz, 88Vape and Uwell pod kits or pod mod. 

Refillable pods with replaceable coils

Stock up now on refillable pods with replaceable coils for Uwell, SMOK, Aspire, Geekvape and Voopoo pod kits. You can vape all your favourite flavours with these vape pod devices, so grab some tasty juice while you are here. Our range also features the replacement coils you need to continue vaping uninterrupted with these pod system kits and pod mod kits.


Elf Bar nic salts pod refills

If you have chosen a snazzy and affordable Elfa Pod Kit or Elf Bar Mate P1, here is a feast of flavours. Each Elfa or Mate P1 prefilled vape pod is loaded with 2ml of e liquid featuring nic salts for smooth hits and speedy relief of your cravings.

myblu e liquid pod refills

Continue your vaping journey with the convenient myblu prefilled pods, featuring delicious fruit, menthol and tobacco flavours. With salt nicotine choices in the mix, you can look forward to enjoying many tasty and satisfying puffs with one of our pod vape systems.

Vuse E Liquid Pods

Offering diverse choices and impressive convenience, Vuse prefilled e liquid pods feature fruit, tobacco and menthol flavours that you will love. You will also enjoy the benefits of salt nicotine when you invest in refills for your Vuse pod kit.

Logic Pod Refills

Enjoy diverse flavours and a choice of nicotine strengths with the pre-filled Logic e liquid pods and capsules. There’s salt nicotine in the mix too, giving you a great selection of impressive choices from the Logic Pro and Compact series vape systems.


Aspire Refillable Vape Pods

All the replacement pods you need for Aspire devices including the Minican, Minican Plus, AVP, AVP Cube and Vilter. These handy Aspire refillable pods enable you to choose from thousands of e liquids while built-in coils keep things simple.

Smok Refillable Vape Pods

Replacement pods for SMOK devices like the SMOK Nord, SMOK RPM and SMOK Novo reflect the brand’s reputation for innovation, extensive range and outstanding performance. As many are compatible with multiple coils, SMOK refillable e liquid pods enable you to perfectly tailor your vaping experience. 

Uwell Refillable Vape Pods

Refillable and boasting replaceable coils, Uwell's pod kits including the ever-popular Uwell Caliburn G2 and Uwell Calibirn a2 series, give you the choices you need to customise your vapes. Perfectly partnering convenience with performance, Uwell replacement pods give you fabulous flavour.

Vaporeso Refillable Vape Pods

Versatility is key to the Vaporesso with pod vape kits such as the Vaporesso XROS 2 and Vaporesso Luxe pod vape kits and their replacement e liquid pods are no exception. Offering leak-free pods that support both MTL and DTL Vaping, the Vaporesso refillable eliquid pods range enables you to vape your favourite flavours every day.

Pods and Refills FAQs

What is a vape pod?

All electronic cigarettes work in the same way. They feature a battery to provide the power, a coil that heats the e liquid and a reservoir for the e liquid. When you fire the device, the coil heats and vaporises the e liquid for you to inhale. With some vape kits, the e liquid reservoir is a glass tank but with pod kits, the reservoir is a plastic pod that clicks onto the device. Some pods are prefilled with e liquid, others are supplied empty and can be filled with your choice of e liquid. Many refillable pods also boast replaceable coils.

What does a vape pod look like?

Vape pods are small plastic tanks that tend to be rectangular or square in shape. They feature a mouthpiece at the top and are fashioned from plastic. Most are made from clear plastic to enable you to monitor your e liquid level and have black mouthpieces.

How do vape pods work?  

Pods work in much the same way as vape tanks. They hold e liquid and connect to the battery of your e cig. Each pod contains a coil that heats and then vaporises the e liquid for you to inhale.

What are prefilled pods?

Prefilled pods are disposable vape pods that are supplied loaded with e liquid. They are convenient in that they are ready to use straight of the box and don’t need to be refilled. However, they restrict your choice of flavours to those offered by the manufacturer of the pod and they are more expensive than refillable pods in the long run. 

What is a disposable vape pod? 

Disposable vape pods are also known as prefilled vape pods. They are pods that are prefilled with e liquid and they must be discarded once the e liquid is exhausted. You could also say that refillable vape pods with built-in coils are disposable. These can be refilled with juice several times but must be disposed of once the coil reaches the end of its life.

What are refillable pods?

Refillable pods are pods that you can refill each time the e liquid is exhausted. They enable you to choose any e liquid that is compatible with the coil installed in the pod. Some refillable pods have built-in coils that you cannot replace. This means that when the coil reaches the end of its life, you need to discard the pod and start vaping with another. But some pods have replaceable coils. These will last around the same length of time as a vape tank and enable you to choose a coil that suits your vaping style.

Is it cheaper to refill pods?

Refillable pods enable you to choose any e liquid that is compatible with the installed coil and they don’t need to be thrown away each time the e liquid is exhausted. This means that refillable pods are cheaper in the long run than prefilled pods. Refillable pods with replaceable coils are the most cost effective options of all as you don’t need to discard these when a coil gives up the ghost.

What are pod refills?

Pod refills is another term for replacement pods.

Can I use vape juice in a pod?

Prefilled vape pods are supplied loaded with e liquid, but refillable pods can be topped with any e liquid that is compatible with the installed coil.

Are pods better than disposables?

