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Vaping Health & Safety Guides

Vaping is recognised to be substantially safer than smoking by many medical professionals around the World and our own NHS in the UK considers vaping to be the best anti-smoking aid, offering 'substantially less risk' to users than smoking. Below we have put together a number of Vaping Health and Safety Guides to help you get the facts about vaping and vaping related issues.

Methol Explained

Menthol Explained

Everyone is probably aware that Menthol has a minty taste, but did you know that Menthol is a mild pain killer, or that this substance triggers cold receptors in the skin?  Read our 'Menthol Explained' guide and find out many facts about this intriguing flavouring.

Nicotine Guide

Nicotine Guide

We all know that Nicotine gives us that feeling of calm, which is one of the reasons giving up smoking has traditionally been so difficult before vaping arrived. What you might not know is that there are different types of nicotine available for use in eLiquid and they all have different vape hardware requirements. Read our 'Nicotine Guide' and find out more.

Vaping Battery Safety Guide

Vaping Battery Safety Guide

Your new vaping kit may use one of several different types of battery technologies, each one of which (like any electronic device with batteries) could possibly present a danger with incorrect use. Read our 'Vaping Battery Safety Guide' and find out what you need to do to keep yourself safe.

Vaping Health and Safety Information

Vaping 101: Health and Safety Information Guide

A comprehensive overview of vaping health and safety. If you want an introductory guide to everything safety related in the vaping world, our 'Vaping Health and Safety Information 101 Guide'  should be your starting point!

pets and vaping

Pets and Vaping: A Guide to Keeping Your Animals Safe

Your move away from the evils of smoking shouldn't impact your pets. In our comprehensive guide 'Pets and Vaping; A Guide to Keeping your Animals Safe' we discuss the possible dangers of vaping for your pets and how you can mitigate any potential risk posed.

how to reduce nicotine strength

How To Reduce Your Nicotine Strength

There are many reasons to make the move away from smoking, but how do you lessen nicotine strength with vaping to reduce dependency on nicotine? In our guide 'How to Reduce your Nicotine Strength' we explore ways to make the move to a lower strength of nicotine eLiquid.

Can you Vape While Charging?

Can You Vape While Charging?

It's generally a bad idea to use any electronic device whilst it is plugged into the mains, but what about your eCigarette? In our guide to 'Can you Vape While Charging' we explore the dangers and the technology involved in vaping devices and battery chargers.

what health experts say about vaping

What Health Experts Say About Vaping

There's been a lot of negative press about the possible health effects of vaping. Our article 'What Health Experts Say about Vaping' shows, with references to World leading research, how health professional view vaping when compared to smoking.

What Is Vaper's Tongue?

What Is Vaper's Tongue?

Vaper’s tongue: it has happened to everybody at some point, but to new vapers it can seem like something is going wrong. One minute everything tastes wonderful, the next and you are wondering where the flavour has gone. What is vaper’s tongue and what can you do about it? In our What Is Vaper's Tongue? we give you the answers you need!