Pod kits with refillable pods are more cost effective choices than disposables as the battery element of the kit is rechargeable and the pods can be refilled many times. Refillable pods with replaceable coils are even cheaper in the long run. Refillable pods also give you a much broader choice of e liquids to enjoy. On the other hand, pod kits with prefilled pods restrict your e liquid choices to those offered by the manufacturer of the pods and the pods are disposable. In general, all pod kits will deliver better performance that disposables, giving you enhanced flavour and vapour.

How long do vape pods last?

There are a number of factors that could influence how long a vape pod will last. Prefilled pods will only last as long as it takes you to vape the e liquid inside. These pods are also known as closed pods because they are not refillable. The length of time it takes you to vape your e liquid will depend on how frequently you take a puff. Refillable pods with built-in coils will last longer than prefilled pods as you can refill them with e liquid. But the coil can’t be replaced and so the pod will only last as long as the coil does. The longevity of the coil will depend on how heavily you vape and the nature of the coil. You can expect vape coils to last from 3 days to 4 weeks. Refillable pods with replaceable coils will last longer than other types of pod as you can both refill them with juice and replace expired coils. This type of pod could last forever unless you accidently break or crack it.

How long does a pod coil last?

Vape coils vary in their longevity. Mesh coils generally last longer than regular (wire) coils. Low resistance (sub ohm) coils tend to expire much quicker than high resistance coils as they are heated to higher temperatures and are compatible only with high VG e liquids. High VG e liquids tend to clog coils with residue at a faster rate than high PG e liquids. With any combination of coil and e liquid, the more intensively you vape, the quicker the coil will expire. Coils may last anywhere between 3 days and 4 weeks.

Are there sub ohm vape pods?

Yes, there are sub ohm vape pods. These tend to be refillable pods with replaceable coils such as those for the SMOK Nord and SMOK RPM models.

Which vape pod is the best?

The best vape pod for you will depend on your priorities. All pods work in much the same way. However, prefilled pods must be discarded once the e liquid they contain has been exhausted. This makes them expensive over the longer term and so not good choices if you are vaping on a budget. But prefilled pods are convenient. Refillable pods are cheaper to use and enable you to choose from a huge array of e liquids. Refillable pods with replaceable coils are the cheapest of all over time and enable you to choose both your e liquid and your coil resistance.

What are the best e liquids for vape pods?

The best e liquid for a vape pod will depend on your personal taste and the nature of the coil installed. Of course, prefilled pods are supplied loaded with juice and so you can only choose from the flavours offered by the manufacturer of the pods for your device. With refillable pods, you can choose from any e liquids that are suitable for the coil. High resistance coils (1.0ohm or greater) are compatible with e liquids that are at least 50% PG. Low resistance coils (0.9ohm or less) are compatible with e liquids that are at least 60% VG. In all cases, you should select e liquids with the nicotine strength you need to ease your cravings.

Are vape pods safe?

All genuine, branded vape pods sold in the UK by official stockists of the brands are subject to strict regulations and are manufactured to the highest standards. When used per their instructions, they are very safe. However, fake devices and vape pods will not be of the same standard and may not be safe to use.

Can vape pods expire?

Vape pods are supplied in sealed packaging and do need to be opened and used within a certain timeframe.

Are vape pods recyclable?

The plastic in vape pods is generally recyclable, but the coil must be removed from the pod before the plastic is submitted for recycling.

Is it bad to vape an empty pod?

It is bad to vape an empty pod as the wicking in the coil must always be soaked in e liquid, otherwise it will burn when you fire your device. 

Can you buy vape pods without nicotine?

Prefilled pods are supplied loaded with e liquid and always feature e liquid that contains nicotine. But refillable pods enable you to choose your e liquid, and there are many nicotine-free options.

How to refill vape pods? 

Refilling a vape pod is easy. You may need to remove the pod from the before refilling it and if so, you should do that first. Then, locate the filling port and remove the bung or lift the cover. Place the nozzle of your e liquid bottle into the hole. Tilt the pod a little to prevent air pockets developing. Squeeze the e liquid bottle gently to dispense the juice into the pod.

Can you empty a vape pod?

You should not attempt to empty a prefilled (closed) vape pod but refillable pods can be emptied. Simply remove the bung or cover from the filling port and shake out the juice or remove the coil and shake out the juice.

How do you clean a vape pod?

Like vape tanks, refillable vape pods can be cleaned. Open the pod’s filling cap and soak the pod in a bowl of hot water for a few hours. Stir the water occasionally. Remove the pod and rinse it in fresh water to wash away any remaining residue. Allow the pod to dry for several hours. This process will clean the pod and remove at least some of the residue that is clogging your coil.

Why is my vape pod leaking?

If your vape pod is leaking, this could be because it is broken or cracked. If this is the case, you will need to replace it. leaking can also be caused by overfilling the pod or by a coil that needs replacing. 

Why is my vape pod not working?

Vape pods will cease to function effectively if the coil needs replacing. Your pod may also fail to work if it is not connected to your battery correctly or if the battery isn’t charged.

Where to buy vape pods?

You should always purchase your vape pods from authorised stockists of the brand. There are many bricks and mortar retailers and even more online retailers including Vapekit. Vape pods purchased elsewhere may be counterfeit and could be dangerous.

How much is a pod for a vape?

Vape pods vary in price. You can expect to pay £4.99 - £6.99 for a pack of two prefilled pods. Refillable pods tend to cost between £3.99 and £6.99 for a pack of two.